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  • Hey I’ve just messaged you on wikr
    Regarding some Ritalin pls
    (Also if you can assist with meds, eg Xanax)
    Wikr ozshop, I believe he has meditech atm.
    He is also a trusted source on this forum, and I can vouch for him.
    Meditech is usually very hard to come by.
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    Hi Harry! I have been mostly a lurker and a reader so far. I am finishing up my 2nd cycle this month and feel like I am spending a ton and not really getting the results I want... Underdosed gear and whatnot... Being a lurker, I cannot send pm yet. Could we get in contact to help me get some raws? I am reading the home brew posts for recipes, and will keep things simple. If I could get some extra advice, I would love it! Thanks bro!
    wish I knew. try mos tren. otherwise try and get it imported from Thailand in perfume or contact lense solution btls
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