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  • Hi buddy my name is joseph and I'm new to this site and I need a good advice about steroids, hope u can guide me
    ok. i try to PM because as you can tell, I am non confrontational and i always give people the benefit of the doubt. The tren a is not working . I am very experienced and I compete bro. I'm not saying any of the injects or orals is bad, it might be some of the tren that is. email is [email protected]
    Oh yeah. As you get more used to it you will develop better technique. Keep the needle straight. Aspirate but not too much. Inject slowly. Use a 22 or 23 one inch if you have to. I would love a referral from express. How many days did it take To receive?
    Sounds good. Yay I'm running test e at 500mgs a week.first pin ever went smooth on inject day. But now my ass feels like a tucking horse kicked me. Not really any swelling just real tender. Is that normal. Got express new order info. They said I can refer people so if you want I CNY refer you to them. Just gonna wait a little bit till they are fully set up.
    aaron i would make sure i am running test with the dbol. wait 3 weeks after last pin before you pct. i use clomid
    What you recommend for best pct. I heard Clomid and nolvadex is good. I'm using the maxim peptide arimidex while on the cycle but unsure of the pct. Got the lestro on hand just in case. Using .5mgs of the arimidex every other day while on cycle.
    That sucks bro. I know you said you had a lot of experience with this stuff so I'm sure you know what you are talking about. If after a week you are still not satisfied you should contact hammer and see what he can do for you. I'm gonna try his oral dbols just to see what happens.
    Thanks for the feedback bro. That sucks. I really hope his gear pans out to be good. I'm waiting to see the labs that people are gonna be posting. Trying to get robotics info but people don't just give it up. I will let you know if anyone gives me the contact info for robo
    Is hammers gear any good bro. Hearing a lot of mixed reviews. Got my order from express domestic 2day but now they are shut down and going private. Let me know how is product is. Was thinking about ordering from him
    Express looks legit. ISL does too. AM is old school. Just not thrilled about sending cash in the mail. I believe ProForm is referral as well. Let me know if you receive a referral. I will do the same.
    I will. Express domestic seems legit. I will let u know how the order. Guess I will hang around for the robotics info.
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