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  • Hi Richard, looking to make another purchase on naps how do the deals like buy 3 get 1 work? Do you put 4 in your cart and one comes off this is my first time doing a discount deal like this on naps
    Hello, received a Napsgear order of some Test that was on sale and also got a freebie of 4 brown pills marked "homll" and have no clue what they are. 😅
    Hi Richard,
    Ordered pzifer hgh pens, but seen that PSL is sending hgh without the water. Since the pens are dual chamber will they come with both? Thank you for the help
    Hi Richard,
    I am new to this and looking to run my first cycle, unfortunately I am in Australia and the domestic sources here don’t seem very reliable. Do you know of many people who use Napsgear in Australia and what is the chances of it being seized and having further penalties?
    Gday mate I read that your a rep (that was replying in the forum), I was hoping to get a list sent through - I'm not sure this message will get through as I'm a newbie. Cheers
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