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  • Cant private message you as your inbox is full.

    Anyway dude sorry for not getting back quicker than this.. life has been very busy!

    Yes i did get bloods done and i think the results were pretty good at 92.3 nmol/L (thats a UK value) which converts to 2660 ng/dl
    bloods were taken only 24 hours after a shot so i believe it still would rise a little and peak higher.

    Gains wise im real happy! i wasn't looking to gain huge amount of muscle as im a runner but the recovery after intense workouts was insane.
    I gained around 14lbs but lost 6lb when i came off which im guessing was mainly water weight.. i am looking forward to going back on :)

    how did you get on?
    I think he's aggravated at me but at least you got 40%. Don't share -you and I only or I will lose.
    Hi mate, your the first person to pm i cant reply through pm as i have only got 83 posts.

    Anyway.....I just started the Vermodje Test E on 26th June and i was only shooting 150mg per week for the first 2 weeks. Then the Mod JP advised me to up my dosage so i doubled it and have been doing 150mg twice weekly Tues/Fri and im going into the 3rd week of that now.

    Im feeling real good on it at the moment, it is my 1st cycle with Test and im feeling stronger and im recovering much much quicker, im a runner not a body-builder but i do still lift and My Mrs has commented that i look bigger in the arms,chest,quads which i wasn't expecting with the lower dose in such a short time...... plus im feeling like a teenager again and chasing the mrs around the bed room haha.

    So yea dude i am real happy with the Vermodje gear! i will get bloods done in around 2 weeks time and report back on my test levels ect.
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