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aussie approved sources

  1. A

    UGL_OZ Review & Feedback

    Just want to thank the UGL team for doing a fantastic job. Very professional, quick responses, great products and incredibly fast postage with order arriving 2days after payment was made. I ordered ( Sparta sus250 & Platinum Test Cyp 200 ). Iv added a pic aswell. Keep up the good work guys...
  2. P

    Aussie sources test e

    Has anyone been trying or have reviews on wildcats Test e ? Just made an order Oz was my main supplier looking to try all the approved sources on here to see how they go, Gave platinums test a crack a few months ago and that seemed alright .. Thanks lads 👉🏽👊🏽
  3. P

    Closing down - 60% off sale till Tuesday

    Hey bros, Unfortunately we are shutting down due to work moving internationally. Selling everything at 60% off, first come first serve. Free shipping on all orders above $150 Threema - R2KZTRZJ Tracking provided straight away - fulfilling all orders until Tuesday night 7/8pm. Appreciate the...
  4. E

    Blood Tests

    Hey Fellas, Where is everyone getting their blood tests done? Currently I am using RoidSafe but wanting to know what everyone else uses and price wise, thanks.
  5. E

    P10 Supplier

    Can anyone vouch for P10? Looking to try a couple products from them but just checking if anyone has had previous experience, thanks.
  6. P

    Christmas Holidays - Discounts / Specials - Live Chat

    Morning Evo Brothers! Just a quick heads up, we will still be open over the Christmas Holidays! All business will be running as usual. There may be a slight delay with some orders due to the holiday season / Christmas and this time of year which is expected but nothing unusual. We are still...
  7. P

    Prime Oz Pharma - New Products!

    EVO Brothers! Summer Is Here! We have launched some new products - Click Here to view our complete range. There are a few products we have that we don't currently have listed on the website just yet but will be up shortly. BPC-157 - 90.00 TB-500 - 99.00 MENT 150 - $179.00 We can still add...
  8. P

    Summer Sale!!

    Hi Team!! Summer Is Here! We have launched some new products - Click Here to view our complete range. We've dropped our shipping prices and free shipping is still available for all orders over $300.00 (Use Code: YXF300) Use Code: " SummerSale " at checkout to receive a further 10% Off for...
  9. Dan98

    raloxifene Source?

    Looking for a reliable raloxifene source in Australia? Cant seem to find it anywhere
  10. P

    Aussie Domestic - Prime Oz Pharma - Nexus Labs

    Hey guys! Just thought we would stop by and say hello! We're a relatively new source that has been running for over 6 months now. We have had some great feedback, you can view our reviews on Trustpilot "Prime Oz Pharma" - all reviews are Verified and legit. We have a great range of products...
  11. C

    UGL-OZ Appreciation post

    Hi everyone, This is not a paid post, I want to share my experience dealing with AJ from UGL OZ, he is such a legend. I am not his long time customer, I just ordered from him once and I was enquiring him about some AIs to help with my cycle as I was having acne breakout and sensitive nipples...
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