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  1. W

    using 3 different sarms

    what are the best options for using different sarms mixed together for best results? I’m 21 years old and I’ve been training for the past year I would like to start taking something to help push me to another level. Heard good things about enclomid and sarms together for a cycle. They told me...
  2. T

    supplements to help save a cycle

    I’m looking for the best supplements that help save my next cycle the last cycle I did I did not run any supplements while on it and I feel like a lot of things went wrong including what happened to my blood pressure and cholesterol do you have any tips for me which supplements would work best
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast 582 - How to run a 'value cycle' within budget? 582 - How to run a 'value cycle' within budget?
  4. H

    is a test only cycle a good idea?

    Wondering what you thought about doing testosterone only for general well being, libido and muscle mass increases this is the first time I am using anabolics and want to make my first time memorable would you recommend just doing 250, or should I jack up the dose to 500 or 750? a bit about me...
  5. M

    changing up my tren dose

    what is your opinion on changing your tren dose on cycle? Let’s say I am on cycle and doing 250mgs a week of tren and the sides get too much, could I drop it down to 200 or 150? and on the flipside if my sides aren’t bad can I raise the dose gradually to 300 and 400mgs to get more gains? 25...
  6. R

    anyone else use a statin on cycle

    I’m using rosuvastatine twice a week while I’m on masteron, tren and primo as a precaution 45 years old and I have a family history of strokes and heart attacks my cardiologist keeps an eye on things but I’m doing this on my own because I don’t want him knowing about my steroid use I’m getting...
  7. SouthpawFit

    Approved Log My Primobolan+ Testosterone + TBol Cycle Log

    Hey Evolutionary Crew, I am kicking off this log as a way to get feedback, help keep myself accountable, and to track my progress/changes. To preface, I am a 36 year old male - I have been training in some form most of my life. For the past decade, I have been coached/competed in CrossFit and...
  8. M

    when everything goes good on cycle

    so I’m in a situation where everything is going really good on the cycle I’m getting Sensational results I weighed myself and I’m up 12 pounds from when I started I’m doing testosterone and deca and I’m using adex 1mg per week my question is where do I go from here in terms of finishing up the...
  9. crow4eva

    Incorporating a cycle while on TRT

    Hi all. First post/thread or whatever that I've ever done on a forum......ever. Wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing really so sincerest apologies in advance if I've completely f***** it all up. Prescribed, I'm on TRT 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 10 days. However I take 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every...
  10. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 58 - Why you should cycle your training? Hardcore 58 - Why you should cycle your training?
  11. co8ba

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    Hi guys, I'm Charles and I'm glad to join this column. I'm very excited and grateful that I can find this website and meet all of you guys. I've been told that I can start my log before the cycle and get advice about my diet and training so here it is. Stats: 24yo 6'0'' 87kg 20+ BF I've...
  12. Z

    AST and ALT are still high

    I’m post cycle currently and AST and ALT are still high I need some help dropping that number down which supplements would work at helping me do that? My AST is over 60 and my ALT is at 75+
  13. A

    cycle not going well

    Well that’s not entirely true the first three weeks things were fantastic I was jumping out of bed to go to the gym and my appetite was crazy good I’m using test and tren now I have some really bad side effects my heart is speeding up and I have insomnia not able to really sleep very well which...
  14. N

    should I run picroliv for the liver?

    What do you guys think about using picroliv for the liver over other supplements like tudca or milk thistle? I’m currently about to try a double oral cycle and I want to make sure that my liver is taken care of a buddy of mine ran a cycle and he ended up getting jaundice and I don’t want to go...
  15. A

    how to fight estrogen on cycle

    35 years old and 218 lb I’m doing testosterone and Dianabol the test dose is around 350 per week and I’m doing the Dianabol at 20 mg a day I’m getting a lot of estrogen symptoms including itchy nipples and water retention I’ve been on adex from day 1. using 2mgs per week total what is wrong with...
  16. 7

    Cycle advice / recommendations from experince

    Hey guys new to the forum but been lifting for 6yrs off and on have done a good amount of cycles and different compounds. Been off cycle and consistent training for a little under a year now but ready to get back to it. For me my goal isn’t to look the most shredded or vascular I can , I just...
  17. V

    post cycle crashing problems

    I did my first cycle with Deca and testosterone for 12 weeks. I’m currently three weeks into my post cycle therapy and I’m starting to feel problems. I have no motivation to workout and I don’t feel like having sex or anything what do you recommend I do going forward and what can I take?
  18. D

    which supplements can I use on cycle?

    I’m going to be running a 12-week steroid cycle I’m curious with supplements can I use with it? I need something that’s going to keep me strong and healthy also need something that I can take on a daily basis a safe
  19. F

    Kick-starting. And also capping a cycle.

    So, there are a couple Concepts that I’ve been studying when it comes to steroid use. I’ve been using some consultations by some old school bodybuilders who I have found on facebook They are older guys and their 70s and they have very old school methods that they say are better than the new...
  20. N

    puritysourcelabs simple cycle I like!

    Was using puritysourcelabs and my cycle was super simple First off ordering on their website is a piece of cake. They have clear instructions and it’s just like ordering anything else from any other website. Soak me all of 10 minutes to figure out how to do the Bitcoin Thing. Once that was done...
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