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deca durabolin

  1. J

    Need to build steroid mass

    6’ 70kg 27 I'm not too happy with the results I've been getting lately and would like to Turbo Charge my body structure and improve my strength I have this in mind: Deca durabolin or equipoise Along with testosterone enanthate or cypionate Can you help design something using the compounds above...
  2. K

    The bulker stack with deca

    Time for me to go with deca I’m 185 pounds and 5’8’’ I’m about 12-13% body fat I want to bulk up more and get stronger Help me with my deca durabolin stack. Should i use NPP? Or is deca okay? What dosage is best and what would you stack?
  3. W

    Anyone try deca and winstrol?

    How would a deca durabolin and winstrol stack work? I’m 6’ tall and 88kg and 38 years old Looking to bulk then cut Should i do the deca for 10 weeks then cut down on winstrol?
  4. F

    How much cardio on steroids?

    I wanted to get an honest assessment of how much cardio you are doing when you are on steroids I'm currently doing deca durabolin, equipoise and testosterone. 300mgs of each I’m up about 8 pounds but have quit doing cardio. it seems to be really hard to do it. I’m 29 years old and 5’7’’ 186...
  5. C

    Best way to bulk using steroids

    I'm 6 ft tall and 160 lb and 25 years old I would like to bulk up I'm a naturally skinny guy and have been that way all my life I eat a lot of food every day up to 8 meals. I look bigger than I am but i don’t weigh much if that makes sense What would you say would be best to bulk between...
  6. P

    Using deca and what?

    this is going to be the first time I've ever run deca durabolin I’m 52 years old 210 pounds and 6’1’’ what is the best thing to start with deca? what kind of other drugs do you need to run with it? is it true that you need to run a long post Cycle Therapy?
  7. L

    Deca vs. tren real world

    what are your real world experiences using Trenbolone versus using deca durabolin based on strength, physique, appetite, and sleep? I'm 29 years old and I am 5 ft 9 in 172 lb. I've used steroids before but never either of these but I've heard they're two of the best. I'm trying to the base on...
  8. Z

    Libido too high problems

    This is my first cycle I've ever done in my libido is super high. I’m 22 years old. Bostin Loyd used steroids even younger than me so don’t say i’m too young I'm using testosterone, sustanon, deca durabolin and dianabol Doing 1000mg a week of the testosterone total, 400mg of the deca and 30mg...
  9. T

    Side effects on steroids big cycle

    I'm going to be running a big cycle coming up it will be my 4th cycle so I'm taking things to the next level I’m currently 6’1’’ 223 pounds. Body fat is 15% 750 mg testosterone cypionate 500mg deca durabolin 500mg masteron Kickstart with turinabol 50mg a day what kind of side effects should I...
  10. V

    DECA durabolin high dose

    what is the maximum dosage of deca durabolin that you've ever run and what were your thoughts on it a lot of people say it's a dangerous steroid to run because it can affect your libido others say it's the best thing ever I'm 5 foot 7’’ I weigh around 155 lb I'm looking to use it on my next...
  11. G

    next steroid run

    I’m looking for any critiques on my next steroid run I’m 6’1’’ 216 pounds body fat is around 13% my goals are bulking I have testosterone enanthate, deca durabolin, and dianabol on hand. Do I need anything else and how would you run them?
  12. Q

    Deca cycle for newbie

    I am new to deca durabolin but not new to steroids. This will be my first time messing with it. What is the best way to run it? Seems to be a lot of different tips online I’m 6’1 male 198 pounds 11% body fat would 500mg a week be a good dose and what stacks with it?
  13. D

    napsgear bulker steroids

    If I wanted to bulk up as fast as possible which steroid is best for bulking? I have a choice between anadrol, deca durabolin, testosterone, or trenbolone. Napsgear offers a lot of good deals so I will trust your opinions on which to pick goal is to gain 20 pounds
  14. E

    What to do when you get injured on cycle

    I've been on testosterone cypionate, Deca durabolin, and Dianabol dbol for the past four weeks. I'm doing 500 milligrams a week of the test and 400 mg week of the deca. A couple days ago i hurt my back doing deadlifts really bad, it is something i have dealt with before. I might need to get...
  15. J

    Caught son with steroids in room and porn

    I am a single father who raised my son on my own cause his mom is a loser alcoholic/drug addict. He has no contact with her and he is now in college and still living at home. He said he plans on moving out once he graduates in 2 years and gets his own job. Anyway I found this forum searching...
  16. F

    Geneza pharma ship to europe?

    I am in Europe and wondering if geneza pharma will ship to me and how long does it take. I'm looking to get some Dianabol, testosterone, and deca durabolin. This is going to be a bulking stack. I heard Geneza GP pharma oils were very smooth to inject. Does this mean that I can mix them all...
  17. 2

    getting angry on steroids

    I am doing a stack of Sustanon 250, deca durabolin and dianabol. Classic bulking stack I know but I am looking to get bigger. I am 29 years old and this is my 2nd cycle. I have noticed since I have been on it I feel more energetic but also have a short temper and get angry very easily. Like I...
  18. T

    Fifth cycle what you think?

    I'm looking to get stronger on the stack as I like to push hard in the gym. here is my plan let me know what you think: this will be a 20-week cycle 1200 mg test cypionate with 1200 mg deca durabolin, and also adding EQ 600 mg a week on week 10. around week 5 I'm going to add some Dianabol...
  19. H

    using steroids to gain

    recently lost a lot of size after my health issues, I am fine now. Doctor said I made a full recovery post bike accident but I am very under sized. Right now I am 5’11” and 160 pounds. Normal for a person my height but small for a bodybuilder. I would like to get back on steroids. Was...
  20. H

    not gaining on steroids?

    Hey I have been on this cycle for 12 weeks now. The first 6 weeks I gained a whopping 20 pounds, since then I have gained maybe 4 pounds at most. I am doing a deca durabolin, testosterone Cypionate and dianabol cycle. Dosages are 400/500/30. I started out at 160 pounds, now up to 180 pounds...
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