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  1. G

    Estrogen problems or my imagination?

    Is it possible to have normal estrogen levels and still have estrogen issues? I’m doing testosterone, dianabol, and equipoise together started noticing some bloating and some issues with moon face. I’m on aromasin 12.5mgs a day and its not going down. Not sure what is going on here and need...
  2. S

    Seeking information

    I'm completely new to this website and PEDs. I've been doing research for more than two weeks, and I have came to the conclusion I want to try dianobol with (arimidex and a liver cleanser). My main reasons for this post are: 1.) Trying to find a legitimate website that I won't buy something...
  3. major.ast

    Strongman / mass-building cycle

    Hi all, It s my first time posting here after harvesting information for a couple of months. I was always active and got serious into strength training about 3 years ago, trying different styles to see what s what (crossfit, powerlifting, then strongman). I m 39 yo at 5'11, 210 and about 16-18...
  4. Hazardsz

    Approved Log My Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin cycle Log

    Age: 27 Weight: 72kgs BF: unknown Ok, so I’m starting this log today, I’ve followed the advice of experienced people to start logging my diet as right now I’m not really eating healthy but have had a problem with enima and anorexia in my teen years which ultimately stunted my ability to eat in...
  5. G

    dealing with side effects on cycle need help

    so I’m doing testosterone 500mgs a week also stacking dianabol 30mgs a day with it I’m dealing with a lot of side effects and I would like some assistance with this my main complaints are insomnia, lot of bloating especially in my face, and acne is there a way I can cure myself of these...
  6. J

    Dianabol and test for bulking? What else?

    31 years old and I am 5 foot 10 inches and I weigh approximately 180 pounds this is going to be my second cycle of steroids but I have a lot of history using pro hormones when I was younger looking to bulk up. I was reading that Dianabol would be a great stack with testosterone. My source only...
  7. F

    Feeling very calm on cycle

    33 years old, 6’1’’ 188 pounds I’m using testosterone and dianabol Oddly enough i feel super calm which to me is weird Was under the impression that these two would make me more aggressive I'm also dealing with a lot of acne oddly enough. I did read that this was common with dbol and even test...
  8. X

    Normal to feel lethargy on cycle?

    Hi guys I am currently doing a cycle of dianbol 20mgs a day, test E 750mgs a week and tren 300-350mgs per week first off do you think these are decent dosages or am I overdosing things? second off my main complaint is that I am getting a lot of lethargy although the results are quite good. I...
  9. R

    Making a big chance in my physique?

    I’ve been bulking up a lot over the past couple years Started out around 165 pounds And got up to 195 lb. now I'm back down to about 186. I'm 5'7 tall and I'm 29 years old looking to make a change when it comes to the steroids that I'm using. Was sticking with deca, test and dianabol What...
  10. E

    Steroids suck for losing weight huh?

    maybe you can lend me some guidance on this one I'm 25 years old and I am 5'9 and 245 lb. I am not a small guy at all and I will admit that I'm chubby. I've got quite the belly on me and I eat a lot of food. I would say on a daily basis I'm pushing five or six thousand calories and three to...
  11. E

    Steroids and Bulking solutions

    Would like to bulk up a bit. Currently 65kilos. It isn’t much but i would like to change that I’m aiming for a cycle that gives me more strength too, but don’t want too many sides I’m also 25 years old, so don’t want anything too dangerous. Currently doing 300 g of protein a day and it's not...
  12. S

    Early summer bulker plan

    What do you think about bulking up during summer instead of cutting down? Last year i cut down for summer and it was awful, i hated it because i am a teacher and i get summers off so i wasn’t able to enjoy it at all Would rather bulk up instead and eat more food and have fun instead I’m looking...
  13. D

    How to block gyno on this stack

    I’m a 10 year veteran of steroids.. 38 years old and 196 pounds at 5’8’’ I’m looking to stack 4 steroids this time The cycle is looking like this: Dbol 10mgs a day 4 week kickstart Anadrol 50mgs a day starting week 3 and going to week 8 Test E 500mgs a week 12 weeks Mast E 1000mgs 12 weeks...
  14. E

    What effects on bloodwork will this cycle have?

    I’m using a pretty heavy cycle currently and wondering what i should look for when i get bloods done 4 weeks into it. Currently about 1 week into it My cycle looks like this: Dianabol 40mgs a day 4 weeks Testosterone enanthate 500mgs 12 weeks Deca durabolin 500mgs 8 weeks Proviron 50mgs 4...
  15. F

    How to stack primo and dbol together

    this is going to be an old school stack. I had a long conversation with a buddy of mine at the gym who's in the 60s and this was his favorite stack He told me to try primobolan 150mgs EOD along with dianabol 20mgs a day for 12 weeks He said to stop the dbol at week 6. I'm 44 years old I am 5...
  16. M

    Best stack for pumps

    I was looking at a list of the steroids with the best pumps Seems to be a lot of orals on the list Dianabol Anavar Winstrol And then a lot of people say trenbolone is good too How can i put together a stack to get some nice pumps when i train? My new training style is all high rep and low...
  17. P

    Stopping my cycle after 10 weeks

    I just did a 10 week cycle of testosterone enanthate 500mgs/week I also stacked in dianabol 30mgs a day for the first 4 weeks and then winstrol 50mgs the last 6 weeks My results were not that good. I went from 202 pounds to 208. And my body fat went up a bit from the estimates i got from my...
  18. Q

    4 weeks on and 8 weeks off?

    What do you think about the strategy of doing 4 weeks on and 8 weeks off for the next 6 months Do you think this could help or hurt my HPTA? My plan was 4 weeks dianabol, 4 weeks pct, 4 weeks off. Then 4 weeks another oral and continue on like that I’m 28 years old, 6’1’’ 179 pounds and 12%...
  19. T forget em

    This stuff is fake gear I ordered from canadapeds I got 2 vials of testosterone and some dianabol I have been on the gear for 3 weeks and NOTHING to show for it I’ve used dbol before and always felt a change within a week Something is wrong here. I don’t trust these guys
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