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domestic supply

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    domestic supply gets a 9.9 out of 10 rating

    wanted to post up A review about my experience with domestic Supply ordering was extremely easy they definitely get a 10/10 for that payment I have to learn how to use Bitcoin and it was a little bit of a pain in the ass but they have a good guy so I give them a 9 out of 10 shipping and...
  2. W

    domestic supply is a class act!!

    so I had an order get screwed up with another source, first time ordering steroids online they totally ripped me off and I was very upset and had no confidence buying from an online steroid source again the guys at domestic supply got me encouraged enough to try them. JP, Greg and the other guys...
  3. D

    how long can I keep domestic supply orals?

    Just wondering about the shelf life of the oral steroids that I purchased from domestic Supply I got their Dianabol and I got several other orals including anavar and tbol I have about eight hundred dollars worth and I don’t want it to go to waste. Do you think this stuff will be ok to save for...
  4. F

    Domestic supply testosterone and deca cycle

    first off this is the smoothest oil I've ever ran before. 0 post injection pain compared to other steroids I have used. also libidos through the roof and I'm not dealing with any Acne issues and I'm getting extremely vascular I've never used Deca before so this was a new experience and I'm...
  5. H

    Big guy and great results on domestic supply

    I am a bigger guy who is on testosterone replacement therapy and I'm 55 years old my body weight is 265 lb and I'm 6'1 in I decided to get on a steroid cycle to help me lose some weight. I started out at about 280 lb and I have been on anavar 100mgs a day from domestic supply. The results...
  6. Q

    Which testosterone with domestic supply?

    I’m looking to do self trt. I’m tired of paying $500 a month for my anti aging clinic What is the best testosterone from domestic supply? They have several options to choose from I was using enanthate from my clinic, but would like to try something else to see what changes i would have. Maybe...
  7. W

    Looking at domestic supply but …

    my gym dealer moved away so I'm kind of naked right now when it comes to my ability to get anabolic steroids I'm looking at domestic Supply they have really good reviews on here and other places too my question is how overall is their product line? do they sell a lot of high quality Pharmacy...
  8. S

    Injectable domestic supply success

    I did another cycle using domestic supply this time I did several steroids all injectables and put them in the same syringe. Smooth as butter when i injected Using equipoise, testosterone and some masteron their service is also fantastic. I believe it was Greg who I talked to he helped me with...
  9. U

    Had some domestic supply questions

    I went on website Haven’t been on there in a while I see they offer both domestic and international. Can you explain what the difference is? Another thing is I am looking to buy deca durabolin and/or NPP which is phenylpropionate I'm not seeing any options for either on...
  10. X

    Back and forth USA and europe domestic supply

    I spend 3 months out of the year in europe for work And the rest of the time in the USA I am interested in hearing more about how domestic supply can service me well in USA as well as Europe now with a sister site Can you explain this to me more in detail? I am looking for a source I can use in...
  11. F

    Thank you domestic supply!

    Thank you to domestic supply and all the team for helping me out Dylan and JP where awesome. Along with Greg I ordered EQ, primo and test The prices were very good, and i bought 2 cycles worth that i will run. I’m shocked how fast it was to order and get my stuff!
  12. J

    does domestic supply ship to po box?

    I had a question about shipping with domestic supply I know some sources I have used refuse to ship to po boxes for whatever reason does DS allow that? I really don’t want to ship it home and my wife or kids find it lol
  13. K

    Domestic supply proviron and aromasin

    I'm looking to do a Deca durabolin cycle and a lot of testosterone with it I want to also order proviron and aromasin Does domestic supply have good ancillaries too? I know their deca is g2g, already used it
  14. H

    Need quick shipping. Domestic supply?

    I'm desperate for some fast shipping I need to get a couple items I Need some testosterone Viagra and also some anti estrogen how fast does domestic Supply ship if I am domestic?
  15. R

    domestic supply not shipped yet

    I placed an order at domestic supply on the 12th and I don’t think its shipped yet is there anyone on here who is their rep that can look into it for me I’m sure everything is cool but its just that I live with people and don’t want someone seeing what I am ordering
  16. L

    Surprised at domestic supply

    I was very shocked at the level of excellent service i got using domestic supply I have been on their testosterone for 5 weeks and already up 8 pounds Also they ship out the products fast and its easy to order from their site.
  17. S

    Domestic supply new brands are cool!

    I am loving the new brands at domestic supply I’m using the Ultima testosterone and my friend is using the Odin brands on his cycle We are both kicking ass on this stuff Highly recommend you try them out
  18. K

    DS New Lineup Thoughts

    What is everyones thoughts on the new DS lineup ? I have been using them for sometime - however, the new lineup to me just straight up sucks. All the good stuff is gone and nothing but UGL junk is on the shelf.
  19. I

    My results from domestic supply

    Just finished up my cycle i got from domestic supply I wanted to share with you I did testosterone propionate and masteron propionate. A lot of injecting was the only pain about the cycle. I was doing 500mgs of each per week with some arimidex My results were outstanding. I look way better in...
  20. R

    Domestic supply how quick?

    I was wondering how fast domestic supply ships their products I’ve got a short time frame before i need my stuff Can you explain to me how many days until i should expect to receive the goodies? Is there an option for quicker shipping?
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