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  1. N

    goal of gaining muscle mass with steroids

    my main goal is to gain muscle mass, I’ve been a hard Gainer my whole life. After college I started lifting weights and I had a lot of progress that first year but since then it’s been hard. Every time I cut calories it seems like I lose weight and I lose muscle in the process. Now at 26 years...
  2. C

    I’m too fat need a supplement

    so I went out on a date with a girl and afterwards we exchanged numbers called her and left her a message and she never called me back then texted her and asked her if she could just tell me honestly why she didn’t want a second date and she said that I was too fat I’m wondering if there was a...
  3. N

    sarms for fat man

    I’m a fat turd of a man. Currently clocking in at around 340 pounds not sure on body fat but it’s high I can’t see my dick when I look down to pee I’m looking to get into top shape, many people have recommended ozempic but it isn’t what I want to use cause of the side effects. Want to use sarms...
  4. V

    how to mix in tbol in a stack

    I’m interested in doing tbol after listening to one of your podcasts on it sounds like a good steroid to try I’m gonna shoot for 25mgs a day on it which steroids should I stack with it aside from doing 500mgs test? I’m trying to put on some lean muscle mass without body fat I’m 5’8’’ 180 pounds...
  5. H

    university student sarms run

    I’m currently in university and seeking a sarms cycle 5’10’’ and 180 pounds 12% body fat and athletic build looking for general benefits. Not looking to turn pro or anything but would like to save some money and I’m 21 years old you think a simple GW + LGD or RAD stack would work good for me...
  6. M

    how to burn fat with supplements

    I’m looking for the best fat burner that you can recommend for me I’m really desperate to lose some body fat I’m 280 pounds and I have about 25 percent body fat if I can get under 20% I think that I’d be able to push myself more my main thing is I crave a lot of sweets
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast 576 - Tesamorelin localized fat loss? 576 - Tesamorelin localized fat loss?
  8. H

    sarms for super skinny guy

    so I got the physique of a skinny dude. 6’2’’ and super lean probably 6% body fat and around 65kg at most I’m so skinny that when I was a kid my mom took me to the doctor to have me tested for parasites now that I am in my 20’s I’m hoping that I can get some anti muscle wasting effects thanks to...
  9. J

    body fat loss supplements

    my current body fat is around 28 percent and I’m 280 lb it would be wonderful if I can get my body fat down and I need a supplement that can help me get there what are a couple good fat burning supplements that you would recommend that I try?
  10. Y

    bigtime sarms run. Where is monstro for this one?

    I know monstro is a big fan of S23 so this one is for you my friend and thanks for helping me put this one together first off I’m 22 years old 6’2’’ and 218 pounds. Body fat is around 25% wanted to Run an aggressive sarm run s23 will be done at 25mgs per day for 12 weeks s4 will be done at 75mgs...
  11. H

    Quick 4-6 week cycle of SR and RAD

    I’m not looking to do anything fancy. 23 years old and I am 217 pounds. I’m looking for fat loss benefits for the most part but also would like to maintain some muscle mass and strength in the process. The two I’m looking to do are sr 9009 and rad 140. thinking of Dosage of 20 milligrams, twice...
  12. K

    How would i change my sr9009 dose during vacation?

    so I am taking a 3-day weekend vacation coming up and I'm currently doing sr9009 by itself my main objective is to lose body fat also increase endurance I have been using 10 mg three times a day with each meal things have been working out good as I'm now 12% body fat 206 lb and I am 33 years old...
  13. W

    Best fat burner of 2023

    I'm coming to you the experts for some advice on what is the best fat burner of 2023 there are several different options that I am in the market for I would like something that doesn't mess with my sleep and something that doesn't cause my heart rate to speed up
  14. G

    Anavar for fat loss benefits

    reading online seems like anavar is the best for fat loss what would you recommend length of cycle be if I was to go 10 mg a day and then work my way up to 50 mg I was thinking first week to 10 mg second week go to 20 third week 30 and so on and then 5 weeks total where I would hit 50 mg and...
  15. C

    16% body fat and unsure where to turn

    I've done four different steroid cycles when I first started using steroids I was at 11 or 12% body fat I followed the eating every 2 hours thing and focus on bulking a little too much and now I'm up to 16% I don't like the way I look to be honest I would have rather stayed at my previous body...
  16. N

    Correct dosage of anavar

    Here is my stats: 5 ft 9 in 178 lb and 12% body fat my goal is not a surprise, I want to lose somebody fat and also build up some more muscle. I'm 25 years old and I've been training for the past 3 years I’m looking at trying anavar, and want to use it for its benefits and mild properties not...
  17. K

    Fat burners with bcaa AM

    I had a question about how to take fat burners and also Branch chained amino acids are these to be done before breakfast or do you take them afterwards. and also in relation to when you weight train should you be taking them during your workout or wait for after? I tried to take the fat...
  18. W

    Just my 2nd cycle NPP

    5’5’’ 155lbs and 37 years old Looking to put on 10 pounds or more on this next cycle. So a bulking cycle as they call it But i don’t want to put on any body fat if possible I play tennis and do a lot of swimming. Also i do a lot of body weight exercises My plan is NPP and perhaps some test...
  19. J

    How best to stack GW for fat losses?

    What is the best way to stack GW for fat loss with clen or dnp? I've been reading a lot of good things about it. one guy I saw on social media said he ran GW with both clen and dnp and lost 50 pounds in a month! I was like dayum i want to do that too Does GW have to be run lower then those...
  20. V

    Injectable steroids for anavar

    I’m looking to use anavar 50mgs a day Injectable steroids are also something i would like to stack in Don’t want to use testosterone, i bloat too much on it Just want some lean gains I’m 38 6’1’’ 223 lbs 15% body fat Currently training six times a week. I do two times a week cardio and...
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