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  1. K

    Female married co-worker caught me using steroids

    I’m in my early 20’s and I work in retail, I’m the person they page when they need something fixed or a customer needs help carrying a large item to their car Anyway a few weeks back i was unplugging the toilet in the bathroom and this new girl they hired who is only 19 walked in there and...
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 33 - Injection help and help with PIP (post injection pain) Hardcore 33 - Injection help and help with PIP (post injection pain)
  3. N

    Geneza pharma is good so far

    Been good gains on my current cycle. Up 5 pounds in 10 weeks.. All clean side effects have been at a minimum and the injectable steroids that I got are causing any problems at the point of injection. Honestly cannot complain at all about my geneza pharma experience solid
  4. S

    Domestic supply nice injectables

    Wanted to reach out and say that these guys have some of the best quality gear i have ever used Very smooth injectables from domestic supply I am using their testosterone cypionate and don’t even feel the injection. Like nothing happened I used to dread injecting too
  5. R

    Sensitive to geneza gear ?

    Who on here has used geneza pharma products and what can you report back On if you ended up being sensitive to their products I get a lot of pain when i inject gear. I also get a lot of swelling happens just about every injection and it's very disheartening do you think the same thing will...
  6. B

    Need injection pointers

    I've been getting major issues when I inject steroids I wasn't getting this before and it's not my source or the brand because it's happening on multiple different brands that i have tried when I inject I get sort of like a mosquito bite and then I get red swelling for a few days then it...
  7. H

    Scared after injecting a bubble

    So i screwed up my injection I was so nervous cause it was my first time injecting I accidentally injected an air bubble and now I'm scared. I also feel very nauseous and I feel like I'm very busy like I'm going to faint. Should I run to the emergency room or will I be okay? I’m only 21 years...
  8. JimAbs43 469 Reduce appetite on Steroids and Swelling at the injection site. 469 Reduce appetite on Steroids and Swelling at the injection site.
  9. M

    Post injection swelling help

    I pinned my ventrogluteal muscle after watching a YouTube video of a guy doing it. When I pinned I got a lot of pain going down my butt and leg. I thought that wasn't normal but I went ahead and finish the injection. The next day I can barely walk and the area is swollen and red. Should I go to...
  10. K

    weird things when I inject

    I am doing my first cycle. I am 38 years old. I wanted to point out some weird things I have noticed injecting and get some advice. sometimes I bleed after injecting normal? I get a weird taste in my mouth after injecting I get sore sometimes and other times nothing any advice on these 3 things?
  11. A

    injection site issues on peptides

    Hey I am doing GHRP-6 cycle and I am just 3 weeks into it. I am injecting subQ near the belly button 2-3X per day rotating spots. So far I have done around 40-50 injections. I’ve been noticing some redness and swelling at the injection spot. Also what I think might be scar tissue building...
  12. J

    Abscess sterile??

    Went to pin in quad, aspirated, bloody yellow puss came out, I have no infection signs (swelling pain etc) so my assumption is that it’s probably sterile? Anyone had experience with this? I’ve had it once before in same leg and it went away so I’m thinking it’s the same thing ..... TIA
  13. F

    IM and subQ injection tips

    Providing some tips for you new guys and maybe some vets. I inject twice weekly for life, so comfort, ease and efficiency is my goal and aim. This is what I’ve found in the past 590 injections. Providing you are lean enough, you can absolutely use a 27-28g 1/2 insulin pin for shallow IM in the...
  14. S

    Side effects? Melanotan (MT2) Nasal Spray

    Hello, I'm a journalist and I'm looking to speak to users of Melanotan nasal sprays about the side effects they've experienced when using them. I understand that Melanotan can affect people very differently, but it would be great to speak to nasal spray users, especially those from the North...
  15. A

    An injection gone pretty wrong .. Advice NEEDED

    Okay, so I'm running a cycle of 300mg test E/week with cardarine at 20/day 1 injection/week 1- It was wednesday 7AM, I cleaned everything, swabbed etc 2- When I started pinning it felt a bit weird (a bit of numb pain while the needle was going in and then nothing, I don't know how to describe...
  16. S

    Supplements/steroids for healing ligament damage

    So im after damaging a ligament on the outside of my ankle almost 4 months ago. Ive done physio consistently and although it has helped the injury still gets extremely painful at times and im sick of it at this stage. Does anyone have any experience with something that has healed ligament...
  17. D

    Miglyol 840 ON EBAY

    *CURRENTLY ON EBAY* . Miglyol 840 is by far the best of the best when it comes to carriers Holds high concentrations of gear with the lowest pip Ive had. Viscosity range between 9-12 , and runs through a 27 gauge like hot butter.. I've also used it with 250mg/ml in insulin syringes with ease...
  18. 4

    Ventrogluteal injection

    Is the right spot to pin closer to the front (first picture) or more towards the middle (second picture)? When I flex my leg there's nothing that pops out like the second picture. I tried this "It's the easiest site in the world. Literally sitting on the toilet, look at the bunch of meat...
  19. L

    Important Injection Question!

    So about 20 minutes ago I was pinning my second CC of Sust 250 for the week (250mg every Wednesday/Saturday) and I experienced some adverse effects. I pinned my quad in the vastus lateralis (outter muscle) and during the entry I did feel a little more discomfort than norma so I chose to...
  20. Z

    New to Gear (help! and suggestions)

    Hey everyone! As a potential first time user, I stumbled upon this forum and would greatly appreciate your help and insight. To be honest I am completely lost when it comes to steroids and the many various forms they can come in. Wanting to start with gear, I currently struggle with finding a...
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