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  1. B

    Switching to a cutting stack next

    I did a bulking stack on my last cycle. It was Deca and testosterone with some Anadrol got some decent results put on about 15 pounds I’m now 186 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches. I’m 30 years old this will be my third cycle would like to run some test, masteron and winstrol should I run the winstrol...
  2. Dan98

    Approved Log Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar cycle log

    Hi everyone. So im a few days post gyno op and want to get my next cutting cycle dialled in while i have a lot of free time. This will be my third major cycle and im planning on getting super shredded for an event on new years. My bloods look good after only 2 weeks on cruise and looking to...
  3. R

    Geneza pharma feel like a winner

    Sometimes in life you need to take a chance I ordered some steroids online. My wife said i was crazy to even consider it. But it worked out well Used geneza pharma and got a nice cycle with tren, masteron and anavar. One of the best cycles i have ever used and didn’t have to over pay like i...
  4. E

    Geneza pharma has amazing products!

    Yes you will not go wrong with geneza pharma They not only have great products but they also have excellent communication ended up getting test cyp, masteron enanthate and adex 16 weeks on the cycle doing 500 mg of each and then I was doing 1 mg of adex twice a week very smooth injecting no...
  5. Y

    How to add DHB to this stack

    Hi everybody, i’m 28 years old 9% body fat and lean. 185 pounds and around 6 foot tall give or take Currently doing 500mgs of testosterone E, 500mgs of Masteron E Would like to add DHB to finish this cycle, would a finisher 4 weeks be a good idea or should i consider adding tren instead? My...
  6. Y

    Napsgear delivers the goods !

    Was looking to do a nice cycle using napsgear products Tren ace was my first choice. 100mgs EOD was the dosage Masteron Prop was my 2nd choice in the stack. 500mgs total per week Then i was gonna add in an oral. I had a lot to choose from on the napsgear website. Ultimately i did what i...
  7. N

    Blocking hair loss on steroids?

    I've worked my balls off to get down to 11% body fat over the past 5 years so that i could really do a cut down cycle with masteron or winstrol or both together But now I almost want to cry after doing my research and finding these two are the worst steroids for head hair loss Is there...
  8. Z

    Modest genetics for steroids

    I’m pro steroid use. But i have modest genetics. I don’t look like i lift, in fact i actually lift A LOT i just have average effects. I’m 28 years old and i weigh about 210 pounds and i’m 5’8’’. Body fat is around 20% I swear i eat good. I follow IIFYM dieting where i count my macros. My...
  9. W

    Using testosterone, anavar and masteron

    What do you think about doing 3 steroids on my next run Test prop, anavar and masteron prop Thinking of doing Tprop 200mgs a week Mast P 200mgs a week And then anavar 100mgs EOD I’m currently 5’10’’ and 210 pounds 44 years old been training for like 20 years but have only been serious the past...
  10. J

    Wife is cheating on me while on cycle

    My wife ruined my cycle! Things were going so well for me. I was going to the gym everyday and spending a solid hour in there. My mind was so clear and things were so good in my life. Good job, nice family. I’ve got 2 kids. 2 years old and 4 years old. I’m using testosterone and primo. Spent...
  11. E

    Want to cut on steroids

    My goal is to cut down on my next steroid stack My plan is trenbolone, masteron and tbol together The tren will be 250mgs a week, masteron 500mgs a week and tbol 30-40mgs a day What do you think about using them for 8 weeks? And if so should i use short esters or go with the E version? Right...
  12. T

    Coming off a masteron cycle

    Just got done using masteron and testosterone Results were good, but wouldn’t stack those 2 again Going to run something more fun this time Test E 400mgs/week Proviron 75mgs per day Masteron 1000mgs a week Aromasin DNP/clen Goals are recomp I’m 32 yrs old. 5’11’’ and 210 pounds. Body fat is...
  13. B

    Masteron works well with tren or eq?

    Haven’t been this low body fat since high school Would guess i am closer to 11% now and 180 pounds. 30 years old. Have been cutting down, doing a lot of fasting and time restricted eating and it has helped Would like to really pop those abs. They do not show even at low body fat, not sure why...
  14. D

    How to block gyno on this stack

    I’m a 10 year veteran of steroids.. 38 years old and 196 pounds at 5’8’’ I’m looking to stack 4 steroids this time The cycle is looking like this: Dbol 10mgs a day 4 week kickstart Anadrol 50mgs a day starting week 3 and going to week 8 Test E 500mgs a week 12 weeks Mast E 1000mgs 12 weeks...
  15. W

    Napsgear blast and cruise

    first time doing a blast and cruise and I chose Napsgear as my source So happy i went with my gut and ordered from them Products came fast and i was able to start. My cruising dosage of testosterone is 200mgs a week, and i increased it to 400mgs to do my blast along with 200mgs a week...
  16. P

    Adding masteron to trt?

    I'm currently running 200 mg a week of testosterone replacement therapy. this is causing a rise in my estrogen and causing a lot of water weight I decided to use masteron cause i read how good it was for combating estrogen and boosting energy this stack together is really working out for me...
  17. T

    Mega superman cycle

    I'm tired of being average and I'm looking to feel and look like a new person. I want to be like Superman and be super strong this will be my second cycle and I like to take things to the next level with it I'm 25 years old and my first cycle I ran a basic testosterone cycle. this time I...
  18. B

    Geneza pharma masteron options?

    I had a product question about masteron Never used it before. Saw that GP geneza pharma had some good masteron choices. I see they have a masteron propionate and masteron enanthate. Seems like The main difference is one is 100 mg a milliliter and the other one's 200 mg a milliliter. can you tell...
  19. A

    Best bulker then cut cycle?

    I'm looking to do a bulking cycle and then cut back down it's going to be 12 weeks of bulking and then 12 weeks of cutting the reason I'm doing this is because I am currently skinny fat. I will try and upload a pic but my stats are currently 6’ tall and 68kgs. I don’t weigh much but i have a...
  20. P

    Next tren and masteron run

    30 years old Training for 8 years Cycling steroids for 5 years 210 pounds and 6’4’’ This will be my first tren and masteron stack although i have tried them in other cycles with testosterone. My plan is running them 8-12 weeks but not sure. Should i use short esters of each or more long...
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