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  1. Y

    stacking the best fat loss steroid stack!

    I’m looking to put together the king of all fat loss stacks with steroids included. The ones I want to run: tren ace Tri-tren clen winstrol masteron and possible tbol or anavar. I’m 180 pounds and 5’6’’ . 12% body fat. Want to get under 10%. how would you stack these ?
  2. S

    how much masteron to use with test?

    44 years old. 208 pounds and 5 foot 11. I’m looking to balance the testosterone I’m using with some masteron. I’m doing 500mgs a week of masteron currently and it’s not doing enough to counteract the water retention I’m getting from 600mgs a week of test cyp. I’m not looking to compete but I...
  3. J

    Primo vs. Masteron?

    Looking to get a discussion going on the differences between using Primo and masteron. I know you can buy both in Enanthate form and I know that both are DHT’s. But other than that because I’ve never used them I don’t know much about what their advantages and disadvantages are. Seems like they...
  4. M

    napsgear cutting cycle 10 week results

    wanted to report my amazing results I got on a cutting cycle from napsgear! Did 12 weeks test 200mgs and primo 250mgs. also used anavar during cycle 20mgs a day for 5 weeks from weeks 4-9/10ish. And then also used some masteron 250mgs per week for the last 5 weeks. my goal was to lose body fat...
  5. G

    napsgear winstrol with test and masteron

    it was time for me to try a bigger stack. So I went to napsgear site and ordered winstrol, testosterone prop and masteron prop I got the Winstrol in tablet form and I’ve been stacking both the testosterone and the mast in the same syringe and pinning them. Things have been going good so far...
  6. C

    napsgear stack of tren and masteron

    wanted to give kudos to the great guys who run napsgear including the awesome reps on here as well ordered tren ace and masteron prop i did 250mgs of tren ace per week and doubled up on that masteron prop at 500mgs a week sensational results and was able to get excellent results put on 8 pounds...
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 62 - Bulking with Masteron possible? Hardcore 62 - Bulking with Masteron possible?
  8. Y

    Masteron and testosterone mix

    looking to do a masteron and testosterone mix on my next cycle goals? To look better naked and in the mirror stats? 5 foot 10 178 pounds and 12% body fat need help with dosing of both these compounds and how long would you run them?
  9. R

    short cycles 4 or 5 weeks

    what are ways to run a steroid stack that will be only 4 or 5 weeks and get good results I’m hoping to do test prop, winstrol and masteron prop.. keep them short esters do you think I can achieve some fat loss and strength in just 4 or 5 weeks or is that just a pipe dream? I’m currently 145...
  10. L

    napsgear cutting steroids

    so I have a list of cutting steroids from napsgear they are: masteron winstrol tren primo anavar which one do you recommend I use? And what brand is best? Please let me know I want to compete later this year, 4-5 month estimate. I’m currently nine percent body fat and I’m stuck can’t get any...
  11. R

    DHB, masteron and tren

    I’m gonna be doing a 3 stack recomp cycle the 3 steroids I want to run are DHB, Masteron and Tren has anyone tried stacking these 3 and what would your dosing be on each? I’ve done tren before at 300mgs and the sides were pretty bad a few weeks into cycle. I don’t mind sides if the results are...
  12. R

    anyone else use a statin on cycle

    I’m using rosuvastatine twice a week while I’m on masteron, tren and primo as a precaution 45 years old and I have a family history of strokes and heart attacks my cardiologist keeps an eye on things but I’m doing this on my own because I don’t want him knowing about my steroid use I’m getting...
  13. N

    a new masteron and tren cycle

    especially seeking Monstro and bodymonsters help cause they both are tren pros I’m hoping to get in on the fun of using these steroids tren and masteron questions: 1. should I use short esters or long esters? 2. is 500mgs a week of each good enough? 3. do I need to use test with it? I’m 23 years...
  14. G

    best thing to use with sustanon for cutting

    next cycle I want to cut debating whether to use 250 mg or 500 mg of sustanon very important that I also use masteron with it cuz I have before and it helped me cut what else would you recommend I use? I’m 228 pounds and I’m 6 foot 2 inches and 30 years old
  15. B

    masteron prop or E better?

    What would you recommend if you had to choose between using masteron prop or masteron E? I’m super excited to try it out for the first time but not sure which ester to use? I’m 33, 5’10’’ 180 pounds. 15% body fat I will be using test cyp 500mgs a week. How much mast would go good with it...
  16. N

    tren ace with masteron prop?

    How would you use tren ace and masteron prop together if you we’re getting ready for a competition for physique my competition isn’t until the spring but I would like to do this to see how my body will react to this cycle I hired a coach to guide me a little bit and he says that I should be...
  17. T

    Supplement advice

    Hello! Some Background: I'm 34 years old. I started training 2 years ago, weighed in at 110kg at the start with a waist of 40-42". I'm currently at 102kg, with a waist of about 37". I had some bumps along the way, but definitely put on muscle while reducing fat. The past 12 months have been...
  18. N

    how to stack tri-tren with masteron?

    I’m looking to do a recomp stack for 8-10 weeks open to seeing how things go and playing it by ear on how long gonna do 250mgs of tri -tren per week total how much masteron would you do here to harden things up ? Should I do mast prop or E? I’m 36 and 210 pounds with 12% body fat
  19. T

    dbol kickstart with masteron and testosterone

    wondering if anyone has tried doing dbol kickstart 25mgs a day for 4 weeks and using about 500mgs of masteron and 250mgs of test per week read this is a similar stack to what guys in the 70’s ran. That is the physique and I’m striving for my stats are similar to what Arnold’s were when he was...
  20. S

    Test and masteron with what else?

    Looking to do a general steroid cycle with some testosterone and mast gonna dose them each 500 mg and then add in an oral steroid to kick-start things question is which oral steroid would you do a bit about me my goals are to put on some clean bulk and I am right around 200 pounds and 5 foot 11...
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