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  1. crow4eva

    Incorporating a cycle while on TRT

    Hi all. First post/thread or whatever that I've ever done on a forum......ever. Wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing really so sincerest apologies in advance if I've completely f***** it all up. Prescribed, I'm on TRT 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 10 days. However I take 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every...
  2. gunelanie4987

    Approved Log Training and Diet - Natural Testosterone Recovery Log

    Stats Age 26 Weight 80 KG 176lbs years training close to 10 years. I have been active my whole life before lifting I was a long-distance runner and cyclist. Instantly fell in love with training when I was 16 years old. Training split. Push Pull legs. Working out 6 days per week with 1 day...
  3. gunelanie4987

    Approved Log Blood work review - Post First cycle - Crashed Testosterone Log

    Hey guys I hope you are well. Earlier this year I commenced my first anabolic steroid cycle after training naturally for several years. I have been training consistently since I was 16 and just wanted to get past my natural limit. I had thought about trying anabolics for a long time but...
  4. G

    my pct was a failure

    so I did a 12 week pct and it was a failure I am coming off a year on steroids where I was blasting and cruising I’ve given up using drugs now I want to use some natural testosterone boosters or other supplements can you guide me on that
  5. Xpgozzy

    Reducing Estrogen with EGCG ,Quercetin Matcha green tea studies

    Hi everyone today I want to share some studies in regards to controlling estrogen & about testosterone The studies provided include both positive and negative effects human and non human studies This work confirmed that EGCG and...
  6. Z

    Messed up, didn’t run a pct

    So I think I screwed up I ran my first cycle and did 500 mg of sustanon with dbol The gains on cycle were miraculous. I put on 25 plus pounds believe it or not I had started on 165 lb and 5 ft 7 in and now I'm up to almost 190. I’m 24 years old I'm currently8 weeks after last injection and...
  7. Xpgozzy

    ADHD medication instead of Cabergoline

    Hello everyone I have a question in regards to reducing and preventing prolactin sides from Tren & deca I know the standard is Cabergoline or premi My theory is that dextroamphetamine might be possible to prevent prolactin sides that we may see in tren or deca use . this information is from a...
  8. N

    When you run steroids without a pct?

    So I'm a little scared and nervous I'm 23 years old and I ran my first steroid cycle which was 500 mg of testosterone and 1,000 mg of trenbolone. my gym dealer who is also my best friend growing up help me with the stack I should have known not to trust him. now I'm hearing about pct...
  9. P

    Sarmstack Cycle

    Hi everyone Im 28 and doing my first sarms cycle. i wanted to makee a post on but it says ,,You have insufficient privileges to post threads here'' so im posting here now. evolutionary and isarms forums look the same so i think it doesnt realy matter. My goal is jsut to bulk up...
  10. N

    Can I use ephedra based fat burner

    I wanna know can I have ephedra based fat burner during mini pct?
  11. J

    HCG Source

    Hey guys, Been using oz for a while with no issues but they are currently out of stock of HCG, where’s the next best source?
  12. N

    Is my pct good?

    Initially my coach planned my cycle for 8 weeks but then I need to do an drug test for my employer so I’m stopping my cycle I have take winstrol and anavar for 3 weeks For pct my coach suggested me nolvadex 20mg for 3 weeks with Testosterone booster , liver organ support and nitric oxide...
  13. N

    Is my pct correct?

    Initially my cycle is planned for 8 weeks that’s included injectables . For 3 weeks oral : winstrol and anavar starting with low dosage but I need to stop my cycle here because I need to provide an drug test for my employer For pct I’m thinking Nolvadex and a good testosterone booster and...
  14. T

    4 week gap cycle vs. PCT

    Don’t flame me for this but i am coming off a 12 week cycle of test, primo and anavar But don’t have my pct products yet. I just ordered them and by the time it gets to me it will likely be about 4 weeks since my last pin of test. While I wait for it to arrive is there a supplement that I can...
  15. K

    My anavar and winstrol oral cycle log

    As asked I’m posting the log for my 4 week cycle Dosage of winstrol and anavar : Week 1 : 20mg/20mg Week 2 : 30mg/30mg Week 3 : 40mg/40mg Week 4 : 40mg/40mg I’m also using liver support supplement Currently I’m on 1900 Calories P:166g/C:118g/F:84g Calories changes...
  16. Q

    Post cycle therapy help

    I'm coming off a 16-week cycle and I'm only 23 years old very concerned that I won't recover properly so I need your help with postcycle supplements that you recommend was reading online that if you don't run them then your entire PCT could end up backfiring on you and you could lose all your...
  17. S

    What supps to take start of pct

    I'm going to be starting a post-cycle therapy after doing a 12-week injectable and oral steroid cycle I'm wondering what kind of supplements do you recommend that I start taking now that I'm starting my post cycle looking for something that can help balance things out for me without any side...
  18. A

    What do you run post cycle?

    I am currently 8 weeks into a 14-week cycle. I'm about to order all my post Cycle Therapy products. yes I know I'm supposed to have everything on hand before starting the cycle but I screwed up this time. I'm glad I did though because I would like to hear what supplements you recommend during...
  19. G

    Pct for Anavar and winstrol.

    Hi guys hope you’re all doing well! Just hoping to find some advice on a pct for and Anavar and Winstrol cycle. I understand these are both rather mild but during my research I have come across conflicting information on pct’s. Some sources saying it’s vital and others saying the opposite...
  20. C

    Is Clomid or Nolvadex good for pct?

    Hello After which prohormone (designer aas epistane) is better for pct? Does Clomid or Nolvadex increase endogenous testosterone better? Everywhere I read, they write something different.. Clomid: 50/50/25/25 ? Nolvadex: 20/20/20/20 ?
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