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  1. B

    primo perfection stacking

    I’m looking to run the perfect Primo stack my strategy is 500 milligrams a week of the Primo and I would run some testosterone with it. What is the best dosage for testosterone that you recommend with it if I’m looking for lean muscle mass improvements I want to go 12 weeks. My stats are 27 yrs...
  2. T

    16 week cycle with EQ and primo

    really excited to start my next cycle, putting together the finishing touches. 38 years old and this will be my biggest cycle yet and longest and I’m 208 pounds and 5’10” Its gonna be for 16 weeks. Here I’m gonna be using 500 milligrams of Primo and 400 milligrams of equipoise. My testosterone...
  3. R

    Some questions about primobolan

    Dear all, I am currently looking for information about primobolan which might be used in my future cycles. May I ask: How can primobolan do the cutting and bulking at the same time? I know primobolan has aromatase inhibition property, hence many web sources said that stacking it with test E...
  4. TopGATATE8

    Looking for Tested Primobolan

    Looking for Tested Primobolan I heard supplys are short all round the globe and sceptical to buy the shit, can anyone please point my in the direction of some real Primo in AUS and not that Masteron shit cheers!
  5. B

    anavar, EQ, and maybe primo?

    What do you recommend I use for a future cycle. Goals are more muscle and some tightening up and hardening. Stats are 55, 5’7 188 pounds My thoughts are stacking anavar, equipoise and Primo together. My dosages as follows: anavar 50mgs a day primo 300mgs a week EQ 250mgs a week any thoughts?
  6. Dale5643

    Primobolan sources in Canada

    Hi Gents, New to this thread. Currently on a TRT 210 mg test cyp protocol. Was looking to add 400 mg of primo and increase test to 300mg a week. Looking for geneza pharma sources in Canada any help would be appreciated. I have a membership with syn pharma but looking for more options.
  7. S

    feeling poor on low dose primo

    I’m on trt. 150Mgs a week got on some primo to add to it, figured it would add to my cycle. I feel like crap on it. Just no energy. Lower libido. Less strength bleh feeling. Any advice on how I can maximize my trt without feeling like this? I’m 177 pounds, 42 years old. Only previous cycles were...
  8. B

    Days of tren are gone but….

    So my days of running tren cycles are long gone. But I want to do one more since I have some extra laying around and I’m not getting any younger. I’m 46 years old and I also have some Mast, Primo and test on hand. Do you think I should go with stacking these 4 and how much tren would be too...
  9. L

    the cleanest primo to run?

    I’ve heard that primo can be a very dirty steroid and that is why it has a rusty color to it usually. Also heard It has some really bad post injection pain and that if you don’t get Primo that hurts after you inject it there’s a good chance it’s fake. Having said that any recommendations on...
  10. J

    Primo vs. Masteron?

    Looking to get a discussion going on the differences between using Primo and masteron. I know you can buy both in Enanthate form and I know that both are DHT’s. But other than that because I’ve never used them I don’t know much about what their advantages and disadvantages are. Seems like they...
  11. A

    going to do 100mgs a day of primo

    currently 5’10’’ and 185 pounds with 15% body fat and 33 years old seeking the old school 70’s physique and I know that primo was a big deal in those days I want to do 100mgs a day primo. My source has 100mg/ml amps and I’m gonna be pinning it every morning what else do you recommend I run with...
  12. N

    trying the simplest primo cycle on earth

    how would you run primo if you wanted To run something very simple and low side effects? My stats are six foot seven inches 217 pounds and I’m an ex basketball player with shaky knees I cannot do squats or lift too heavy with the legs would primo be a good option for me?
  13. B

    20 week cycle let me know

    hey guys, let me know what you think about this cycle for 20 weeks 500mgs test cyp 300mgs primo 25mgs anavar per day first 15 weeks only NPP 50mg EOD have an AI on hand last cycle did test and anavar and had great results except I let my estrogen get too high don’t want to make the same mistake...
  14. Z

    Primo and Equipoise 500mgs each

    I’m looking to use primo and equipoise 500 milligrams each question is how would you add in testosterone if at all also looking to add at least one oral steroid which one would you choose I’m in my early 30s 192 pounds and six foot four inches my goal is to gain about 10 or 15 pounds of muscle mass
  15. U

    Injection Dosing Question

    Hey lads, I currently microdose my test daily, I back fill insulin pins and find I get more stable bloods by doing, I added NPP & Primo to my cycle as of today, however the NPP is 100mg/ml and primo is 200mg/ml and I’m running 600mg of each which is quiet a bit of oil to microdose daily or is...
  16. B

    worst sides I can expect from primo?

    Seems like Primo is very popular on this forum but it’s not so popular in other forums some people say that it doesn’t cause any side effects and some people says it does should I expect a lot of problems when I use Primo at 500 mg a week or is it one of those steroids that is pretty side effect...
  17. K

    primo back in favor?

    Seen some logs and post with a lot of guys using Primo seems like we went through a stretch or nobody was using it and guys would rather go with tren now its all primo, primo, primo you think it has to do with quality control issues where now you can find legitimate Primo or do you think that...
  18. N

    how best to use primo ?

    I went and bought 3 vials of primo from a buddy of mine, he said it would be a good cycle for someone like me I’m looking for lean muscle mass currently 6’2’’ and 189 pounds. 28 years old training 1 hour per session and following a 5 day split currently where I work a different muscle group each...
  19. Z

    equipoise and Primo

    I’m in the middle of a recomp/cutting stack 220 pounds and 6 foot 25 years old 14% body fat what do you guys think about using equipoise and Primo in the same cycle? My plan is using 500 mg of equipoise, 1000 mg of Primo, and 200 milligrams of testosterone
  20. Q

    Upcoming tren and primo cycle

    Have high hopes for my next trenbolone and primobolan cycle Goals: recomping Stats: 40 yrs old, 220 pounds, 6’1’’ 15% body fat Experience 5 cycles under belt Training: right now doing a 4 day split routine, most of my volume is early in the week and i train at 75-80% failure. Cycle plan...
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