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    fake primobolan from

    I ended up purchasing fake Primo from alandomestic I had it tested with a kit and it came up as deca instead of Primo I’m so angry I could punch the wall right now. I spent about 12 hundred dollars on this cycle what do you recommend I do can someone on here maybe fix this for me?
  2. S

    Best way to use primobolan for max results

    I'm not about to spend all this money on primobolan for average results Hoping you can give me all the respect you can and help me maximize my next cycle I bought four vials of primo and i was thinking of 500mgs atleast for 12 weeks minimum. is this a good strategy? also what do you...
  3. Y

    Napsgear hands down quality

    I've never used such quality gear in my life I'm 5 weeks into my current cycle and I'm using long esters even though that's the case I'm already feeling the effects Doing primobolan and sustanon. Not even doing a lot of it. 250mgs of the sust and 350mgs of the primo getting some rock hard...
  4. J

    Deca and primo? Yay or nay?

    Interested in trying a mild stack together to help me gain lean muscle mass. I’m extremely gyno prone so i avoid dbol and test/sust always. What do you think about deca durabolin and primobolan? has anyone tried this stack lately and do you think that if I were to do 500 mg of deca and...
  5. K

    Primobolan, winstrol and test good?

    Currently 6 ft 5 in and I weigh 202 lb never did three steroids at once I've always done one at a time this time I would like to do a stack as I am going to start becoming more consistent in the gym and taking this more seriously. I cut out all alcohol and also fast food eating clean and...
  6. K

    Finishing up my recent napsgear cycle

    This is the 3rd time i’ve used napsgear and each time they have been excellent decided to try a stack of test prop, mast prop and primobolan it wasn't the cheapest cycle to try but they made it affordable enough where I could grab some for 12 weeks I also am using their pct products as well...
  7. H

    Elbow pain on cycle

    What do you do when you are mid cycle and start getting elbow pain? it is happening to me when I am gripping dumbbells and when I bench press heavier weight where I'm putting plates on the bar. do you think I should start just doing light weight or you think I should stop my cycle entirely...
  8. B

    Blast and cruise plan for a year

    41 years old\ been using steroids for about 7 years Want to switch to blast and cruise My plan over the next year will be simple. 200mgs testosterone cyp cruise dose. Bumping to 500mgs of primobolan and 600gs of test cyp Someone said it is best to come off completely when you are doing this...
  9. S

    Need to change things, too much anxiety

    hey everybody I'm 24 years old and I am 5'11 and 188 lb this is the second steroid cycle I have done I'm currently doing testosterone 800mgs a week Primobolan 1000mgs a week but the anxiety is really bad I'm 10 weeks into this and about to wind it down and anxiety really started around week 8...
  10. H

    Questioning my next stack now

    Test, primo and anavar 52 years old 5’9’’ 188 pounds 15% body fat Nothing really special about my physique I'm just a guy in this early '50s who's trying to look good and stay into shape. this is the first time I have done three steroids together and these are the three I want to do because...
  11. I

    Lots of post injection pain :(

    I'm a person who likes to stay active and I like to do a lot of outdoor activities. it's really a pain to have to deal with muscle soreness after an injection. I'm running a pretty heavy those cycle and I have to inject at least three or four times a week 6’1’’ 180 pounds and 15% body fat 44...
  12. R

    Should i go 8 or 12 weeks next cycle?

    Just came off spring break, took a week off from the gym to get some rest and spend time with the family Now its back to business. I wanted to get on some orals 4-6 weeks to start things off. Then go to injectables the rest of the way to 12 weeks OR the other option is just start with both for 8...
  13. X

    Geneza pharma tren, test and primo

    Looking to stack some geneza pharma products. Was wondering what you thought about their test, tren, and primo options The primo i was gonna do 500mgs for sure Test and tren was thinking about 250mgs of each My main concern though is I read that you can get fake primobolan from a lot of sources...
  14. F

    How to stack primo and dbol together

    this is going to be an old school stack. I had a long conversation with a buddy of mine at the gym who's in the 60s and this was his favorite stack He told me to try primobolan 150mgs EOD along with dianabol 20mgs a day for 12 weeks He said to stop the dbol at week 6. I'm 44 years old I am 5...
  15. U

    What would happen if i ran a really small cycle?

    I keep reading online about guys who are running these crazy cycles and then I see some cycles that are more moderate dosing my question is what if I was to run tiny amounts what kind of results would I get? let's say I did 50 mg a week of testosterone, 200 mgs a week primobolan and like...
  16. V

    Good plan ?

    Running primobolan SOLO I was wondering what would happen to me if i just did primo solo for 12 weeks at 1000mgs a week Has anyone tried something like this? I want to avoid side effects and water retention, plus i want to mimic some of the golden age bodybuilders I’m currently 5’10’’ 175...
  17. K

    Primo and what else?

    I just got a good price on some primobolan I’m gonna run this stuff on my next cycle My question is how much do i need to use to get max results? I got 4 vials. So i could run 5-600mgs a week no problem i think for 12 weeks testosterone I'm going to run some with it already is there a third...
  18. M

    Nice potent gear from napsgear

    What a nice difference between using primbolan and anavar from my guy at the gym and napsgear products! I am getting incredible pumps, vascularity, and lean muscle gains I feel like a million bucks on this cycle and leave the gym all flexed out. I’m also getting a lot of compliments from people...
  19. B

    Primobolan, anavar and masteron together

    I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of some xmas money my grandma gave me over the holidays. I decided to spend it on my steroid stack. has anyone stacked primobolan, anavar and masteron in the same cycle? My plan is this: 100mgs/day primo 50mgs/day anavar 100mgs/day masteron prop...
  20. S

    Steroids lasting 16 weeks

    Looking to do a 2 by 2 cycle 8 weeks each So it would be like this: Anavar and testosterone 8 weeks Switch to Primobolan and trenbolone 8 more weeks 16 weeks total The objective is to get some receptors switching around I’m 6’1’’ and 188 pounds with 13% body fat My goals are going to be...
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