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  1. Y

    Does Arimidex aggravate progesterone levels while on Tren?

    I'm planning on doing 600mg/week of Cypionate, which obviously aromatizes. I want to take Arimidex to combat the raised estrogen levels. I'll also be stacking 400mg of Tren, which can aggravate progesterone levels. My concern is that I've read that the Arimidex can affravate progesterone...
  2. S

    Trenbolone bloated, prolactin, progesterone . Hel!

    Question for the vets and science nerds: If trenbolone is a progestin and stimulates the progesterone receptors, and we know that progesterone inhibits prolactin a) How does it make men lactate? b) how do we suppress progesterone? Dostinex, prami, bromo and b6 are dopamine antagonist lowering...
  3. Beastly

    Progesterone as a natural Anti-Estrogen/Hormonal Balancer?

    Been reading quite a few articles lately regarding how progesterone is a natural antagonist of estrogen and can act as an anti-estrogen in the body as well as having a whole host of other beneficial effects such as having the same effect as viagara without the negative sides as it performs the...
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