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    What i purchased, Injectables and orals 2 of test E and EQ mix 200/200 mg/ml 2 Stanozalol 50 mg/ml 2 Tren E 200 mg/ml Arimidex Clomid HCG Cabergoline Located in Florida, USA. Order arrived within 2 weeks and was packaged nice and discretely, everything was intact. I've done about 10 cycles...
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    geneza pharma very nice lean stack gains!

    Decided to do 3 steroids from geneza pharma and they are all excellent. GP test cyp, GP Equipoise and GP winstrol. Have to say this is the best cycle I’ve ever done in my life I put on eight pounds of lean muscle mass and my vascularities outstanding. Geneza pharma is a fantastic source and I...
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    napsgear has got it made for cutting

    if you want an amazing source then napsgear is the one to use. They have an excellent selection to choose from every brand you can imagine and they’re all fantastic I’ve used several of them. Recently I decided to put together a cutting stack and my results were incredible! cutting down hard...
  4. Q

    fake hgh and test

    wanted to do an anti-aging stack and use some hgh and testosterone together. Used which were recommended by my personal trainer at the gym parent however this guy has given me a lot of bad advice in the past when it comes to supplementation as well and I think he gets a...
  5. B not seeing much yet

    I’m doing and using their sustanon. I should be seeing results on it since its a short ester. Its been 2 weeks and not seeing much of anything. Maybe a slight bump in strength But was expecting much more results that’s why I decided to use their para pharma sustanon in the first...
  6. Z

    geneza pharma trenbolone options

    see that geneza pharma has a lot of tren options. Just wondering if you can give me some feedback on which one would fit what I’m looking for the best. Basically I’m looking to do a dummy run for a competition that I plan to be doing next year. Would like to see how I react to tren now. Should I...
  7. M

    best cycle ever! 3rd time using napsgear

    Just wanted to report back an amazing experience I had using napsgear. Been on their equipoise, primo and testosterone E. them up in the same syringe and pin 1 cc twice a week of each. Such a simple cycle and very affordable yet so effective. I’m five weeks into cycle and it’s already my...
  8. D

    no more using

    I used to be a huge basicstero fan online. Push them and recommended them to a lot of people which was a mistake. I strongly regret doing that because on the last couple orders I made from them they not only sent me bunkier the first time but this last time they sent me the wrong items and...
  9. K not seeing any changes

    unfortunately I’ve been on swisschems products for 8 weeks. Had high hopes for this cycle but not seeing any results. I’m using their s4, s23, and lgd. Should be seeing some good muscle gains and strength but it’s just not happening yet. Wondering what I’m really taking that I just get fake...
  10. W stolen wallet

    made an order from southernsarms for crypto, guy was emailing me back and forth and was helping me do it. He made me give him all my wallet information and the passcodes to confirm the hash ID to prove it went through. The next day I noticed they stole my entire wallet address and drained it...
  11. E YK11 and S23 didn’t go well

    so I am 21 years old and I used and had a bad experience. I got incredibly shut down on this stack I’m having a hard time ever since then. I feel very depressed and I have no libido. Do you think I will be okay? I feel like I was really taking pro hormones or something else and...
  12. G tren options?

    Looking to use and looking to use trenbolone on this next stack. Got a simple question because I see they have a lot of different options. I see they have tren blends, tren ace, tren E, and tri-tren. My mind is blown. Not sure which tren is best for a newbie to tren like me.
  13. H

    thumbs down to

    hey I’m not interested in using anymore after running their GW. Ended up with high blood pressure, high heart rate, and couldn’t breathe on the stuff. I’ve used dnp and clen in the past And I have a feeling that it may have been one of those compounds that I was using.
  14. W a D source

    shipping is very slow. 2-3 weeks. Products are expensive too. products are inferior, poor results. would not recommend using sarmssupplementsdirect at all. Its a D rate source and I’m not happy about it. Hoping you guys can recommend a better source next time cause these guys are trash!
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    napsgear nice results with athletics

    my main goal was to get more endurance because i play a lot of different sports. I do flag football, soccer, CrossFit, and I also do boot camp training. This is a great stack that I got to help push me past my competition when I am training. A++ experience for sure. communication is smooth...
  16. L ended up with bad flu

    using sarms was not a smart idea I was using their ostarine, nutrobal, and rad thought it was a good cycle for a week, was Seeing some really good results that I got hit with a really bad flu ended up passing out in the next thing I knew I was in the hospital. Girlfriend showed...
  17. M slow shipping

    so I made an order with 2 weeks ago and they shipped it out pretty slow. Took about 4-5 days and its still not to me yet I’m not that likes to complain about things with the shipping is pretty darn slow was expecting to have my product at my doorstep within a week but it’s been two...
  18. Q

    warrior labs sarms what a mistake

    these guys are a bunch of clowns over at warrior labs sarms they were recommended by tony huge and coach trevor after using their GW, SR and LGD 2 weeks I have rashes and zits all over my back it looks horrible and my girlfriend is threatening to dump me over it no clue what this crap is but I’m...
  19. K screwed up my order AGAIN!

    Ugh misterolympia shop you have been the devil to me they get pros to push them on instagram so I thought I would use them first time they screwed up my order and sent me the wrong things. They did reship the right stuff to me that time. The 2nd time I used them they screwed up again so this is...
  20. N low libido

    don’t use paradigmpeptides if you care about your libido I ran their sarms rad, lgd and s4 for 12 weeks. During the cycle I got incredibly shut down to the point I didn’t even bother asking my wife for sex now post cycle I am completely shut down entirely and no libido. Its barely rebounded...
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