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    closest sarms to steroids

    okay guys hit me with it. I want to hear the best sarm that is as close to steroids as possible. I’m sick and tired of going to the gym and only getting mild results I want to really start kicking ass. Currently 145 pounds and five foot ten inches and I’m 23 years old. I’ve earned the right to...
  2. B sarms poor experience

    using lawlesslabs has raised my blood pressure 50 points. They are very slow to respond to questions and I was disappointed to find out when my gear arrived that the postmark was from China. This is unacceptable because they claim their products are domestic. Also these products I received are...
  3. W

    using 3 different sarms

    what are the best options for using different sarms mixed together for best results? I’m 21 years old and I’ve been training for the past year I would like to start taking something to help push me to another level. Heard good things about enclomid and sarms together for a cycle. They told me...
  4. G worst sarms ever lol

    would not recommend you use peakbody co UK for your sarms at all lol. Been on their garbage for the past 8 weeks, using lgd, rad and yk11. My results have been awful. Not seeing any changes to my physique and I’m also losing strength and size.
  5. S

    12 weeks of sarms cycling on

    100kg, 6’2’’, 22% body fat. Goal Is to improve my physique and get leaner. Currently training four times a week and I started doing more cardio every day but not seeing the progress I was expecting. my 12 week sarms cycle is as follows: RAD10mgs YK11 15mgs LGD 15mgs GW 20mgs all 12 weeks. Pct...
  6. B sarms are a joke

    so I used lawlesslabsusa to get some sarms. Purchased their SR, GW, and S4 first off I know the S4 is fake. I’ve been using 75 milligrams a day for three weeks and don’t have any Vision side effects. I’ve always got side effects even at just 25 milligrams so I should be getting plenty of side...
  7. T

    Gonadorelin under the skin?

    So I don’t get how to use this stuff called gonadorelin. a friend of mine gave me some and said I was supposed to take it under my skin, he said it was the best stuff to use after a steroid cycle and would help me recover. all I have is 25G 1 inch needles I used for steroids. can I use this size...
  8. L

    umbrella sarms peptide and sarms help

    I’m looking for the best stack of peptides and sarms on my next run from umbrella sarms can you guide me on the best products they have for that purpose? I’m looking to do it the cheapest way possible I’m 5’8’’ 219 pounds and if I can lose 40 pounds that would be perfect!
  9. B

    sarms ostarine and nutrobal next cycle

    going to be doing ostarine and nutrobal on my next stack it will be 25mgs of ostarine and 50mgs of nutrobal my stats are currently 6’2’’ 185 pounds and 20% body fat I need to put on some muscle and lose some fat together what else should I be using besides these two
  10. R

    hearing a lot about this tb500 stuff

    I’m hearing good things about tb500 interested in trying it but I honestly don’t know much about it and I’ve never used a peptide in my life I’m 40 years old and I have been suffering from nagging injuries over the past couple years which really is getting on my nerves can you recommend a source...
  11. G

    Can I drink alcohol once on sarms?

    I'm 4 days into my cycle of (25mg andarine, 10mg mk2866, 10mg of gw501516) my cousins birthday is tmrw and i wanna party with him. i just want to make sure there's no serious health risks if i mix sarms with alcohol once. ive had more then one person tell me to take milk thistle which i plan on...
  12. N

    sarms for fat man

    I’m a fat turd of a man. Currently clocking in at around 340 pounds not sure on body fat but it’s high I can’t see my dick when I look down to pee I’m looking to get into top shape, many people have recommended ozempic but it isn’t what I want to use cause of the side effects. Want to use sarms...
  13. B

    they did it to me again! sarms sarms did it to me again and I’m not happy about it I used their sarms and it caused me to get some issues with my heart my blood pressure went up a lot and I started to feel dizzy as soon as I got out of the shower I collapsed and fainted. Be careful using their stuff, I think its laced
  14. Q

    can you bulk then cut on sarms?

    I know with steroids you can easily bulk and cut in weeks, but does the same hold true with sarms? I would like to bulk up and then cut down on the same cycle was thinking of doing 8 weeks of bulking up using YK11 and S23 then cut down for 8 weeks doing GW and ostarine I’m 24 years old, 5’8’’...
  15. C

    GW + S4 + ostarine

    looking to do 3 sarms together GW 10mgs a day s4 25mgs a day ostarine 12.5mgs a day not trying to do anything fancy, just want to get more energy And maybe put some good quality muscle mass on while losing somebody fat along with it my stats are five foot seven inches 168 pounds and around 15%...
  16. B

    anyone here about epitalon peptide?

    I heard this stuff is the Fountain of Youth from people who use like 10 milligrams a day of this stuff off of reddit has anyone on here tried it and what sources can you get this stuff from? Can you recommend a course of action to take this and how long you need to really be on it to have the...
  17. H

    looking to use sarms as TRT

    I know that certain sarms have been experimented with for trt reasons I’m 28 years old and have normal to low testosterone levels rather then bite the bullet and go full fledged TRT, I would like to try sarms for a few months to see if I get any improvement to muscle and libido any advice on...
  18. H

    sarms physique improvements

    I’m looking to use performance enhancing drugs not to become anything special I just want to improve my physique overall I think that sarms would be a great option for this based on some of the physiques that I’ve seen looking for the Dylan look, NOT the Monstro look if that makes sense. Just a...
  19. V

    sarms bulking with nutrobal

    I know nutrobal boosts appetite I’ve been on this stuff for a few days and I’m already extremely hungry on it which is cool because I like to eat and I need to bulk up which other sarms can I order to help with bulking alongside with it that will be safe? I’m 23 years old and I weigh 155 pounds...
  20. N

    next sarms run LGD ?

    Never used lgd before previously tried s4, gw and ostarine this time want to run LGD. I heard it’s really good for bulking and it has some really good track record behind it my guess is 10mgs a day would be ideal how much GW should I use with it? Goals are lean muscle mass and fat loss I’m 24...
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