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  1. M

    MK677 + aromatase inhibitor to grow taller at 17

    i am 17, 5.8 (173 cm), with the help of an aromatize inhibitor every 2 days (Anastrozole 1mg, NAC 500mg, Rosmarinic acid 96% 100mg, vitamin E tpgs 10mg) and 15mg mk677 a day can I aspect to grow 2/3 inch in a year? i would take barberine to control insulin levels.
  2. E

    I need help! Have to cut 40lbs in 12 weeks! For boxing fight! Sarms? Tren? Test?

    Stats: 31yrs old 5’8” 239lbs about 20-22% bf and i’ve been on TRT for 5 years I’ve been working out for about 8 years but this last year i was off from the gym (family things & injuries) gained about 65lbs. I’ve been back in the gym for 2.5 months now started at 265lb now at 239lbs. I have a...
  3. L

    Sarms with HRT

    54 years old and 208 pounds My current HRT program is testosterone cypionate 100mgs a week Hgh 2iu’s per day Deca durabolin 150mgs a week I am looking to add sarms to this for better anti aging, healing and endurance The sarms stack i want to add are: Gw cardarine 20mgs/day Ostarine mk 25mgs a...
  4. Z

    What am i missing with sarms?

    I'm setting up a sarm cycle and I want to confirm if I am missing anything from the below cycle Rad140 20mgs a day Lgd4033 25mgs a day Gw cardarine 20mgs a day I’m 25 years old. 5’9’’ 190 pounds and looking to cut down and recomp currently I'm training three to four times a week and I do cardio...
  5. S

    How would you run a lean muscle sarms stack

    I'm looking to get lean muscle mass not large muscle mass. I don't want to look like I'm on anything because I don't want to get too big I would like to stay under 180 lb. I'm currently 165 lb and 5 ft 10 in My job involves a lot of climbing, i cannot get too big so 180 is my max Which sarms...
  6. L

    Rad140 + sr9009 = success?

    What do you think about using rad140 10mgs a day with sr 5mgs 3x per day Are those doses too low to get effective results? I'm looking to not only build some solid muscle but I'm also looking to cut down on my body fat as well another question I have is what do you think about a 21-year-old...
  7. V

    How to keep sarms simple

    I’m 28 years old 6’1’’ 150 pounds Looking to put on lean muscle mass and size My cycle choices are either: S23 20mgs a day + nutrobal 50mgs a day Or Rad140 20mgs a day and lgd4033 25mgs a day I'm currently training four times a week and I have been doing it for the past 2 months but not seeing...
  8. A

    S4/S23/MK2866 advice please

    Looking to do 3 sarms and run them like this: S4 andarine 50mgs a day S23 20mgs a day Ostarine mk2866 25mgs a day I'm 25 years old and I weigh approximately 248 lb and I am around 25% body fat I've let myself go since College and I'm looking to get back into shape my friends are using steroids...
  9. T

    Question about 65 year old sarms

    so I am a senior who is interested in trying sarms To be honest i have never ran any sort of PED in my life a lot of the guys that I know from my neighborhood are talking about trt. that may be an option for me but I'm in the rush to do it in the meantime I'm interested in sarms to give me...
  10. K

    I need help with mk677 side effects

    Please don't flame me too bad I already read about the possible side effects with mk677 I know that it can cause carpal tunnel and it can also cause other issues like bloating These problems are happening and i am getting annoyed. I am 8 weeks into my cycle and at a loss of what to do from here...
  11. T

    Chemyo sarms tastes horrible!

    My gosh i don’t know why you guys on here recommend this sarms crap to us I tried chemyo sarms and i no joke had to run outside and put my head into the pool cause it was burning my entire face, tongue and throat. I’m so bummed that this is happening cause i had high hopes for this stuff to lose...
  12. H

    Which sarms for first time user with rad

    I'm definitely going to be using rad140 and I'm looking to start off at a 10 mg dose per day and then inch it up to 12 1/2 mg then 15 mg just to see how I react Also looking hard at stacking mk677 nutrobal with it. but looking to run that around 16 weeks I'm 5 ft 10 in 158 lb and very lean...
  13. JimAbs43 548 - SARMS Experiences Nutrobal Mk677 and more 548 - SARMS Experiences Nutrobal Mk677 and more
  14. Y

    My next sarms run with GW

    I'm planning on doing my next sarm cycle and I'm really excited I'm currently training three times a week and then I play rugby twice a week for a league for adults I'm 26 years old and I am 95kilos and 6 ft 5 in. I'm pretty fast and I have about 20% body fat my goal is to improve in rugby...
  15. B

    Sarms only 8 weeks and then that is it

    Just want to do an 8 week cycle, please don’t force me into doing it longer My sarms i want to use Nutrobal mk677 25mgs a day, bumping to 50mgs a day after 4 weeks Lgd4033 25mgs a day for 4 weeks, then bumping to 30mgs a day for 4 weeks Currently 5’5’’ and 145 pounds. 24 years old Goal is...
  16. X

    Best way to use lgd and gw short cycle

    I'm looking to do a short cycle of GW and lgd 4033 some say that you can run them 4 to 6 weeks other say you should push it to 8 to 12 weeks. I'm looking to do the shortest duration that you can recommend for me I'm looking to do around 10 to 20 mg a day and I'm currently 166 lb and 5 ft 10...
  17. JimAbs43 Hardcore 42 - Peptides - Healing with BPC157, how, doses Hardcore 42 - Peptides - Healing with BPC157, how, doses
  18. C

    Highly impressed first week sarms

    This is the first week I have ever used sarms and I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing so far my workouts are really good and I'm very motivated to get my nutrition on point I'm using andarine s4 50mgs a day Ostarine 2866 and cardarine together my only issue is that my shoulder injury...
  19. W

    From bodybuilder to weightlifter

    I’m a former bodybuilder who used a lot of steroids in my day. Now i’m in my 50’s and those days are long gone Just want to focus on weight training today What are my options with sarms? I’m looking hard at RAD and GW. but are those going to help or hurt my weight training? Don’t want...
  20. C

    Full cycle and pct sarms

    I’m really interested in using lgd4033 again. It's been about 10 years since I've used it I would like to get the entire cycle and post cycle therapy laid out and critique by you guys On cycle: Lgd4033 15mgs a day 12 weeks Sr9009 15-20mgs a day for 8 weeks Post cycle: Ostarine mk2866...
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