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  1. J

    best supplements for performance?

    I would like to start doing bodyweight exercises and a lot of core work I tried a pilates class and it did not go well at all I struggled the whole time and I was so sore afterwards I could barely walk up my stairs I’m sure people in there have to be using something before they go in or maybe as...
  2. M

    best supplements to use on steroids for size

    I’m looking for the best supplements that I can use on cycle to get more size what are the ones that you like to use that will help you bulk I don’t want to take anything that I have to mix and drink I just tried to take a pill
  3. C

    lots of sides on cycle help!

    I’m currently running a steroid cycle and I’m running over 1500 mg a week of tren, deca and testosterone the side effects are getting really out of hand they weren’t so bad the first few weeks I was on steroids and now they’re getting out of control what supplements do you recommend that I use...
  4. JimAbs43

    Podcast UG Supplements 8 - N2Guard is it worth the money? UG Supplements 8 - N2Guard is it worth the money?
  5. V

    adding supplements to shakes

    have any of you tried adding your supplements to your protein shakes like mixing in a scoop of psyllium husk or creatine into my whey protein powder and mixing it really good does this help you make more gains in the gym or does it not make a difference between just mixing them with water
  6. F

    Supplements to use for kidney help

    I’ve been using steroids for the past 12 years and my kidneys keep getting more and more strained over time I was wondering what you recommended in terms of supplementation to help get my kidney numbers back on point I plan on just doing self trt for the near future
  7. A

    dick problems

    My issue is I suffer from erectile dysfunction here and there. I don’t want to discuss this with my doctor Because he is a family friend and that would be embarrassing so I’m coming to my friends on here for advice Do you have any good supplements that you can recommend to me?
  8. Z

    AST and ALT are still high

    I’m post cycle currently and AST and ALT are still high I need some help dropping that number down which supplements would work at helping me do that? My AST is over 60 and my ALT is at 75+
  9. O

    before bed amino acids?

    What do you think about taking amino acids before bed to feed the muscles while I am training? I’m currently in my early 30s and my body just don’t recover the same way hoping this can help me build more muscle size should I get the ones that come in mixes?
  10. C

    burn more body fat

    I’m hoping to burn more body fat with a supplement fat burner any advice on which ones to use? I’m looking for something I can take before bed, so can’t have caffeine don’t want it messing with my sleep.
  11. T

    sarms for total newbie

    I’m a total newbie to sarm only used creatine as a supplement, never anything else. Don’t even use protein powder what kind of sarms would you recommend for me? I’m 22, senior in college. Train 4x per week. 250 pounds and 6’2’’ I’m a bigger guy, not fat but bulky
  12. W

    sarms supplements that help

    what are the best supplements that you use while you’re on sarm? I’m currently training five times a week and I’ve done sarm for the past 20 weeks I plan on doing another five weeks with them then doing a PCT any suggestions as to what supplements will Aid my cycle
  13. A

    cycle not going well

    Well that’s not entirely true the first three weeks things were fantastic I was jumping out of bed to go to the gym and my appetite was crazy good I’m using test and tren now I have some really bad side effects my heart is speeding up and I have insomnia not able to really sleep very well which...
  14. G

    my pct was a failure

    so I did a 12 week pct and it was a failure I am coming off a year on steroids where I was blasting and cruising I’ve given up using drugs now I want to use some natural testosterone boosters or other supplements can you guide me on that
  15. B

    fake steroid supplements any good?

    I was talking to my friend and he had a whole bag of fake supplements that have steroid sounding names on the label he was trying to sell me a couple of them and he said that even though they weren’t real steroids they still are the closest thing you’ll get that’s legal have anyone tried these...
  16. X

    mixing blender and supplements?

    I started to do a blender every morning with lots of vegetables and fruit this was recommended to me by my nutritionist I’m wondering if you guys add your supplements to it and how that affects the taste and also the texture of the smoothies also would it degrade the products?
  17. A

    bridging products

    what are going to be the best products to use for bridge in between Cycles? I’m currently in my 30’s and looking to use something to help hold on to my steroid gains I’m sure there are some supplements that you guys use
  18. J

    body fat loss supplements

    my current body fat is around 28 percent and I’m 280 lb it would be wonderful if I can get my body fat down and I need a supplement that can help me get there what are a couple good fat burning supplements that you would recommend that I try?
  19. T

    how to use hcgenerate in bridge

    I’m gonna be bridging with hcgenerate I did a 12-week cycle with a five-week PCT. I’m going to take around 10 weeks off and then go back on another 12 week cycle how much hcgenerate should I run in pct and then bridge? I would like to run it the most efficiently possible while also saving money
  20. V

    harsh steroid supplements

    I’ve heard good things about milk thistle and tudca for those who run harsh steroid cycles I’m also training extremely hard and going almost every day my workouts are about 90 minutes as well what do you think about this type of mix and do you recommend any other supplements?
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