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  1. Q

    Bad headaches every afternoon.

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of bad headaches, every afternoon, which sucks because my workouts are usually around 5:00 or 6:00 after work. Is there a supplement that you recommend? I start taking that can help with the side effects of having headaches.
  2. A

    On cycle best supplements?

    I'm going to be running a 16-week cycle with equipoise and testosterone I We'll also be adding an oral steroid as well what are the best on cycle supplements that won't interfere with this cycle that will help protect all my bodily organs like my heart and things like my liver and kidneys?
  3. W

    Best fat burner of 2023

    I'm coming to you the experts for some advice on what is the best fat burner of 2023 there are several different options that I am in the market for I would like something that doesn't mess with my sleep and something that doesn't cause my heart rate to speed up
  4. L

    Pure creatine raw?

    do you recommend I buy creatine and raw form online in bulk where I can just mix it in my drink or do you recommend I get creatine that's already premixed with flavoring and all that kind of stuff to kind of make it mix easier in my drink? I'm going to buy a shaker cup so that won't be a problem...
  5. N

    Blood work looks poor

    I got post cycle blood work done and across the board a lot of things are off I know that sometimes this can be a normal situation but how do I fix it. is there a supplement out there that you recommend that I should be taking even a few weeks after post-cycle therapy to help balance everything out
  6. K

    Golfers elbow

    I've been experiencing golfers elbow for the past couple months for work we usually go out and we do an 18-hole golf half day Its really fun and a great way to do business transactions and that sort of thing is there any supplements that have work for you when it comes to helping with the elbow...
  7. F

    Not enough creatine talk

    Notice there isn't very much creatine talk on here but this is supposed to be the best supplement you can put in your body right? now my question is can I use a full 5g a day year-round or should I cycle on and off from it and do two and a half grams for a couple months and then up the dose from...
  8. L

    How do i cure skin issues on cycle?

    I've been searching a lot for an answer to this and there are so many different opinions that I don't know who to trust I'm looking to take something to help with skin issues. What would you recommend i use going forward? I'm open to using anything as long as it's not a cream because I hate that...
  9. Z

    Boosting my test levels !

    I got my blood work done and my doctor said that my test levels are on the low end of the range but they're not low enough to get testosterone replacement therapy he recommended I look into some test boosting supplements then sent me out the door. can you give me some ideas of the best ones that...
  10. K

    Skin rashes products?

    I seem to be getting a lot of skin rashes because my roommate has pets we don't want to get rid of the pets because we love them so what can I use to help with my skin since that's really the only complaint I have I've seen products online one called EMUAID and another called Cymbiotika. They...
  11. H

    Best supplement for erection help

    I'm looking for the best supplement that is out there to help with my erections because I don't have very good sex drive anymore the problem started when I did a cycle and I used hcg, clomid and aromasin for pct It was around this time my issues started to happen it's been 2 months since and I...
  12. J

    Do you add scoops of supps to your tea/coffee?

    I was thinking about ways of increasing the amount of supplements I'm getting and putting in my tea and coffee different scoops of supplements would there be any harm and just adding it to my drink in the morning. keep in mind I like to have a hot drink to start off my day so I'm not sure if it...
  13. L

    Total testosterone levels are low

    My total testosterone levels are low. I would like to get them up higher and I'm looking to use a supplement to see if I can get them to where they need to be that way there are so many different testosterone boosters on the market I'm not quite sure which one to trust and to try out. can you...
  14. N

    Amino acids workout recovery

    This stuff is supposed to be a really good anabolic and bridging supplement that you can take. each bottle has 240 capsules. it's supposed to support muscle protein synthesis, amino acid support complex, and it boosts your amino acid levels in the body I'm looking to feed my muscles more...
  15. Z

    Hi tech pharma extreme mass?

    I was looking on the website at Wilson's supplements and found this product called Extreme Mass which is sold by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals it's $150 and they come with blue pills. it's supposed to help boost your muscle mass and also your strength. they claim to be the strongest stuff short of...
  16. T

    Which supplement beats tudca?

    I'm wondering if there is any supplement out there that can actually go to Toe to toe with tudca out there? I'm desperate to get my blood work improved my last cycle was 16 weeks and things have not gotten back to normal yet. I'm scared to even go to the doctor and get my Bloods followed up...
  17. J

    fiber supplementation worth it or no?

    I was having this discussion the other day with my parents and I was telling them about using fiber supplements because they both have issues going to the bathroom. my dad is very gassy All the time and my mom has a lot of constipation. they are always nagging me to go to the drugstore and buy...
  18. R

    Bari wise Protein Hot chocolate post workouts

    Bottom line is I absolutely love hot chocolate. when I was a kid I can remember on the holidays we would take hikes in the woods through the snow and we will take hot chocolate with us and it was really fun to do a campfire I guess it's more of a comfort food. I came across a product bariwise...
  19. H

    N2generate back and for good?

    I don’t know what is going on with n2generate. The website says its back in stock Is this true? If so will it go back out of stock soon because i don’t get paid for another 10 days so i don’t have money to buy it Any chance one of you on here can spot me some cash to buy a couple bottles while...
  20. E

    Beets for pumps in supps?

    what do you think about using beats when it comes to getting some good pumps with supplements I really like the feeling of working out and feeling those muscles about to explode I'm also really big into walking out of the gym feeling so good after a good weight training session so I mean my...
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