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    napsgear sustanon on point!

    Wanted to let you know I did a sustanon only cycle from napsgear and it was on point! Ran the sust 2CC’s per week for 12 weeks. Had tremendous results for my first cycle. Put on a lot of strength and size and I also had amazing mood increases basically felt like a teenager again! All I wanted to...
  2. Z

    how to use nolva, anadrol and sustanon together

    Looking to do a cycle with nolvadex, anadrol and sustanon all together. Initial blueprint is to do the Abombs at 50mgs a day. But I’m open to dropping that dosage in half or even running it every other day. As far as the sustanon this is where I am confused. 750 milligrams be too much or should...
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    how to use deca and sustanon for bulking

    I’m 5’6’’ and 166 pounds. Body fat is lean, around 8% or so. I am currently benching 245 pounds and I’m 28 years old looking to use steroids for the first time. My source has sustanon and I want to use deca I know that deca and sustanon are considered 2 of the best bulking steroids on earth how...
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    best thing to use with sustanon for cutting

    next cycle I want to cut debating whether to use 250 mg or 500 mg of sustanon very important that I also use masteron with it cuz I have before and it helped me cut what else would you recommend I use? I’m 228 pounds and I’m 6 foot 2 inches and 30 years old
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    anyone have fainting issues injecting gear?

    My source was out of test cyp and test E so I decided to go with sustanon did my first injection ever of 250 mg into my glute they honestly took like 30 minutes for me to get the courage to do it and once I did all I remember is a tingling sensation. Next thing you know I’m calling for my...
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    how to bulk and then cut down?

    I’m 24 years old, 5’9’’ 179 pounds I’m always seeing professional bodybuilders bulk up in the offseason and then cut into their competitions is there a particular reason why they always do it that way? And how do I manage to use my steroids for that purpose? I’m speculating on using sustanon and...
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    geneza pharma has excellent products

    Once again I have had a successful cycle with geneza pharma the products are excellent used the GP sustanon. 1CC per week of that also stacked in GP NPP 300mgs per week total then I did their GP anadrol 25mgs per day split dose easily put on around 50 pounds to my squat and deadlift. Looking...
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    DHT steroids drop my libido, not improve them

    so I’ve noticed that DHT steroids drop my libido and don’t increase them example I was on primo and couldn’t get it up with my girlfriend and lost interest halfway during sex and just fingered her the rest of the way. Same goes for masteron, didn’t help my libido at all made it worse I’m 33...
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    How many DHT’s to add to test cycle?

    I’m curious to hear some thoughts on what the best DHT’s to add to my next testosterone cycle here are a few that I want to try winstrol anavar masteron primo I’m gonna do 250mgs of sustanon a week. 1CC of it which should I add from here? And how many can I add before it becomes too much? I’m 50...
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    won’t go wrong with napsgear

    for sure go with napsgear on your next cycle They are hands-down the best source on the planet ordering was so simple I literally made my order and three days later I had a tracking number pretty shocking because three days after that I checked my mail and my package was there I’m so happy I...
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    Napsgear cycle and changes to my body

    Wondering if anyone else has gone through a lot of changes on their napsgear cycles I’m on sustanon, dbol and switched to anavar after 4 weeks. Been on the sustanon for 500mgs, dropped that to 250 Was on dbol 30mgs, dropped it and went to anavar 50mgs Initially i was putting on a lot of mass and...
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    How is napsgear sustanon with dbol?

    I'm looking for four objectives on the cycle one I would like to get excellent libido enhancement two I would like to experience some strength increases three I would like to get mood improvements because I'm cranky a lot and for I would like to add a lot of muscle mass to my frame was wondering...
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    My next napsgear run tips and advice

    I'm looking to go with naps gear on my next cycle. heard a lot of good things about them but never use them before. do you recommend I purchase from their domestic line or go International if I am in the United states? also what do you think about testosterone options including sustanon. In the...
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    Jacking up my steroid cycle

    I’m looking to use a bigger cycle of steroids, aiming to run around to grams a week of gear my cycle that I want to do would be 750 mg sustanon 750mgs of equipoise And around 500mgs of primobolan Then i want to finish the cycle with winstrol I’m 29 years old This will be my 3rd cycle...
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    Mass builder stack

    I'm ready to build some serious mass on my next cycle The cycle will look like this but i am willing to make some changes if you have any recommendations Sustanon 250mgs/week 12 weeks Anadrol 25mgs a day 4 weeks, finish with 50mgs a day 4 weeks Deca 500mgs a week 10 weeks Should i swap in...
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    Choosing 2 steroid options

    So my buddy is my gym dealer and he offered me two different steroid cycles Test cyp + anadrol EQ + sustanon He said both were good for appetite and bulking Based on my training not sure which would be best for me M, W, Th, and saturday 1-2 hours a session I’m 6’1’’ 220 pounds 16% bf
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    Bulking with deca and sustanon?

    I’m 23 years old nad want to bulk up more currently 75 Kg and 5 ft 10 in I've already done three Cycles where I did testosterone/sustanon and i also have dabbled with dianabol started out at 58kg and am up to 75kg. My goal is 85kg next Would like to know with deca if it is 1ML and says...
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    Deca, sust and tbol?

    I’ve heard of deca, sustanon and dbol But what about deca, sustanon and tbol instead? Would it be better for you to do it that way or should you stick to the original plan of bulking? I'm looking to do a lean bulk this time I'm currently in my early 30s and I am currently around 207 lb and 6...
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    Napsgear hands down quality

    I've never used such quality gear in my life I'm 5 weeks into my current cycle and I'm using long esters even though that's the case I'm already feeling the effects Doing primobolan and sustanon. Not even doing a lot of it. 250mgs of the sust and 350mgs of the primo getting some rock hard...
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    Next large cycle

    I have a tendency to run bigger cycles. It's because I'm not a good responder to steroids and I'm also a very hard gainer I’m 32 years old. 5’9’’ 183 pounds and 15% body fat I was over 200 pounds for a period of time but didn’t like that look. Decided to cut back down to the 180’s. Now want to...
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