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test cypionate

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    Need counseling and advice on a cycle I am planning to be on

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is fine and pumping iron in the gym ! I will explain my body structure a bit. I am a 5 ft 11 30 years old and I have been obese since childhood, but have always had somewhat good muscular structure albeit hidden under layers of fat. I currently stand at 26 % body...
  2. B

    planning my bulk cycle

    I am not running this for a couple months so I am doing my research ahead of time. stats are 27, 5'8 171 pounds. 11% body fat. My max lifts are 300+ bench and 450 squat. I like being strong and lean. but i want to add on some mass this time. I never weighed more than 175 pounds. was...
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    lean mass cycle.

    stats 5 ft9 195lbs 10% bf im looking at doing a lean mass cycle instead of a full bulk as i like to look pretty lean year round and have recently researched and have been fascinated with peptides, and sarms. here is my current break down im starting this monday, nov 6 2017. test cyp 200 mg...
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