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  1. C

    how to use test cyp for gains

    looking to use test cyp. Never used steroids before and was talking to a chick at the gym at the front desk and her friend told me that cyp would be the best thing to use for me. I’m 5’8’’ 150 pounds and want to bulk up about 20 pounds or so. I take protein powder every day and I’m 24 years old...
  2. E

    how to stack test blend with anavar?

    I’m looking to stack a test blend mix of sustanon 250 with some anavar. Nothing fancy at all but interested in building some quality muscle mass and possibly doing a recomp are the same time. Question is on dosing and timing of taking them. Would anavar make more sense to start the cycle or...
  3. T

    how much test if I weight 300+?

    was Reading some articles that were talking about how much steroids you should use versus body weight. Someone 150 pounds doesn’t need that much steroids but someone who weighs 300 plus like I do needs a lot more. Should I run 1000mgs a week as my first test only cycle? Or should I run a bit...
  4. A


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  5. R

    test and equipoise options

    I’m looking to try a combo of test and equipoise on my next cycle stats are 5’10’’ and 188 pounds with 20% body fat I have some muscle but not a lot. Have a tough time losing fat and gaining muscle. My T levels are sort of low for my age of 28 so I think that is a factor. Would doing 200mgs test...
  6. U

    Injection Dosing Question

    Hey lads, I currently microdose my test daily, I back fill insulin pins and find I get more stable bloods by doing, I added NPP & Primo to my cycle as of today, however the NPP is 100mg/ml and primo is 200mg/ml and I’m running 600mg of each which is quiet a bit of oil to microdose daily or is...
  7. X

    test + deca for bulking

    what is going to be the best way to run testosterone and deca if I want to bulk up my stats are 5 foot 7 166 pounds I’m lean probably about eight percent body fat and I’ve been weight training off and on for the past 10 years and I’m 29 years old also should I stack any type of oral steroid as a...
  8. G

    anyone have fainting issues injecting gear?

    My source was out of test cyp and test E so I decided to go with sustanon did my first injection ever of 250 mg into my glute they honestly took like 30 minutes for me to get the courage to do it and once I did all I remember is a tingling sensation. Next thing you know I’m calling for my...
  9. Z

    Planning test + deca again

    so this will be the 3rd time I’ve used testosterone and deca however the last time I used it was approximately 12 years ago I’ve used primarily other steroids sense and have been more in the cutting mode now I want to go back to bulking I’m nine percent body fat and 5 foot 8 inches and I weigh...
  10. T

    Supplement advice

    Hello! Some Background: I'm 34 years old. I started training 2 years ago, weighed in at 110kg at the start with a waist of 40-42". I'm currently at 102kg, with a waist of about 37". I had some bumps along the way, but definitely put on muscle while reducing fat. The past 12 months have been...
  11. S

    Test and masteron with what else?

    Looking to do a general steroid cycle with some testosterone and mast gonna dose them each 500 mg and then add in an oral steroid to kick-start things question is which oral steroid would you do a bit about me my goals are to put on some clean bulk and I am right around 200 pounds and 5 foot 11...
  12. N

    How many DHT’s to add to test cycle?

    I’m curious to hear some thoughts on what the best DHT’s to add to my next testosterone cycle here are a few that I want to try winstrol anavar masteron primo I’m gonna do 250mgs of sustanon a week. 1CC of it which should I add from here? And how many can I add before it becomes too much? I’m 50...
  13. G

    Verify these test reports?

    Does anyone know how to verify test results? I got them from when I inquired about their testing.
  14. B

    First Cycle test e

    Hello all, I’m about to start with my first cycle. test e only. Would like some advice / recommendations.. Age 24 Body fat 18% Weight 76KG Height 180 CM Diet 200g protein 300g carbs 80g of fats Training - 3 day rotate Day 1 Arms / shoulders Day 2 chest / back Day 3 legs / core Day 4...
  15. A

    Cycle Thoughts? - Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle

    Hey guys, Long time lurker of the forums. I'm interested in starting a Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle and would love people's opinions / advice. I saw TwistingMelon ran the cycle back in 2015 but haven't seen too much information regarding that exact cycle since (or I'm not looking in...
  16. V

    Using tren, test, and proviron together

    I'm looking to do sort of a recomp but also a bulker at the same time while also hardening up I'm 45 years old and I took 2 years off from weight training and then have been back at it for the past year steroid experience is quite extensive from 30 to 40 years old My tren dose is gonna be 250mgs...
  17. G

    PED Test on OzPharmLabs Tren-E and Valhalla Anabolics Test-E

    Bought some discounted vials of Test-E from Valhalla Anabolics (vendor OzGear) and Tren-E from OzPharmLabs (vendor expressau) on Abacus Market (DarkNet). I was disappointed to see the OzPharmLabs Trenbolonate Enanthate show up as Trenbolone Acetate - at least the potency seems to be ok, perhaps...
  18. M

    Test/Tren/Var cycle

    Hey everyone! I’ve read PED forums to base my cycles off of for a while but never directly asked for any input so I thought I’d run my next planned cycle by you guys to see if there’s anything you’d recommend. A few things about me 27 years old 5’9” 182lbs at about 13% bf I’ve been training...
  19. Dan98

    Dbol,test,deca Plateau

    So i started on 500 t 400 deca, 45mg proviron and 40mg dbol and blew up while on the dbol for the first 6 weeks however since dropping the dol iv slowly lost strength and size and only gained a few pounds since. To combat this i titrated test up to 800mg upped calories and the deca to 550 and...
  20. MrPillowPantz

    Honest Cycle Advice

    Im a 34 y/o male. 6 ft tall. currently 249lbs. 21% Body fat. I started at 315lbs @ 36% BF. I found some motivation back in Dec of '22 and built a home gym and started going to town on working out. After experimenting with some SARMs, my buddy quickly got me on Test. That lead into my first cycle...
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