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  1. S

    dealing with tren sweats

    I’ve been on trenbolone acetate for 4 weeks. First couple weeks didn’t have many side effects but now they’re coming on strong. My main complaint is the sweating and especially the night sweats even when it’s cold that I’m experiencing and how horrible I smell. What are some options to helping...
  2. B

    geneza pharma tren and oxandrolone

    just finished up a tren ace and oxandrolone (anavar) cycle using geneza pharma. Did 100mgs tren ace every 3 days, and I added in 25-50mgs a day of the GP anavar. Added loads of strength and size on this cycle, now benching 380 pounds which is a new record. Definitely give the cycle High marks...
  3. M

    changing up my tren dose

    what is your opinion on changing your tren dose on cycle? Let’s say I am on cycle and doing 250mgs a week of tren and the sides get too much, could I drop it down to 200 or 150? and on the flipside if my sides aren’t bad can I raise the dose gradually to 300 and 400mgs to get more gains? 25...
  4. A


    Hi guys, I would like your opinion on my plan for the next cycle. My goal is to bulk but possibly rather lean(er). I have done several test E + Tren E cycles (500mg Test E + 400mg Tren E weekly for 12 weeks the last one) and I tolerate Tren E quite well without significant side effects (my...
  5. C

    how would you do alternate day fasting with steroids?

    I’m interested in trying alternate day fasting with steroids I’ve done some fasting 24 hours and 48 Hours never more than that been using steroids for about 8 years off and on. I think I am ready to try fasting more with steroids how would you do tren and anavar with fasting? I’m 26 yrs old, 12%...
  6. R

    DHB, masteron and tren

    I’m gonna be doing a 3 stack recomp cycle the 3 steroids I want to run are DHB, Masteron and Tren has anyone tried stacking these 3 and what would your dosing be on each? I’ve done tren before at 300mgs and the sides were pretty bad a few weeks into cycle. I don’t mind sides if the results are...
  7. B

    use napsgear tren for sure

    so excited on this tren cycle using napsgear trenbolone acetate. Also got their tbol and some equipoise too using 20mgs tbol per day, 250mgs tren and 500mgs EQ both per week my gains are getting better and better. Put on about eight pounds already and I’m four weeks into this cycle also my...
  8. N

    a new masteron and tren cycle

    especially seeking Monstro and bodymonsters help cause they both are tren pros I’m hoping to get in on the fun of using these steroids tren and masteron questions: 1. should I use short esters or long esters? 2. is 500mgs a week of each good enough? 3. do I need to use test with it? I’m 23 years...
  9. B

    competition cycle plan

    hoping to compete in the spring, 5’6’’ 167 pounds and lean. 27 years old looking to get your blessings on this competition cycle below: Tren 100mgs EOD 6 weeks dropping to 25mgs EOD 4 weeks Test Prop 50mgs EOD 8 weeks dropping to 0 last 2 weeks Winstrol 100mgs ED 5 weeks increasing to 125mgs ED...
  10. major.ast

    Approved Log My strength and mass-building cycle log

    Hi all, Starting this log after your advice a few days ago, so most of what I am adding here was part of the original post. TLDR: I m going up a weight class (from 89 to 105kg). I normally stand at 92-93kg without having to overthink it, on a maintenance diet of 3000 cal and 180-200g protein...
  11. T

    trenbolone first time cycle

    hello guys and gals. Everyone always asks for stats so here it goes. 33. Five Cycles under my belt 220 pounds and 6 foot tall first time using tren I’ve used several steroids before but never tren! My goals are to take my physique to another level maybe add 10 pounds and lose some body fat what...
  12. M

    tren and deca tips and ancillaries

    looking for help with picking the right on cycle ancillaries for a tren and deca run I’m 40 years old, I’ve run deca and tren before, just never together 6’2’’ 214 pounds and 12% body fat looking to do around 300mgs of each per week what ancillaries will I need on cycle for something like this...
  13. M

    Simply Tren :)

    I’m in my mid 20’s and have used 3 steroid cycles. Itching to use tren Have some questions about using tren and wanted to hear some feedback 1. is it worth it? 2. did you try it again or quit after 1 cycle? 3. which tren ester do you like? 4. what is the worst side of tren?
  14. K

    primo back in favor?

    Seen some logs and post with a lot of guys using Primo seems like we went through a stretch or nobody was using it and guys would rather go with tren now its all primo, primo, primo you think it has to do with quality control issues where now you can find legitimate Primo or do you think that...
  15. V

    my plateau got destroyed now what?

    So I just pushed through a plateau of doing 300 pounds on the bench press. I’m currently 180 lbs and 5 ft 9 in and 27 years old I would like to set my sights on 350 pounds next for that I would like to run a steroid cycle it’s been a couple years since I ran them though would you recommend I go...
  16. B

    do you just stay on after using tren?

    So I read that 19nor steroids stay in your system for many months even after you stop. If this is the case Then shouldn’t you just stay on and cruise on testosterone otherwise you could be shut down for six months or longer? I’ve even read stuff like Deca can be in your system for 18 months I...
  17. N

    Cycle optimization low dose test/tren/superdrol

    16 week cycle Test E 500/mg weekly 1 -16 Tren E 200/mg weekly 1 - 16 Superdrol 10/mg ED weeks 1 - 3 LIV-52 275mg ED Milk Thistle 250mg ED Arimidex 1mg 1x weekly Pramipex 1mg 1x weekly PCT Clomid 50/50/50/50 Tamoxifen 20/20/20/20 HCG 500IU/500IU/500IU/500IU Proviron 25/25/25/25 Tadalafil...
  18. H

    Anadrol and tren stack

    I’m hoping to stack some anadrol and trenbolone together know that they are a harsh stack but ready for it want to do 50mgs a day anadrol, what is a good safe dose of tren with it? I’m 37 years old 6’1’’ and 190 pounds looking for some nice gains, want to push over 200+ pounds but stay lean
  19. N

    how to stack tri-tren with masteron?

    I’m looking to do a recomp stack for 8-10 weeks open to seeing how things go and playing it by ear on how long gonna do 250mgs of tri -tren per week total how much masteron would you do here to harden things up ? Should I do mast prop or E? I’m 36 and 210 pounds with 12% body fat
  20. X

    first time on tren, sweating like a mule

    I’m on 50 mg every other day of tren from the first injection it was amazing and I started sweating especially later on in the day out of nowhere it’s like I would get hot flashes if that makes sense I’m sure there are strategies to help limit the sweating because I wear a suit at work and it’s...
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