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  1. C

    a new hope with trenbolone

    been a wild journey for me. In my 20’s I was very active and used steroids to achieve a very strong physique that people said I should turn into a bodybuilding look. One day got into a motorcycle accident in front of a church, hit and run driver from the church who they eventually ID’d after...
  2. T

    my 16 week steroid cycle :)

    25 years old been using steroids for about three years I’m 218 pounds and six foot two I’m interested in competing within the next two years so this is something I take seriously and I train every day here is what I plan on doing for 16 weeks. Open to constructive criticism or opinions on what I...
  3. A

    trenbolone setup ahead of summer

    looking to do a tren cycle during summer currently around 190 pounds, but last time I did tren I hit 200 area at 5’7’’ excited to try my next tren cycle and need your advice. Last time I did 250mgs for 10 weeks. This time I would like to bump it to 350mgs maybe, should I shorten the cycle to 8...
  4. T

    my new friend is trenbolone!

    Don’t care what anyone says. Tren is the best steroid on earth. Went from 170 pounds to 200 pounds in 15 weeks on Tren Ace 500mgs a week. Also did dbol and test with it. My strength went up 50 pounds as well on the bench press and I’m curling 100 pound dumbbells like its nothing. I’m 24 years...
  5. K

    anxiety going up on trenbolone

    47 years old, 5’9’’ 198 pounds 5 weeks into my current cycle, I’m doing 400mgs a week of tren and the gains are outstanding and so damn good. Don’t want to stop using it at all But the anxiety that I’m experiencing is going way up. Curious if you think I should use something else and drop the...
  6. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #43 - HGH and Trenbolone Bulking Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #43 - HGH and Trenbolone Bulking Para Pharma
  7. V

    trenbolone 500mgs a week with ?

    Looking to compete at some point this year. Probably do a summer show. Someone said based on my physique that I would be laughed off stage, so I am motivated to prove them wrong my currently stats are 27 years old. 5’9’’ 178 pounds and 12% body fat I’m gonna use tren 500mgs a week with another...
  8. JimAbs43 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone
  9. Z

    Trenbolone for the first time

    I had some questions about how trenbolone I’m 26 5’7’’ 200 pounds 13% bf was advised that I should run the shorter Esther because of its shorter half life but at the same time I hate paying and I would much rather run along or Esther so what do you recommend? also do you recommend time off...
  10. N

    Bringing up my legs with steroids

    I'm 6'4 and I have skinny legs at 28 years old. I understand I will never have as big a leg as some of the shorter dudes out there who have big stocky upper legs but I would like to build them up a little bit with the help of anabolic steroids My plan is NPP 300mgs a week Testosterone 300mgs a...
  11. R

    Supps to use with tren

    Haven't decided which trenbolone i’m gonna use It will either be hex, ace or E What do you recommend though i use with it for helping with side effects Heard that some guys had really nasty blood pressure and it got so bad that their nose started to bleed on cycle and they were getting really...
  12. B

    Masteron works well with tren or eq?

    Haven’t been this low body fat since high school Would guess i am closer to 11% now and 180 pounds. 30 years old. Have been cutting down, doing a lot of fasting and time restricted eating and it has helped Would like to really pop those abs. They do not show even at low body fat, not sure why...
  13. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone
  14. J

    Best Trenbolone options

    I’m looking at using trenbolone enanthate, tren ace, or tren hex This is the first time using tren and i’m not sure which one to go with In your experience doesn't make any sort of difference in terms of tren dick, high prolactin or E2 issues? or is it just the same stuff? if so can you...
  15. J

    Used an old bottle of DMAA with trenbolone

    26 years old, 5’11’’ and 208 pounds I had some old DMAA a friend hooked me up with. Heard this stuff was legendary and all of you guys were using it back in the day when it was legal. I take 20mgs of it. I'm already on trenbolone enanthate and 3 weeks deep into it. I took it 30 minutes before...
  16. T

    Mega superman cycle

    I'm tired of being average and I'm looking to feel and look like a new person. I want to be like Superman and be super strong this will be my second cycle and I like to take things to the next level with it I'm 25 years old and my first cycle I ran a basic testosterone cycle. this time I...
  17. U

    Squat and deadlifts up 100lbs on steroids!

    Let me tell you my story with anadrol and trenbolone together Everyone said that this was a great stack but seeing is believing. I have put on a lot of strength over 100 lb on my big lifts. I currently weigh 228 lb and I'm up about 15 to 16 lb in body weight as well. I'm 35 years old and this is...
  18. Q

    Napsgear heavy duty steroids

    Wow napsgear has some heavy duty steroids for sure I have Been in situations where I have used some lousy here and I have realized the difference between quality and inferior Naspgear for sure is superior Try their trenbolone for sure. it will definitely knock your socks off and have you...
  19. Z

    Trenbolone vs. masteron

    On paper both tren and mast seem like they are very similar steroids Both are supposed to be good for cutting down in both are supposed to be good for bodybuilding and a lot of Pros use them I don't understand why people say stacking them is a good idea when they're so similar? I'm currently...
  20. N

    8 week flash cycle

    I’m looking to do a quick 8 week cycle My steroids i want to use are testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate and masteron propionate 50mgs 3x per week on the test, 50mgs 7x per week on the tren, and 100mgs daily on the masteron I’m 6’ tall and 82kgs I want to keep the sides and suppression...
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