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  1. SFDom415

    Approved Log My Get Juiced, Jacked and Crazy Sexy for Summer Log

    Not sure what I’m gonna do yet but it’s gonna be good. Goals👇
  2. H

    geneza pharma trenbolone and winstrol wow!

    Never thought I would see the day where I had abs showing. But its happening this trenbolone and winstrol I am using is fantastic! I’m gaining a lot of weight and also cutting up at the same time. Using 300mgs of the tren and 50mgs a day of the winstrol. Would rate this cycle an A++ all the way !
  3. V

    masteron vs. winstrol for contest

    I’m heading into a contest this summer and I’m currently about 16 weeks out. Interested in adding either masteron or winstrol to my current contest prep, but I want to add them the last 4 weeks going into it also using tren, some test, anavar, and some clen. Which should I run between masteron...
  4. T

    building mass on geneza pharma yes!

    Definitely pleased with my mass building cycle that I’ve been on using geneza pharma. This is the first time I have used GP gear and I’m loving every minute of it. Doing test E, test cyp, deca, and winstrol. Bulking up nicely on this stack and I’m only doing 200 milligrams each of the...
  5. D

    44 years old and fat loss steroids

    I’ve got no clue how to lose more fat on steroids. Seems like when I’ve used them in the past I have always bulked up. Never tried things like primobolan or winstrol. Would those 2 be the best cutters I could try? How much and how long should I run them I’m 270 pounds and around 18 or 19% body...
  6. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 33 - Primobolan and Winstrol to shred with GP Geneza Underground 33 - Primobolan and Winstrol to shred with GP Geneza
  7. F

    getting leaner with steroids help

    so the last time I used steroids I was able to cut down around three or four pounds which really made a nice difference to my physique. I was using some primo and some testosterone. This time I would like to be more aggressive and use something to really shred me up. The 3 steroids I was most...
  8. B

    Are cracking joints a red flag

    I’ve been experiencing some cracking joints when I am weight training the problem started when I started to increase my volume and also after I use Winstrol for the first time I’m hoping you can give me some recommendations for supplements that can help with this and what it could mean for my...
  9. B

    help with using winstrol

    let me tell you about me and you can tell me if you think Winstrol be a good idea my stats are six foot two inches and I’m 190 pounds I have long lanky Limbs and I’ve had joint issues over the past five years. I’m currently 45 years old and I’m training five times a week in the gym. My idea...
  10. JimAbs43

    Podcast 591 - [2024] Winstrol (Stanozolol) Revisited 591 - [2024] Winstrol (Stanozolol) Revisited
  11. N

    cutting stack with masteron and winstrol added.

    Looking to get in a good cutting stack with winstrol and masteron added to it. So far plan on using test cyp and primo. The cyp will be around 250mgs a week and the primo I’m going for 500mgs a week. What are your thoughts on how much winny and mast to add? 6’1’’ 14% body fat and 200 pounds.
  12. B

    Recomping ahead of a contest!

    I’m looking to do a recomp ahead of my next contest. Currently about nine percent body fat and I’m 180 pounds and five foot ten inches. Looking to cut down to 6%. my plan is: test prop: 50mgs/day then dropping to 100mgs/week tren ace: 100mgs 3x per week mast prop: 100mgs/day winstrol: 50mgs a...
  13. Y

    stacking the best fat loss steroid stack!

    I’m looking to put together the king of all fat loss stacks with steroids included. The ones I want to run: tren ace Tri-tren clen winstrol masteron and possible tbol or anavar. I’m 180 pounds and 5’6’’ . 12% body fat. Want to get under 10%. how would you stack these ?
  14. M

    Anavar, winstrol with testosterone

    looking to keep things pretty simple on this next cycle. Let me know what you think about it My plan is anavar, winstrol with testosterone. My dosing is gonna be 250mgs test, 25mgs anavar and maybe 50mgs of winstrol together. I’m around 200 pounds and I am six foot three and I would like to put...
  15. G

    napsgear winstrol with test and masteron

    it was time for me to try a bigger stack. So I went to napsgear site and ordered winstrol, testosterone prop and masteron prop I got the Winstrol in tablet form and I’ve been stacking both the testosterone and the mast in the same syringe and pinning them. Things have been going good so far...
  16. R

    short cycles 4 or 5 weeks

    what are ways to run a steroid stack that will be only 4 or 5 weeks and get good results I’m hoping to do test prop, winstrol and masteron prop.. keep them short esters do you think I can achieve some fat loss and strength in just 4 or 5 weeks or is that just a pipe dream? I’m currently 145...
  17. B

    competition cycle plan

    hoping to compete in the spring, 5’6’’ 167 pounds and lean. 27 years old looking to get your blessings on this competition cycle below: Tren 100mgs EOD 6 weeks dropping to 25mgs EOD 4 weeks Test Prop 50mgs EOD 8 weeks dropping to 0 last 2 weeks Winstrol 100mgs ED 5 weeks increasing to 125mgs ED...
  18. P

    how to lower appetite with steroids

    which are the best steroids for lowering appetite? I previously used tren and saw a huge drop in appetite while on it. I doubled down and used winstrol and superdrol with it and felt nauseous if I ate anything. This seems like a good idea but it wasn’t. My sides got worse and worse wanted to try...
  19. B

    winstrol and testosterone a waste of a stack?

    Someone told me it was dumb to stack both testosterone and winstrol together they said they were pretty much counterproductive together curious if you agree with that or not I would think they work well together since they’re the Opposites and isn’t that the point of stacking? Give me your opinion
  20. D

    8 week flash cycle

    looking to do a quick 8 week cycle I’ve got a vacation coming up in January and I want to look good for it 33 years old and 230 pound dad bod help me look good please looking at using winstrol, anavar and/or masteron what do you suggest?
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