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    best way to use yk11 for size

    I’m looking for some straight size improvements. Currently 180 pounds and 6’1’’. I think I am a bit undersized and can fill out my muscles more. Yk11 I heard is good for that cause it prevents muscle wasting. I am training 5x per week. And I am going heavy when I train. What dose of yk11 would...
  2. L

    how to run YK11 and RAD

    I’m looking to use YK11 and RAD together yk11 10mgs a day, RAD 10mgs a day for 12 weeks each but I want to run 1 of them for 12 weeks then the other for an additional 12 weeks wondering if that would be 1 long cycle vs. just a short cycle for good gains? My stats are 22, 89kg and 18% body fat.
  3. X

    using nutrobal and yk11 ?

    I’m looking to bulk I will be staying at a resort for the next month and it will be a buffet style situation where I get breakfast, lunch and dinner I’m looking to focus on eating a lot of good quality foods that they have there and train everyday its gonna be a well earned vacation for me how...
  4. M

    going with a YK11 stack first time

    never used yk11 seems like it became really popular when it first came out and now nobody really wants to buy it figured I would try it out to see how good it would be for bulking I’m 158 pounds and 5 foot 10 inches what do you recommend I use with yk11 for big muscle gains?
  5. V

    Sarms for cutting/bulking at the same time?

    I have a theory and I was wondering what you guys thought about it How about if i wanted to bulk and cut at the same time by using 2 different sarms Example: For cutting you can use GW i get that part And for bulking you should use yk11 right? So how about something new where you stack...
  6. V

    Which sarms stacks are cheapest?

    27 years old, 5’9’’ 155 pounds. Looking to bulk but do it the smart way If i can put on 5-10 pounds i will be happy. Do NOT want water weight or FAT! Also need to keep this thing in a budget So give me the best stack for the best price of the below Rad140 25mgs a day Lgd4033 20mgs a day Or Yk11...
  7. L

    How to stack yk11 with s23 for max size

    I refuse to use steroids because i do not want to be a cheater But sarms is fair game The 2 strongest sarms i was reading are yk11 and s23 Would like to stack them together what the hell you only live once My plan is yk11 40mgs a day split dose And then s23 50mgs a day doing 5x a day every 2...
  8. U

    Umbrella sarms yk11 and what else?

    Currently doing umbrella sarms yk11 and loving it Good lean muscle mass gains. Clean results. I’m 5 weeks into it. Went from 203 pounds to 206. Also leaned up a bit too oddly enough What should i add to this stack? I’m thinking of adding in gw cardarine but i don’t want to lean up too much My...
  9. Y

    Sr9009 along with yk11

    I’m looking to try something different with sarms I’ve used them for several years but nothing too crazy This time want to use sr and YK together I’m 6’ 80kg and 23 years old Would i get good gains on this stack or no? I want more energy too
  10. C

    Faster results with sarms

    How can i get faster results from sarms? I don’t have the patience to wait weeks to gain 1 or 2 pounds I’m 160 pounds and 6’ tall. 23 years old and training for 5 months I’m thinking of slamming a bunch of s23, yk11, and rad140 for like 50mgs a day each. Would this work?
  11. M

    sarms stack with yk11

    24, lift 2x per week, soccer 3x per week training 6’ 155 here is my sarms stack, let me know what you thinking rad140 10mgs a day yk11 5mgs a day sr9009 25mgs a day pct: hcg 1000iu’s 2x per week and clomid 100mgs per day 5 weeks
  12. M

    Getting greedy from sarms?

    I’m 12 weeks into cycle I’m 50 years old Started out 177 pounds, now up to 188 Been using yk11 and s23, 15mgs each per day Should i stop the cycle or keep it going another 4 weeks?
  13. W

    Sarms shredder stack

    I’m 33 years old Ran sarms twice before 6’2’’ tall and lean 15% body fat I want to shred hard on sarms Going to be aggressive this time I’ve got 3 sarms in mind rad 140, s23, and yk11 How would you stack them?
  14. L

    growing more muscle sarms

    interested in sarms to grow more muscle I am currently pretty skinny. 148 pounds and 6 foot tall, 25 years old I am training twice a week now but will increase to 4X YK11 is supposed to be good for growth right? How much do you run and for how long?
  15. M

    Not getting results on sarms :(

    I’ve been on sarms for 3 weeks. I’m doing 30mgs a day of GW cardarine I’ve also doing 5mgs LGD4033 and 2.5mgs YK11 My weight only went from 210 pounds to 214 so far. I’m 6’2’’ and 15% body fat I’m also not seeing much in the way of how i look Should I increase my dose or just be patient
  16. JimAbs43 Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140. Episode 452 Dylan Gemelli interview all about YK11 and RAD140.
  17. J

    What if i shut myself down on sarms?

    Here is my question about sarms use I want to try YK11 and rad140.. Heard these are the strongest sarms They can shut you down according to the research I've done and what people have told me my question is if this happens what am I supposed to do to reverse this should I just stop using them...
  18. D

    Yk11 good for estrogen?

    I read that yK11 was really good for estrogen, has anyone ever heard of this or is it just a rumor? I also read that it's very good as a myostatin inhibitor. however I haven't seen any logs were people have actually grown to over five hundred pounds on it so what is the truth behind this sarm...
  19. L

    Gym rat and sarms use

    I have been working out for the past 5 years in the gym and have never used anything aside from protein powder and other supplements that are legal I feel like I am ready to take things to another level and thinking about using sarms what do you guys think about using g w cardarine with yk11...
  20. L

    Running a 3 stack sarm stack

    I have some ideas for sarms i wanted to run by you My goals are recomp YK11 RAD140 GW cardarine Or GW cardarine LGD4033 SR9009 which of those Cycles would you do if you had a choice.? I'm currently in 28 years old, 100 kilograms and probably around 20% body fat or more
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