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Anavar and Winstrol by Geneza Pharma


In this episode of Evolutionary Underground episode #16, Mobster and Steve discuss the steroids Anavar and Winstrol, and how best to stack them together for amazing results!

Why Geneza Pharma?

Steve starts the show talking about how often steroids are faked, especially a steroid like Anavar which is very expensive to produce. This is why he trusts Geneza Pharma for himself and recommends Geneza Pharma to his top-tier clients.

Mobster chimes in and says reputation is extremely important when it comes to steroid brands and websites. He says that Geneza has a long history of impressing people who have tried other brands and who now know what it is like to use real steroids.

Whether you are new to steroids or you have run them before, this is a great podcast to learn from.

Why Anavar?

Steve starts the show by talking about how Anavar is structured and how it helps with belly fat because of its effects on metabolism and metabolic rate. He also says it does not aromatize into estrogen so you can expect good clean muscle gains, fat loss, and strength improvements, all at the same time. This is why Anavar is considered one of the most popular oral steroids according to recent steroid polls.

Pretty much the only drawback to using Anavar is that it is faked so often. This is why the guys recommend trying Geneza Pharma Anavar since it is top quality.

Another cool thing with Anavar is you can use it in many different ways. You can use it solo for example, and get some really good results that way, or you can use it in a stack to maximize some of its benefits. Stay tuned later on in the podcast as the guys go over how to use it with Anavar and Winstrol.

Why Winstrol?

Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson popularized Winstrol because he was supposedly busted for using it during his races. Since then, people have been under the impression that Winstrol is a sprinter-only steroid and nothing could be further from the truth.

Steve explains that it is a DHT derivative, and it is structured that way to give the user zero water retention. It also does a really good job at drying the body to give a person a 'dry look'. The side effects are also very pronounced based on how they have created it, where it can give the user more androgenic side effects you wouldn't expect from a steroid like this.

The downside to Winstrol is that it can do a number on your head hair, prostate, and organ health. The liver especially can take a beating if this steroid is abused.

However, there is no doubt that nothing works as well ahead of the competition, photo shoot, or beach season as using Winstrol. One of the reasons it works so well for this is that it is in your system much faster than injectable Masteron which will take longer to reach peak levels.

The guys finish off the segment by talking about "Winny pumps" which are legendary and something every person out there should experience who is a steroid user.

Anavar and Winstrol stacked

Steve starts the segment by saying that stacking Anavar and Winstrol isn't a good cycle for people who are looking to put on 15 or 20 pounds. However, if you are a person who wants to cut and look shredded, this is the stack you want to pay close attention to.

Geneza Pharma has both Winstrol and Anavar tablets that come in packets. The maximum dosage of both is typically 50mgs a day even if you run them solo. Steve says that when stacked, he would prefer a person start with half that dose. The packets come in 10mgs and 50mgs, so if you need to, you can always use a pill cutter and cut them down.

Steve also brings up a very important advantage to using an oral stack like this and that is flexibility. Since they are in and out of your system much faster than long estered injectables, you can adjust the dosages and reap those differences even in the middle of your cycle.

The guys agree a good stack would be simply:
Anavar 20-30mgs a day
Winstrol 20-30mgs a day

Because they are liver toxic you don't want to exceed about 8 weeks on this stack. You can even try it at a certain dose for the first 3-4 weeks and then you can decide to alter things either higher or lower based on how the cycle is going.

Females should use 5-10mgs of Anavar and just 2.5-5mgs of Winstrol when stacking.

Side effects to watch for

The guys remind everyone that both Anavar and Winstrol are 17AA, meaning they are liver toxic, so it's important to run liver support while on them. Another issue to watch out for is joint issues, since both are dry compounds and will dry out your joints. So Steve recommends getting a good joint support product that includes MSM and glucosamine.

Hairloss can also be an issue on this cycle. So it's important to ook into using some hair help shampoos and avoid abusing steroids too much.

Diet and training tips

Here is where Steve and Mobster give you some good tips on how to maximize your training and diet.

Steve starts out talking about a cookie-cutter training tip that can work well on this stack, which is doing low weight and high reps. The logic here is you shouldn't train your soft tissues and joints, you should be training your muscles, so you should leave the ego at home and take advantage of the benefits of this stack. By training high reps, you can get incredible pumps and feel amazing with crazy good vascularity.

Mobster talks about how important contraction is when you train. He says that a powerlifter is only worried about moving heavy weights and that a bodybuilder is worried about shaping and toning the muscle. To get the absolute best results on this particular stack, it is important to focus on squeezing your muscles.


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