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Evolutionary.org Fact-checking Standards

The Evolutionary.org team is highly committed to give our readers content that has the highest editorial standards in our industry. All our articles are checked for accuracy, sources, and go through a full analysis by our Medical Review board. All articles and content follows a strict policy set by editorial standards. In addition, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism or negative content writing or fake news.

Our network adheres to the following standards:
1) Studies and research must be from peer reviewed associations.
2) Quotes, studies and statistical data must be fully verified.
3) All articles related to drugs, medicines, steroids, supplements, sarms must describe medical and real world information and uses.
4) All conflicts of interests with writers must be disclosed.
4) All articles must discuss the topic and background history of the topic at hand.

Our medical review board and editor board can be found here...


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