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Apple Pectin

We have all heard the rhyme "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." This has a literal meaning, as it was discovered in Wales in the mid-1800's that eating an apple every day reduced the chances you would get sick. Since then scientists have figured out that it is the pectin in apples, and other fruits, that is beneficial to the health. This is why you see apple pectin being sold as supplements.

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How it Works

Pectin is a complex carbohydrate soluble fiber that is found in plant cells. Hence, certain legumes and fruits like apple, citrus, and apricots are very good natural sources of this fiber. It is a very important element, since pectin will bind substances in the intestine, and add bulk to our bowels. This is precisely the reason why fiber is so important to stay regular, and avoid constipation. Another way apple pectin works is that it will speed up excretion, which helps rid the body of cancer-causing substances. In addition to that, it will also help reduce bad cholesterol.

Research and medical uses

There has been some interesting research done on apple pectin, which shows that it is capable of binding to cancer causing compounds. For instance, Integrative Cancer Therapies had a June 2010 study where pectin helped inhibit cell growth and increase cell death in prostate cancer cells.

In conclusion, pectin seems to exert anti-tumor activity on different cell lines and in different mice models, and this probably through different effects. These mechanisms depend on the structure of pectin or on the modified form of pectin that is likely to yield to various active fragments.

Furthermore, there are also studies proving that it can help normalize blood sugar, which is a big help to diabetics.

Use for bodybuilders

When bodybuilders use anabolic steroids their good cholesterol will drop, and their bad cholesterol will rise. This is especially true with the more androgenic compounds like trenbolone, testosterone, anadrol, and other harsh compounds. This is where apple pectin will be beneficial for a bodybuilder, since its daily use will help normalize cholesterol levels.

Athletes also tend to eat a lot of protein, and those who bulk tend to over eat, so digestion can be a challenge. Since apple pectin provides so much healthy fiber, it will help the athlete feel normal. Besides, it is highly recommended a bowel movement be done before any sort of athletic event. Otherwise, if you are constipated it will make it very difficult to feel normal during a tough workout.

Overall, when apple pectin is stacked with other support supplements it will make a tremendous difference for all types of athletes.

Side effects

If you overdose on apple pectin, especially when you combine it with other fibers, it can cause loose stools. Other than that, it is perfectly safe and has no issues.


In those who have high cholesterol, apple pectin is used at a high dosage of up to 10 grams per day. However, athletes who eat fruit and legumes regularly, and are taking their necessary support supplements, can easily get away with 250-500 milligrams (mg) per day.

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Where to find

N2guard contains 250mg's of Apple Pectin per serving, plus dozens of additional ingredients, to make it the most potent support supplement on the market.  Though, you can also buy raw apple pectin as a supplement.


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