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Bulking Steroid Cycles – Geneza pharma, Dragon Pharma – Underground #5


Bulking is one of the most sought-after goals among gym rats and bodybuilders. Anabolic steroids are a great way to boost your muscle mass and they work incredibly well. In the Evolutionary.org underground podcast #5, Ricky V and Stevesmi take the time to go over their favorite bulking steroid cycles, and also give simple tips to make it easier for anyone to get great results.

Steroid cycle #1


Ricky V Rock likes using 3 steroids together for bulking, they are Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Boldenone. The reason he likes it so much is that it won't cause too many estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia or bloating. Rick doesn't believe in going under the knife and removing the breast glands, rather he believes in keeping his chest tight and keeping his body fat low with the help of yohimflame.

The way he likes to run this cycle is by taking Geneza Pharma GPTest250 which is a 10ML vial and 250mg/ml. Depending on how your body functions he recommends running as low as 500mgs up to 1G. He will go as high as 4CC's which is 1000mgs a week as a max dosage, but generally he likes going with the 2CC option.

On top of that, he likes to use Geneza Pharma GPBold300, which is Equipoise/boldenone. It is 300mg/ml. 1CC of this added to 2CC's brings you up to 800mgs total per week.

Finally, to shock the body he adds Geneza Pharma GPTrenA100. This is Trenbolone acetate, a short ester, and he likes to shoot it a couple of times per week.

Rick once again reiterates that this cycle is great if you are worried about estrogen side effects, and he finishes up his thoughts that you can kickstart things with an oral and his favorite here is Geneza Pharma Turinabol Tbol.

Steroid Cycle #2


The next cycle is brought up by Steve and he mentions he has run this one a couple of times with great results. For this one, he likes to start with Alpha Pharma Induject250 which is Sustanon and comes in 250mg per amp.

Sustanon 250 is the trade name for an injectable steroid designed to be a sustained-release testosterone shot. As the name indicates, the product has 250mg of testosterone per 1milliliter. By combining four different testosterone esters in the mix, the designers of Sustanon 250 were trying to eliminate the peak and trough in blood serum levels that using only a single ester would create. This created one of the best testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) steroids on the market. Read more...

This testosterone is a mix of 4 esters (30mgs Propionate, 60mgs phenylpropionate, 60mg Isocaproate, and 100mgs decanoate) and the cool thing is you only have to inject it once a week since one ester picks up after one another. He likes this Induject version of Sustanon cause it comes in amps, and also he mentions it is great for bulking since you don't inject it often.

He then mentions Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin, which is a brand of Deca Durabolin nandrolone. These amps come in 250mg so you can run 2 amps per week and it has a lower amount of pain with injecting so he recommends mixing it with the Sustanon to cut down on PIP.

Finally, he likes to add in Dianabol from Alpha-Pharma at 30mgs a day. He says you will be eating so much on this cycle that it will be annoying, and it seems like you will never feel full when you eat on this cycle. This cycle works well for people who have a hard time eating a lot of muscle-building foods.

Steroid Cycle #3

The third cycle stays in the theme of doing bulking cycles that won't create a lot of estrogenic issues. Rick talks about Trenbolone this time but a longer ester. He likes geneza pharma GP300 Tren Enanthate, but also adding in a small amount of Deca Durabolin and Testosterone, but not too much.

Nandrolone is one of the best known steroids in the history of bodybuilding. Originally synthesized in 1950s, athletes quickly found there was a good use for this powerful steroid. As far back as the mid 1960’s nandrolone has been used as a great addition to a dianabol and/or testosterone cycle. Since nandrolone works for any athlete looking to increase the amount of steroids he is using, without increasing the side effects, it has been a favorite of many old school bodybuilders. In simple terms, deca allows you to use more steroids, without having more side effects. Read more...

The oral he wants to add here is Geneza Pharma Superdrol because it does not aromatize into estrogen. But he warns don't overdo it on this steroid, 10mgs alone is plenty and 20mgs is the maximum dosage.

He says you need to up your calories on this cycle and you can switch out the Trenbolone for Equipoise EQ if you so choose.

Steroid Cycle #4

dragon pharma

The 4th cycle Steve likes is Pharma NPP150, which is nandrolone phenylpropionate along with Dragon Pharma TriTren150, which is Tren E, Tren Ace, and Tren Hex. He says to run it 3X per week injections and mix them in the same syringe. Dragon Pharma Proviron is a must to run on this cycle to help offset any libido side effects.

Now notice Steve doesn't mention using Testosterone on this cycle, and the reason is if you exclude it then you don't have to worry about gynecomastia or other estrogen issues since the cycle has little aromatization risk since the NPP is 5X less estrogenic than Testosterone.

However, he warns that tren does come with androgenic side effects. He likes to run 2ML's per steroid, which comes out to 300mgs of each per week along with 25-50mgs of Proviron per day. He says if you cannot make gains on this then nothing will help you, as he believes it is one of the best cycles you can use and you can gain upwards of 15-20 pounds on a cycle like this.



Steve finishes up his thoughts saying you need to put in the hours in the gym on these stacks but don't overtrain and injure yourself by being stupid. He also says your diet needs to contain muscle-building foods, not fast food or crap food. Steve says he doesn't teach people to dirty bulk with pizza or beer and wants people to bulk correctly with good quality eggs, meat products, fruits, lots of vegetables, good fats like unrefined coconut oil, and complex carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Rick ends the show by reminding people about setting weight goals and imagining what they want to look like at the end of their cycles. He also mentions proper nutrition, training, and mindset to succeed with your steroid cycles. One of his tips is to aim for 2grams of protein per body weight per day and you should eat for your desired weight and not your current weight.



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