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  • hey i havent' gotten any PM's from you in a while exept the one you sent me about 15 minutes ago.. i PM'd you my email address. i don't know why your PM's are getting to me. i haven't gotten anything else from you in a while
    Hi I see you post a lot of stuff about anavar, I'm new here and I'm so confused. I just purchased anavar but it came in pink capsules so I'm worried it's fake, I read alot about sarms but where do I buy them? If you can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks
    Hi, I saw you mention information about a test cyp var cycle back in 2016, and was wondering about a reliable source for the var. You can PM me at [email protected] or on this site. I have both the cyp and the PCT (from the perfect pct on this site) ready to go.
    Stats: 39 years old, 5'4" 150. No medicine. Tried cytomel (T3) gained 15 lbs, was able to get 8 off with a VLCD and have kept it off. Reverse reaction to the cytomel? Yes, I take caffeine in coffee, sometimes tea and a pre-workout.

    2010 - 21% BF at 120-127lbs (TSH REF. RANGE OF NORMAL BLOODS: ".35 - 3.00." MINE WAS a low: ".56" when I was optimal) Metabolic damage late 2010. Fast 40 pound gain in 3-4 months time. Currently: TSH high at 4.0. Low T4, avg. T3. High estrogen, low test and progesterone.

    Cardarine and Osto looks hopeful. I'm a gym rat when my stamina and pain is low. If my system is f'd and it won't respond, like to know ahead of time. 12 week goal: Drop 5-10% BF hard work, clean diet and strong training program...but a normal functioning endocrine system is necessary. I want to hold muscle (see what is there. lol). Not interested in gaining size right now.
    [email protected] Thanks!
    I am 43 yo female. I started lifting 8/15. So far I have lost 46 pounds & 30 plus inches. I have increased weights yada yada yada but I'm ready for that extra to get leaner & more defined without the masculine effects. I noticed several posts you've made but would like some clarification on how to take Sarms & how to cycle exactly. I will purchase from the recommended site. Thanks so much for your help. Mostly guys at the gym in my rural area & the one "trainer" is pretty useless other that recommending *****************. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly! [email protected]
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