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  • Was wondering if ur gw from umbrella labs is supposed to be white? I have the poly cell formula
    OK appreciate it man. I wish I would have known that though, I have never used hCG before. So do you think I should just start the hCG now and do it for two weeks until I start the Clomid or should I continue running just like trt dose test for another month and add the hCG too?
    Hey man I got a question. When should I start the hcg to jumpstart my pct? I know some ppl say two weeks after your last shot but you said to start your serms two weeks after the last shot
    Hey, thanks for the help mate. Regarding fake SARMS I thought because they are research chemicals they would be easily produced and thus not faked often. Now I'm concerned because I already purchased. I bought them from affordable nutrition website, and it's called war torn labz.
    I think I’ve figure it out using coinbase and blockchain. Let’s say I buy 300.00 worth of bitcoin. If I only use 250.00 worth can I put the remaining 50 back into my personal checking account
    Hey, I just posted a question on labs before and after LGD 4033. Someone responded you're a sarm guy and run labs often. Do you have any before/after results for this sarm? I find conflicting info on the level of suppression. I've used ostarine multiple cycles but I'm thinking of trying something new. Thanks for any info.
    Hey man, I'm looking to lose about 20-30 lbs which would get me pretty lean to around 15% which is lean enough for me. I'm not looking to compete just want to get rid of these love handle and fit into normal clothes again. I'm just concerned cause I don't know if ppl on here are just reps being paid to promote a product or what but I'm willing to give it a try. So I just put in a order. How strict of a diet did you have to follow and how many pounds a week should I expect to lose roughly?
    Hey man just reposted the links.

    I have used SARMS1 for the past few years, no shutdown and top notch product.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. That's why I always buy from SARMS1 as a lot of companies fake them now.
    Hey mate can't get the photos on your triple stack sarm thread to work! Would you mind sending them to me? Did you rate sarms1 and have much suppression or shutdown? I recently used supposedly "lgd" from a company called "Auslabs" and completely shut my test down, I'm being told it was probably a pro hormone, assholes. Thanks mate
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