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  • Part 2
    After this I was advised by a bro to "bridge with sarms". So I ran a month of ostarine and cardarine followed by a month of an OTC estrogen blocker/test booster. Walked around with serious ED and lost gains for about 4-5 months, went to the T clinic and got tested and test level came back at 70!! Did more research and ran 3 weeks of nolva and clomid which helped. A month later I started getting better but then began to regress. Tested estrogen and that came back at 160. I bought some Aromasin from AGguys and ran that just a couple weeks and a month later my testosterone was 797 and estrogen at 9.6. I felt good for a while and thought erectile function was returning. For a while I could only really get up on viagra but then I had a great run where I could do it on my own, sometimes for a couple rounds. Now I feel that leaving again a little bit. Thanks in advance for reading this long ass story and I would greatly appreciate whatever knowledge you can drop on me.
    Part 1
    Hey thanks for getting back to me. I think something is up with the system because I see the date you wrote back, yet it just now notified me. So the most recent bloodwork I have is from March. I will be getting it done again in the next couple weeks because I am wanting to do a Superdrol/EQ cycle. Here is the link,
    A little background for you:
    I ran 12 week cycle that went 2 weeks of 300mg test prop only. Then 8 weeks of test prop/ npp at 450mg test prop, and npp at 360mg. (Read somewhere that a 4:5 ratio works great). Then I finished with the last two weeks of 450mg test prop.
    they wont let me PM as I don't have 100 posts :(
    Thanks for reaching out and thanks for all your help on this forum. I saw what happened to you so I laughed at your comment.
    I'm still researching this BPC-157 and really hope its a cure. 2 years of re-occurring golfers elbow, taken time off, change hand positions and even did a vial of Nutrabal - this week couldn't do heavy curls and it pissed me off.
    need to find a solid fix for this re-occurring injury and any help/direction is appreciated.
    Thanks mate, Have some liquid Nolva on the way should be here in a couple of days, should help kickstart it. Already feeling alot better than i was about a week after i stopped taking the "lgd". Thanks again for your help legend. And maybe for next time do you recommend a site for a Sarm and something for ON cycle to help reduce suppression? thanks legend
    Hey mate sorry to bother you, you commented on my thread about lgd pretty much completely shutting down my test. It was ordered from (auslabs) in liquid form so do you think it could have been a pro hormone labelled as lgd because I didn't think lgd was meant to suppress so badly! Thanks
    Hey brother, I just read your post on another users nandrolone problems and you seem pretty knowledgeable. I have gotten some help from some other users but I really would like your second opinion just to confirm. Would you take a look at my recent post that includes my bloodwork? Exactly 1 year ago I was running a test/nandrolone cycle and it is really screwing me badly in the bedroom now. Even though bloods appear normal finally.
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