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  • Some of us (like me) did these big huge cycles and we advised other to do so as well, it just became the norm. Things got kinda weird and many guys where just focusing on the drugs and neglecting their health, and training intensity and diet. It all got turned upside down and backwards. Rewind back now to about 10 years ago, me and a few other guys started trying to convince everyone to lower dosages and be more conservative in their cycles. Some of us that ran the big dog cycles from back in the day we have learned the truth that you just don't need to do these huge big dosages to get great result, much of the higher dosages are a waste where you are not getting all of the gains and you lose a lot more mass after a big cycle than a small one. I suggest you try things the new way and see how you like it. You can always go back to pumping big cycles with a ton of sauce if that is really what you would like to do.
    Hey brother it is great to hear from you man, and yes I understand how you maybe shocked to see just how conservative cycles have become, again... I say "again" because the guys in the 60's, 70's and 80' always used the smaller dosages. The dosages began to climb up I think around the mid 90's when the European sources where able to connect with America buyers in the USA using the forums that you seen a surge in dosages where guys where doing 2 to 3 grams per week of steroids. Some even thought that every cycle should start off with a full gram of Testosterone and then you would toss in some more stuff on top. I think a lot of this advice came from European sources trying to convince guys that they should use more steroids so they can sell them more.
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