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    PM appears unavailable. Canadian customer here with a few questions regarding shipping and discounts. Please message me. Thanks!
    I have a couple questions I'd like to ask if you don't mind. Not necessarily something I need to start a thread on.
    Thanks for the reply. I will go with that.

    Are you still good with looking into it for me and letting me know?

    if so, are you able to send me your number in a pm so it will be easier to communicate or I can give you mine but would prefer it not to be public. If you don't want to, I totally understand.

    Awesome, triple stack it is.

    Can you do this cycle doing the 5x5 workout plan or is that not the best

    Are you able to look into it for me? I wish I could pm you, would be easier.

    This maybe a dumb question but is sarms1 and sarmsx affiliates in any way or is it the same product? Pm is good and we can figure it out.

    Many thanks
    Hey man still no pm allowed

    Thanks so much. So what do you think of the sarms triple stack for me or is Ostarin and GW ok?

    What would the proper dosing be and would the s4 be a good addition? Is there any worry about the eye thing if dosing properly?

    I have also read to run hcgenerate through the cycle, is that a good idea?

    Is Clomid and nolva required for a good pct along with hcgenerate and n2guard?

    Thanks for all your help. I'm glad I'm not going into this blind
    I see we were mentioned in this forum
    We would like to be added to the list of sources available for review
    And in the approved sources listing
    What is needed to do that?
    Can we offer an exclusive discount thru Evo?

    You can find a partial product list here
    We are about to add some new products. The new list will be available the next week.

    Best regards,

    Viral Pharmacy
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