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  • Hey bro, I just had a quick question about an order I placed last week. I orders 3 vials of Test E 250 and 50 tabs of Aromasin. I ordered worldwide with shipping to US. Will it likely all ship together? Just curious what to expect and at what point you break orders up to make it less likely to be caught by customs.

    Hi, i paid 225$ via bitcoin and did provide all info, asked for screenshot of payment because "they cant see such payment" so i did send a screenshot of mycelium transactions. What now
    How are you sir. New to the forums in raged to posting but I have doing about four hours of research and ended here in regards to purchasing peptides. Was looking for vials of PT 141. Do you all have that in stock and if so I would be interested in purchasing some and trying it out. Have heard great things about it. Thank you sir.
    Ordered Sustanon 250. New packaging did not come with batch numbers or dates. Is this normal previous orders all came with this info . Tested positive for Sustanon just curious as to why this is.
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