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  1. E

    how to stack test blend with anavar?

    I’m looking to stack a test blend mix of sustanon 250 with some anavar. Nothing fancy at all but interested in building some quality muscle mass and possibly doing a recomp are the same time. Question is on dosing and timing of taking them. Would anavar make more sense to start the cycle or...
  2. M

    Anavar, winstrol with testosterone

    looking to keep things pretty simple on this next cycle. Let me know what you think about it My plan is anavar, winstrol with testosterone. My dosing is gonna be 250mgs test, 25mgs anavar and maybe 50mgs of winstrol together. I’m around 200 pounds and I am six foot three and I would like to put...
  3. LebaneseGymAddict

    Where to get legit Anavar in Mexico (Merida)

    Friends and father figures! After years of shadow scrolling the forum and weeks of researching i decided to make an account and post because i just cant find legit Anavar here in Merida Mexico... im canadian living here for a few months , 24 years old, lifetime natty , 260lbs..., huge big guy...
  4. H

    Lean bulk steroid cycling

    I’m 48 years old, 6’1’’ 212 pounds and around 14% body fat give or take can see 2 abs AM fasted I’m looking to do morning fasted cardio and then eat in a 4 hour window my goal here is to get to 10% or less body fat my option is equipoise, primo, anavar, hgh, and tren. What would you choose for me?
  5. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 61 - Can you bulk on Anavar? Hardcore 61 - Can you bulk on Anavar?
  6. W

    Using dbol + anavar or winstrol?

    I’m looking to try an oral cycle. This will be my first ever I have done sarm and I have done prohormones a couple times with limited results. I’m looking to go hardcore now with anabolic steroids looking for strength, power, aggression, muscle gains and better conditioning 25 years old 5 foot...
  7. B

    20 week cycle let me know

    hey guys, let me know what you think about this cycle for 20 weeks 500mgs test cyp 300mgs primo 25mgs anavar per day first 15 weeks only NPP 50mg EOD have an AI on hand last cycle did test and anavar and had great results except I let my estrogen get too high don’t want to make the same mistake...
  8. major.ast

    Strongman / mass-building cycle

    Hi all, It s my first time posting here after harvesting information for a couple of months. I was always active and got serious into strength training about 3 years ago, trying different styles to see what s what (crossfit, powerlifting, then strongman). I m 39 yo at 5'11, 210 and about 16-18...
  9. V

    napsgear anavar is perfect

    so I did a napsgear cycle of anavar did 50mgs a day for 8 weeks wasn’t expecting much from an oral only cycle but I did really good ended up gaining about five or six pounds and my vascularity is fantastic overall I’m very happy and we’ll definitely use naps again they have excellent oral...
  10. E

    need some help with my next anavar run

    47 years old took 5 years off from the gym and steroids and getting back I’m interested in using anavar 50mgs a day would be the starting dose, then I want to ramp It Up by 10 mg every week up to 100 milligrams a day and then keep it there for an additional three weeks that would be an 8-week...
  11. R

    geneza pharma cutting with primo and anavar/test

    so already stacking anavar and testosterone doing test at 250mgs a week and anavar 50mgs a day this has been going for 4 weeks wondering if I should drop the anavar and add in primo from geneza pharma how is their GP primo? Worth it or should I just keep going with what I have already?
  12. G

    Verify these test reports?

    Does anyone know how to verify test results? I got them from when I inquired about their testing.
  13. D

    Need counseling and advice on a cycle I am planning to be on

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is fine and pumping iron in the gym ! I will explain my body structure a bit. I am a 5 ft 11 30 years old and I have been obese since childhood, but have always had somewhat good muscular structure albeit hidden under layers of fat. I currently stand at 26 % body...
  14. D

    8 week flash cycle

    looking to do a quick 8 week cycle I’ve got a vacation coming up in January and I want to look good for it 33 years old and 230 pound dad bod help me look good please looking at using winstrol, anavar and/or masteron what do you suggest?
  15. E

    mixing tren with anavar worth it?

    I know that tren and anavar are both the opposites and that tren is much more powerful tren Is five times more powerful than testosterone and anavar is like 1/4th as powerful lol so what it makes sense to stack these two together if I’m trying to get stronger and recomp? Or would it make more...
  16. J

    Source for first cycle

    Does anyone know where i can source some Balkan anavar? I would like to run a test cyp/ anavar cycle but every source seems to always be out of stock.
  17. Q

    how to mix anavar in a cycle

    I did my first cycle with anavar and I did 50 milligrams a day for eight weeks had some really good results cut down body fat and also put on strength this time I would like to run it with some injectable steroids how would you recommend I do it? I’m 30 years old and I am 5 foot 11 inches 206...
  18. C

    am I ready for my first cycle?

    So be honest with me I can take it but be prepared to debate me too. Lets have fun in this thread I’m 22 years old 6’1’’ and around 70kg I’ve been training my balls off for the past 3 months. Based on what my friends have said in my progress I think I’m ready for my first cycle I want to just...
  19. G

    Just found out my wife is pregnant !

    Hey guys I just found out my wife of one year is pregnant I'm so excited about it however I'm kind of worried because I've been using steroids for the past 2 years. I have been on several different types. Tren, test, and anavar. Also used some pro hormones my first question is do I need to be...
  20. B

    Napsgear cycle and changes to my body

    Wondering if anyone else has gone through a lot of changes on their napsgear cycles I’m on sustanon, dbol and switched to anavar after 4 weeks. Been on the sustanon for 500mgs, dropped that to 250 Was on dbol 30mgs, dropped it and went to anavar 50mgs Initially i was putting on a lot of mass and...
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