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  1. Z

    how to use anavar and test the right way

    30 years old and this is my third time using steroids I’m 208 pounds and about 16% body fat I’m looking for an idea when it comes to using anavar and testosterone. My thoughts are doing the classic 50/500 stack where you go 50mgs anavar and 500mgs testosterone. But if I were to do that would I...
  2. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2 Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma
  4. E

    napsgear has excellent anavar

    wanted to give credit where credit is due. I’ve used anavar before, atleast what I thought was anavar. Once it blew me up like 20 pounds, the other time it messed with my appetite and made me hypo. Both times obviously not real anavar. This time I got anavar from napsgear and experiencing great...
  5. Oldnstrong

    Questions for first cycle - TRT/Anavar?

    Australia based Hi Bros I’m 120kg, should be >100kg for my frame/muscle structure. 56years old. Fit. Weights to failure 3-4 times a week. Plenty of protein. Good rest. Steadily building muscle but have gotten myself overweight again, Carnivore mainly but have been drinking a lot over summer...
  6. L

    Does primo and anavar really shut you down?

    I was listening to a couple dudes at the gym talk steroids. They both look good! One dude is like 6’4’’ and 230 pounds and the other one is huge. Like bigger then anyone on here, like 260 pounds and can bench like 350 pounds. They both said that primo and anavar are good cause they don’t shut...
  7. reklaw

    Var Ozgear and GenLab

    Posted this as a reply but making a thread for visibility. Sharing my experience of Aus vendors. I'm just a noob so take that for what it's worth. I got var through darknet 20mg x 50 (Gen lab) Felt good and stronger week but got a bunch of side effects (tiredness, rash) 20mg x 100 (ozGear)...
  8. M

    geneza pharma go get it

    I will tell you geneza pharma is solid gear man. Was using it for on my last 2 cycles and was very happy with their products. Used testosterone E and cyp, primo, anavar, and tren. All are A+ first cycle put on 12 pounds, kept almost all. 2nd cycle put on 8 pounds, kept 7 pounds A++ gear go get...
  9. N

    Why don’t more people use masteron?

    So I recently used masteron for the first time. Did masteron E 250mgs a week along with tren and anavar. Had amazing results. Got harder and when I flex my muscles really pop out bigtime. Not sure why more guys out there don’t include it in every cycle what do you all think about masteron ?
  10. W

    geneza pharma anavar + test cycle

    wanted to run a really simple cycle with testosterone propionate along with anavar. 10 weeks only. This stuff has been incredible not only am I gaining some good size and strength but also I’m leaning out nicely on this. I’m doing 250 milligrams of the test and then I’m doing 50mgs a day of the...
  11. V

    napsgear dbol, var, and test together

    I wanted to try something a little differently so this time I decided to go with a unique cycle. Used They are fantastic and I never have to worry about getting my package or having any type of issues. You get instant confirmation when you place the order and when it ships. I...
  12. JimAbs43

    Podcast 592 - [2024] Anavar (oxandrolone) Revisited - oral cutting 592 - [2024] Anavar (oxandrolone) Revisited - oral cutting
  13. W

    anavar and hair loss facts

    I’m looking to try steroids for the first time but I am obsessively paranoid about losing my head here. Let’s just put it this way I make a career doing some film work and without hair I would definitely lose some business. From what I’m reading var is pretty mild with hair loss but I wanted to...
  14. B bad anavar

    been on alphapharm canada anavar for the past 6 weeks. This stuff is definitely not worth it and there’s no way it’s legit. Absolutely destroyed me when it came to side effects could not sleep on this stuff and my eyes were burning from whatever type of allergy it was giving me. Appetite was...
  15. E

    how to stack test blend with anavar?

    I’m looking to stack a test blend mix of sustanon 250 with some anavar. Nothing fancy at all but interested in building some quality muscle mass and possibly doing a recomp are the same time. Question is on dosing and timing of taking them. Would anavar make more sense to start the cycle or...
  16. M

    Anavar, winstrol with testosterone

    looking to keep things pretty simple on this next cycle. Let me know what you think about it My plan is anavar, winstrol with testosterone. My dosing is gonna be 250mgs test, 25mgs anavar and maybe 50mgs of winstrol together. I’m around 200 pounds and I am six foot three and I would like to put...
  17. LebaneseGymAddict

    Where to get legit Anavar in Mexico (Merida)

    Friends and father figures! After years of shadow scrolling the forum and weeks of researching i decided to make an account and post because i just cant find legit Anavar here in Merida Mexico... im canadian living here for a few months , 24 years old, lifetime natty , 260lbs..., huge big guy...
  18. H

    Lean bulk steroid cycling

    I’m 48 years old, 6’1’’ 212 pounds and around 14% body fat give or take can see 2 abs AM fasted I’m looking to do morning fasted cardio and then eat in a 4 hour window my goal here is to get to 10% or less body fat my option is equipoise, primo, anavar, hgh, and tren. What would you choose for me?
  19. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 61 - Can you bulk on Anavar? Hardcore 61 - Can you bulk on Anavar?
  20. W

    Using dbol + anavar or winstrol?

    I’m looking to try an oral cycle. This will be my first ever I have done sarm and I have done prohormones a couple times with limited results. I’m looking to go hardcore now with anabolic steroids looking for strength, power, aggression, muscle gains and better conditioning 25 years old 5 foot...
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