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  1. A

    Canada Domestic

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a Canadian domestic source, i seen a few that ship from outside Canada, but I'm interested in a domestic source. What are your recommendations? Also a source where I can get Cabergoline/dostinex. Thanks
  2. R

    Enclomiphene in Canada?

    Looking for Enclo in Canada or a vendor in north America that has good standing and is willing to ship to Canada. Thank you in advance.
  3. R

    Any approved sources for peptides in Canada?

    Does anyone know of a legit source for peptides either in Canada or ships to Canada? Looking for sermorelin, ipamorelin, cjc 1295, fragment 176-191. Any ghrh really as well. Thanks in advance 🙏
  4. R

    Sarms in Canada specifically rad140 mk667

    Hey everyone, I’m Looking for a Sarms source that’s either inside Canada or ships to Canada with good rate of delivery. Does anyone have any recent history with a reliable vendor? I’ve heard good things about syn pharm as far as there other anabolics but I haven’t seen reviews on their Sarms...
  5. Nordic Fusion


    NORDIC FUSION CHRISTMAS PROMOTION FREE PRODUCT WITH YOUR ORDER ALL DECEMBER LONG To the community of Evo, due to the great feedback from the members here on our most recent promotion, we have decided to bring it back for the month of December - If it's not broken, don't fix it. Right? We're...
  6. Nordic Fusion


    NORDIC FUSION LABS CANADA | OFFICIAL REVIEW THREAD Hello Evolutionary, We've decided to create this thread for the Canadian members in the community to share their reviews and experiences working with Nordic Fusion. This will free up space in our official source thread so members can quickly...
  7. R

    Syn pharma is a great canadian supplier!

    Believe it or not even though our steroid laws are much looser than our neighbors below we still have a hard time sourcing steroids up here in canada So when you find a good source you need to spread the word Syn pharma is great. Their products and service are top notch and their prices are very...
  8. N legit? Innovagen

    New to this fourm and been looking for some unbias advice (dont know if I will get it) but im looking for legit Innovagen, and for some reason it's really hard to find a rep (in Western Canada). Anyone know if is legit? It seems sketchy because it was shut down for years, now...
  9. D

    How to get bloodwork done in Canada?

    Hi, Just wondering what I should tell a doctor if I want to get bloodwork done ... I would like to be straight up with the doctor, but am concerned that they will refuse to give me a requisition to get my blood work done if they disagree with my reason for needing it. If you're a Canadian and...
  10. M

    Ventipulmin - Clen Pump (CANADA)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Ventipulmin Clenbuterol Pump from I've seen great reviews about their Northern Phama and Teragon Labs clen, but not much on the vet grade ventipulmin. Any one here? Thanks!
  11. manzach123

    NOSrx Labs Fathers Day Special (Canada Domestic Only)

    Fathers day special Expires June 21st 11:59pm TEST CYP 250mg/ml $50 SUSTANON 300mg/ml $60 DECA-DURABOLIN 250mg/ml $60 No minimum order Shipping $20 Flat CANADA Domestic Only!!! All orders email [email protected]
  12. CanadianGearDepot

    Introducing canadiangeardepot

    Hey evo community, We’re new to the block (heads up currently we only ship to Canada) and working our way up to becoming a verified source, from what we understand we need 200 posts to achieve this. We’re looking forward to getting to know the community and use our expertise to help out where...
  13. B

    Any canadian labs with good quality var?

    Hey everyone Bob here coming over from juicemonster...join this forum after reading up for about a month left the other forum because of nonsense going on... Any one have any suggestions on any labs in Canada that might have Real var..I have tried a couple of the labs and tested there stuff...
  14. T

    Best canadian domestic?

    from my research its turning out to be andromedlabs im not going to post the url, but if you Google andromedlabs the first two results turn up a certain website, legit? anyone use it? Thanks in advance, want something good for first cycle :D
  15. gearhead

    Equipoise Solvay Animal Health (Canada)

    Equipoise Solvay Animal Health (Canada)
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