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    Three weeks into 300mg/week test cycle, not sure wether to stop or complete a cycle.

    Hi guys, very new here and just wanted to say first off everyone here seems very knowledgeable on the topic of PEDs and does their best to shoot straight with people on side effects/expectations without totally shitting on someone which a lot of PED-related forums seem to do. I’m 28 years old...
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    Hey Evo! First post here, and am looking for some advice and hopefully you guys can offer your opinions, I'm all for it! So, I'm looking to run a cycle, this being: RAD140 @ 20mg for 12 weeks PCT Clomid @ 50/25/25/25 Weeks 13-16 PCT GW501516 @ 20/20/20/20 Weeks 13-16 The question is, I'm also...
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    N2guard on cycle vs. off review

    Just wanted to share my on cycle experience with n2guard I got on it at 7 caps per day around week 5 of my cycle. Was experiencing a lot of sides including lots of water retention, high blood pressure, bad sleep and heartburn. Didn’t feel much of anything for a week and thought this supplement...
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    Do you really need n2guard lol?

    I mean really, its just a supplement right? I can walk into walmart or any drug store and pick out a million Different support supplements what makes n2guard so special when using it alongside steroids and sarms? surely I can get the same amount of benefits from a $30 product and spending...
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    N2guard how many caps?

    How many caps of n2guard do you recommend i use? I’m currently on a 16 week cycle and doing a gram of gear a week but will be raising it to 2 grams soon right now I'm doing four caps a day and each bottle lasts me 2 months but if i raise my cycle to 2 grams should i up my dose to 10 caps...
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    Next steroid cycle advice

    I’m a lifter who is ready to use steroids. I’m currently 5’10’’ and 188 pounds 26 years old and I have been training for around 5 years I'm going to be starting my cycle next Monday and it will be 12 weeks of testosterone cypionate Deca durabolin. Each 250-300mgs a week Then i am gonna use...
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    Sarms cycle and Important ancillaries and my pct

    Only 22 years old and don’t want to screw my hpta up so young! I’m 5’7’’ and 140 pounds I’m looking to do 3 different sarms and i’m worried about doing the cycle right and running a proper PCT The 3 sarms i want to use: Lgd4033 20mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day s4/andarine 50mgs a day 12 weeks on...
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    Is Clomid or Nolvadex good for pct?

    Hello After which prohormone (designer aas epistane) is better for pct? Does Clomid or Nolvadex increase endogenous testosterone better? Everywhere I read, they write something different.. Clomid: 50/50/25/25 ? Nolvadex: 20/20/20/20 ?
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    Testosterone only cycle

    First cycle ever Going to go the test only route 500mgs a week seems standard right? I’m 26 years old 63kgs 6’1’’ On cycle my dealer suggested i use letrozole. Do you recommend i run that daily or weekly with the test? Also aside from clomid what else do i need for pct?
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    Angry at my family during christmas while in pct

    So i got really ticked off at my family over christmas dinner. I am in PCT right now and on Clomid 50mgs a day. I feel like Nobody listens to me or respects me Once dinner was served by my wife and her mother. My brother in law came over and he was cutting the turkey and ham with one of those...
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    sarms stack with yk11

    24, lift 2x per week, soccer 3x per week training 6’ 155 here is my sarms stack, let me know what you thinking rad140 10mgs a day yk11 5mgs a day sr9009 25mgs a day pct: hcg 1000iu’s 2x per week and clomid 100mgs per day 5 weeks
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    Cycle layout suggestions please

    Hey whats up everyone Need some help with this cycle. I'm in a process of bulking I’m currently 32 years old, 210 pounds and 6’1’’ So far i’ve got sustanon 1000mgs per week Dianabol d-bol 30mgs a day Equipoise 600mgs per week dropping to 400 after week 6. Should i run insulin too or clomid?
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    Finishing out summer with a bang

    Check out my layout and see if you agree or not 8 week cycle: Trenbolone acetate 50mgs a day Testosterone propionate 50mgs a day Masteron propionate 100mgs a day PCT: Nolva, clomid, aromasin 6’ 88kg 14% body fat. 45 yrs
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    PCT supplement list

    Please give me a supplement list of things i need to use on cycle please I just came off cycle and using nolvadex and clomid But now seeing i need to run supplements too? I’m confused help
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    Post cycle don’t feel well

    I have been on my post Cycle Therapy and I don't feel well at all I did 16 weeks of testosterone 600mg week I think I've crashed pretty hard during my post cycle. I am doing clomid and nolvadex Now I'm hearing I should be running supplements with them. can you recommend a good supplement to...
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    Major problems post cycle

    I did 1000mgs a week sustanon 800mgs a week trenbolone And 500mgs a week equipoise Did those for 12 weeks total My sides got back the last 2 weeks of the cycle then i went into pct I’m 25 years old and 5’10’’ 215 pounds I got really good results the problem is now I have some major issues that...
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    I got gyno from anavar

    I did 8 weeks of anavar/oxandrolone 50mgs a day. Did my pct, 2 weeks later I started to get gyno issues. Sensitive breast, nipples look bigger etc. Been using nolvadex 20mgs a day with clomid 50mgs a day. Standard pct. Why did this happen you think and what do I need to do from here? I’m 25...
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    Dont use

    my recommendation is to avoid dashpct Their website has a list of products. I got some nolvadex and Clomid, along with hcg I've been running these for post Cycle Therapy and I feel awful. No libido and no energy while on them. PCT is supposed to make you feel good, not make you feel bad
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    Should you use clomid on cycle?

    I have a question about using Clomid. I got a bunch of the stuff sent to me and I'm not sure the best way to use it. If i’m gonna do a cycle of equipoise and testosterone how much clomid should i add to it? What will the clomid do in my body and will it prevent shut down? or do I just save it...
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    PSL ships to alaska and hawaii too?

    Hey i had a question, i have to fly to alaska on business for 2-3 weeks. I was wondering if they ship to there or if i had to order international instead? I’m gonna be ordering some viagra, clomid, and testosterone. I am on TRT but in the process of coming off and i also need some clomid to help...
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