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cycle advice

  1. Waterstone79

    Ok to add Tren?

    So I’m on 500 test 400 mast and 420 anavar per week. I wana add in 100 tren per week Should I drop the test down? I am currently not taking any AI as I have no side effects as the mast is acting as a aromatizer. Any recomendations.
  2. ThatBeardedGuy

    Approved Log TBG Fitness Log

    Introduction: Hello Evo forum! This is my first post, so let me introduce myself. I go by ThatBeardedGuy or TBG. I have been lurking for some time and I decided I am starting my fitness log (I apologize in advance if failed to mentioned key points that I need in my log. Never done something like...
  3. crow4eva

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Cycle Training Log

    Hi all. Planning my first cycle but need advice. Details and plans are as follows; Age: 42 Weight: 112kgs Height: 180cm History: Prescribed, I'm on TRT 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 10 days and have been for 3 years.....however I take 250mg/1ml T.Enanthate every 7 days. It's only 3 days...
  4. N

    Cycle optimization low dose test/tren/superdrol

    16 week cycle Test E 500/mg weekly 1 -16 Tren E 200/mg weekly 1 - 16 Superdrol 10/mg ED weeks 1 - 3 LIV-52 275mg ED Milk Thistle 250mg ED Arimidex 1mg 1x weekly Pramipex 1mg 1x weekly PCT Clomid 50/50/50/50 Tamoxifen 20/20/20/20 HCG 500IU/500IU/500IU/500IU Proviron 25/25/25/25 Tadalafil...
  5. H

    Cycle help/okay to run?

    Superdrol oral- 20-30 mg ed Rad 140 oral- 10-20 mg ed MK-677- 17-20 mg every day before bed. I say before bed because I rotate 6 weeks on nights and day shift at work, working 12 hours shifts. Cardarine- 15mg ed 4 andro 50-100mg ed Milk thistle for liver support also have some anastrozle on...
  6. co8ba

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    Hi guys, I'm Charles and I'm glad to join this column. I'm very excited and grateful that I can find this website and meet all of you guys. I've been told that I can start my log before the cycle and get advice about my diet and training so here it is. Stats: 24yo 6'0'' 87kg 20+ BF I've...
  7. S


    Hey Evo! First post here, and am looking for some advice and hopefully you guys can offer your opinions, I'm all for it! So, I'm looking to run a cycle, this being: RAD140 @ 20mg for 12 weeks PCT Clomid @ 50/25/25/25 Weeks 13-16 PCT GW501516 @ 20/20/20/20 Weeks 13-16 The question is, I'm also...
  8. 7

    Cycle advice / recommendations from experince

    Hey guys new to the forum but been lifting for 6yrs off and on have done a good amount of cycles and different compounds. Been off cycle and consistent training for a little under a year now but ready to get back to it. For me my goal isn’t to look the most shredded or vascular I can , I just...
  9. cooliyuli

    Advice for beginner 2nd cycle

    Hi this is my first post and i'm looking for some advice on my second cycle so I'm 21, 5'6 175lbs I have no clue what body fat percentage but based on pictures and reference I'd say about 13% you can maybe zoom in on my pfp lol. First cycle was only test cyp 500mg/wk for about 20 weeks and just...
  10. Dan98

    Approved Log Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar cycle log

    Hi everyone. So im a few days post gyno op and want to get my next cutting cycle dialled in while i have a lot of free time. This will be my third major cycle and im planning on getting super shredded for an event on new years. My bloods look good after only 2 weeks on cruise and looking to...
  11. Dan98

    Test, mast, anavar, tren cycle help

    Starting my summer cut in November and want some advice on the best way to run it and what support to use other than the obvious n2guard. 6 foot 220lbs and 15-18%bf at the moment but im going to cut a little bit while on cruise until i start the cycle. Weeks 1-16 test e 500 Week 1-16 mast e...
  12. Dan98

    Summer cut 3rd cycle

    Iv got gyno surgery in a couple weeks so im currently on a cruise of 250mg of test e a week. Once im fully recovered and my bloods are all good after my recent bulking of 40mg dbol 700mg test and 500 deca. Im sitting at 220lbs fasted weight at around 18% body fat (still have visible abs in...
  13. Dan98

    Approved Log My test, Dbol, Deca, proviron bulking cycle

    So this is my second cycle which i have now finished as i have gyno surgery in a couple weeks (had mild since puberty). I started after spending a couple months travelling aus with minimal training and not ideal diet due to the nature of travelling. Once I finished i was keen to get my gains...
  14. B

    Cycle advice!

    I'm currently running test c 250 MENT 50, tren 150 and mast p I'm starting to feel sides of gyno which would be best aromasin, CABER, or?
  15. V

    basic cycle advice

    I'm a beginner to steroids. I have read the articles on here and listened to the podcasts. I love when Steve slams Rick it is hilarious, and mobster is funny too and is close to where i live in Wales so hope to hang with him soon. What advice would you give me for this first cycle? I am 26...
  16. Mobster

    Do you want cycle advice - read this!

    All too often new forum members come our forums and ask kinda vague questions. Here's why they are vague and how you can help us to help you. They'll say I wanna run X (let's use Test as X). Can someone recommend a cycle? There's no information on the member. NONE. Now you could have googled a...
  17. G

    Test e 600 eq500 cycle

    Hey so I'm about to put my order through later this week and thought id post my cycle plan for any advice before I do incase theirs something I'm not seing. I'm 27, male, 5'6 at 166 pounds. Ive been working out continuously for the last 2 year's and have close to 5 years in the gym altogether...
  18. T

    Hey guys I need some advice on a cycle I'm thinking of taking.

    Hey guys hope you're well. So basically thinking of doing my first proper cycle , besides messing around with pinkies and dbol when I was stupid. I'm 22 , 6ft.1 at 190lb. I've been training on and off for about 6 years and was very sporty in school. So here's what I was thinking. 1×5 weeks...
  19. W

    First real cycle. Need some advice

    I say real cycle because my first was just test e alone. Not knocking it because i was actually surprised with the results for some reason. This cycle I'm running: 250mg test e 2x/wk. (500mg/wk)Weeks 1-12 150 mg Deca 2x/wk weeks 1-11 (300mg/wk) but now after reading more Im thinking 400mg...
  20. N

    Cycle critique

    This is my 6th cycle I have yet to start it. Please let me know what you think. I am new to the forums I had an intro post but I don't think it has been approved yet, but anyways here it is. Stats 26 5'9 200lbs Looking to put on some weight and increase my strength. I work overseas and have a...
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