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  1. Y

    napsgear blew me away once again

    another napsgear success story coming your way! Ordered off their website and made the payment. Got a instant message saying that it was confirmed. After that it took about three or four days and then I got another email saying it had shipped. Literally two days later it was in my mailbox. As...
  2. N

    steroid bulk and using dbol vs. anadrol

    26 years old and 164 pounds/ 5’8’’ lean So I’m going to be bulking using 750 milligrams of testosterone I’m looking to do an oral steroid with it my test will be 15 weeks the oral steroid will be 10 weeks to finish the cycle my choices are between anadrol and dbol which oral is better in your...
  3. A


    Hi guys, I would like your opinion on my plan for the next cycle. My goal is to bulk but possibly rather lean(er). I have done several test E + Tren E cycles (500mg Test E + 400mg Tren E weekly for 12 weeks the last one) and I tolerate Tren E quite well without significant side effects (my...
  4. R

    Dbol on trt

    I wanna run some dbol for some size and strength gains, I am on trt 125mg per week. For how long should I run the dbol to get some keepable gains? Will 30mg for 8 weeks be safe?
  5. W

    Using dbol + anavar or winstrol?

    I’m looking to try an oral cycle. This will be my first ever I have done sarm and I have done prohormones a couple times with limited results. I’m looking to go hardcore now with anabolic steroids looking for strength, power, aggression, muscle gains and better conditioning 25 years old 5 foot...
  6. W

    rocking geneza pharma gear

    i love geneza pharma products the GP brand is well reviewed that drew me to them and i decided to play a large order for my next cycle got 3 eq, 4 test, 2 deca, and several orals like dbol, tbol and winstrol everything came with 2 separate packages safely and quickly I’m five weeks into a cycle...
  7. T

    huge mass changes! Now what?

    So I ran my first cycle did dbol, test and deca. My dosages were 30mgs dbol a day kickstart 500mgs test and 400mgs deca for 12 weeks put on about 20 pounds no joke. I’m now 185 pounds and 5’7’’ question is where do I go from here on my next cycle? Would like to get that ‘on feeling’ again and...
  8. Liteweight

    Approved Log My first testosterone and dbol log

    Hi All, My first log here so please be gentle. Stats: - 32 years old - 81 kgs / 178 lbs - 185 cm / 6'1" - 15% body fat (estimate) Gear: - dbol - Sustabolin 300 - Arimidex I started dbol (meditech blister pack) on 4/12/2023 at 10mg and will be running this for 5 weeks. Don't intend to...
  9. tryingtogetbig

    New user, 23M, looking for some help! any advice thanks!

    Hope you are doing well. Recently, one of my friends began using Dbol and is trying to get me to start with him. I’ve never taken steroids (he has before) I have done some research and see that I need a test base or basically the dbol will be for nothing. I was just wondering If i could get some...
  10. J

    i love napsgear wowsers

    one of the best sources you will find is napsgear i can guarantee you placed my order and 10 days later it was in my mailbox, even during the holiday gear is outstanding. Currently using dbol, deca, and testosterone lots of good gains and strength improvements on this cycle also feel fantastic...
  11. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #36 - Tbol only vs Dbol Only with Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #36 - Tbol only vs Dbol Only with Para Pharma
  12. W

    Dbol only cycle

    Looking to do a dianabol only cycle at around 15-20mg a day running nolva along side it. Wanted to know if the nolva will be adequate to negate the water retention issues like the bloat & gyno or if its worth having Aromasin on hand also? For context I'm 37, 5ft 10 & 85kg (UK based)...
  13. Dan98

    Dbol,test,deca Plateau

    So i started on 500 t 400 deca, 45mg proviron and 40mg dbol and blew up while on the dbol for the first 6 weeks however since dropping the dol iv slowly lost strength and size and only gained a few pounds since. To combat this i titrated test up to 800mg upped calories and the deca to 550 and...
  14. Y

    Proviron, dbol and test E

    27 years old 5’9’’ 180 pounds Started with using 2ML of test E per week and doing 50mgs proviron per day This has been my dose throughout. Decided to add in dbol at week 5 to up my appetite which was dropping. Worked pretty good but now i am bloating too much. What should i do now I am on week 6...
  15. G

    Hey you think my winstrol is fake?

    I’m currently doing 3 different steroids all at once with an AI Trenbolone enanthate. 300mgs per week Testosterone enanthate 400mgs per week Winstrol 100mgs a day I got bloods done because something was off. Turns out my estrogen is super high. Like super crazy high lol Do you think my AI...
  16. G

    Excited to announce results from geneza pharma stack

    Just finished with my geneza pharma stack including pct Kept almost all my gains So overall happy Decided to try 3 of their things GP dbol which i did 50mgs a day GP test Prop 150 EOD GP mast Prop 150mgs EOD Ended up gaining 8 pounds, 6 pounds on the first 6 weeks and 2 more pounds last 2...
  17. B

    1st time on a ped / looking to gain! Advice plz

    Hey so recently had a buddy come back from Mexico with some testoblend prop/enan/cypi 400 from xlpharma (out of turkey) I grabbed 2 viles off him. Have been shooting 350mg every 5 days (15 days) now. I did not have testo test done so not sure what my natural levels were but I’ve noticed a huge...
  18. K

    Need some advice and help for this anavar stack

    Hello everybody I'm 30 years old 5'11 and 168 lb my goal is to have an aesthetic look and lean up. I don't want to get over 200 lb or be one of those guys who are perma bulkers i see in the gym longevity is important because I have three kids and I would like to see my grandchildren one day...
  19. G

    Crazy good dbol results geneza pharma

    If you have ever wanted to run dianabol dbol then geneza pharma is gonna be the source for you! I'm currently running 30 mg a day solo and it's been 2 weeks on it. I'm very impressed with the amount of strength that I've been putting on. I also am hitting new personal records as well in terms of...
  20. C

    "Lean" Bulking: dbol or tbol?

    Dear Forumers! I have been training for 8 years. I've read a lot about the dbol/tbol comparison in the past, but I can't make up my mind. Which one is better for bulking mass gain? dbol or tbol? AI would go with it. (Arimidex) I want the least amount of water retention. (bulking)
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