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    TP hgh meditrope no way is this legit hgh

    I am skeptical this stuff is real hgh don’t have proof with bloodwork but man this stuff hasn’t done anything for me except give me rashes where I pin it. I’m doing 4iu’s per day and not seeing a thing. No fat loss, no carpal tunnel, no water retention, no boost in sleep. Pretty sure its fake
  2. J

    hcg products from TP hgh meditrope

    well I took one for the team using TP hgh meditrope this stuff is really hcg and I have proof I got a pregnancy test and tested it out and it did come positive not sure what to do from here I just spent 2500 dollars on this product just want to warn all you guys before you waste your money
  3. Z

    meditrope HGH giving me chills and sickness

    whenever I inject meditrope HGH I start getting a lot of chills and I start developing a fever very quickly it’s very scary because no matter where I inject the same thing keeps happening at this point I have no clue what this stuff really is it might be anything for all I know. Any idea what...
  4. K

    TP hgh meditrope sports HGH failure

    So I thought I’d be smart in order some hgh on my own. The anti-aging Clinic I was going to was charging me twelve hundred dollars a month which I thought was absurd I decided to save some money and buy some hgh from TP hgh meditrope I wanted to do sports HGH, and go 4 iu’s per day except this...
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    Meditrope hgh no results at all??

    I've been on meditrope hgh for the past 8 weeks and so far nothing going on started out at 2IU’s per day, didn’t see anything happening so I raised it to three. now a week ago I raised it to four very weird and I'm not having any sort of side effects or anything positive going on. in fact I...
  6. S

    Toxic effects of meditrope hgh

    so something seems to be off using meditrope hgh I know that some of you have said they are not a good source for hgh. okay I get that now but I'm really concerned at what I've been injecting into myself over the last couple months I seem to have thrown off a lot of my blood markers. my doctor...
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    The provider hgh meditrope a pain

    Ordered some TP hgh meditrope all seen fine initially and I have used them a couple times prior. but for much smaller orders. this time I got a big order in because I thought I could trust them their website claims that I should expect my package within a week. I have not received anything and...
  8. F

    Meditrope HGH horrible rashes

    Oh my gosh do not use meditrope hgh the rashes are awful lol I've been using their products for the past 3 weeks and their kits came in the mail and I will admit they were really cheap however usually when something is cheap it usually means that there's a reason for that lol This stuff is...
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    Meditrope HGH i hate them

    What makes me mad about meditrope hgh is they are pushed so much on other forums and obviously have paid shills This is upsetting to me Because I fell victim to the scam I ordered five kits and all of them were fake. Had no results at all. No appetite increase, no fat loss, no lean body...
  10. D

    TP hgh meditrope i’m over it

    Been using TP hgh meditrope for a month and i am convinced this stuff is fake I haven't had any success on this so far not feeling any sort of changes to my sleep and not feeling any changes to my appetite pretty good chance the stuff is fake but I'm really not sure I messaged them with...
  11. A

    TP hgh meditrope weak products

    I’m pretty sure this hgh is very weak and underdosed because I'm using 4iu’s per day and not seeing any sort of issues with carpal tunnel usually when I use that much I get a lot of issues with that and also my appetite is crazy good not seeing anything so far on this I believe it is very...
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    TP hgh meditrope not trustworthy

    A buddy of mine works for the university in town and i hooked him up with a kit of hgh from TP hgh meditrope He said that he wasn’t feeling a thing from it after 3 weeks so i recommended he test it at school. He took it in and had the chemist there do their thing and he said it was fake hgh for...
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    Wow TP hgh meditrope is really hcg?

    I read something online that you can test your human growth hormone by getting a pregnancy test from the pharmacy and then mixing it and seeing if it comes positive so I got a couple pregnancy tests and the first one came out negative. but I was very skeptical because I've been on this product...
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    TP hgh meditrope lol wth?

    This source is straight up trash. This isn’t hgh, not even close I was born at night but not last night. I’ve been using steroids for 30 years, even competed too. We depend on good quality growth hormone when we compete. This HGH that TP sells is very poor quality. I started at 2iu’s and...
  15. X

    TP hgh meditrope is fake

    I heard on a podcast that you can tell if you're human growth hormone is fake by going to the drugstore and buying a pregnancy test I decided to do that rather than spend $300 on blood work. I tested the TP hgh meditrope because I was not feeling anything after 2 months on this stuff. Guess...
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    meditrope.EU via protonmail

    I’m done using email sources. I used meditrope and they completely screwed me out of all my money I had been saving up my cash to be used on this cycle I ordered like 6months of hgh and 6 months of test. Was gonna run it 3 months on and 3 off. They never sent me jack and won’t email me back
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