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    napsgear masteron, test, and NPP is on point!

    Just wanted to report back my results using napsgear. Got their mast E, test cyp, aromasin, and also got their NPP. Ordering was Very easy to do and I paid in crypto and it was a smooth transaction. Was able to take advantage of a nice promotion they had on a couple of their products so I saved...
  2. O

    Napsgear Western Union payment

    I just placed an order and wanted to try the western Union route. Has anyone had trouble with using this payment method for napsgear….? Please let me know anything that makes it smooth. The
  3. L

    you won’t go wrong with napsgear!

    Napsgear is one of the best sources out there. They always have great prices and they always take care of their customers. I recently placed an order but then decided to make a couple changes. I reached out to them and they got to me very quickly and made the adjustments on my order and then...
  4. V

    A+ experience with napsgear

    I’m currently on a napsgear cycle and its going very well. Using test cyp, 300mgs a week. And then stacking masteron 500mgs and winstrol 25mgs. My vascularity is insane I’m getting these green veins going up my shoulders and along my abs. Also I went from a four pack to a six pack! Very pleased...
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    high quality napsgear strength stack

    looking to boost my napsgear experience with a strength stack. Decided to get a couple steroids to see what i could accomplish. Been on them for 10 weeks and so far, so good. Had great results boost strength rapidly. simple on their website. tight packing and easy ordering. products ordered...
  6. E

    napsgear has excellent anavar

    wanted to give credit where credit is due. I’ve used anavar before, atleast what I thought was anavar. Once it blew me up like 20 pounds, the other time it messed with my appetite and made me hypo. Both times obviously not real anavar. This time I got anavar from napsgear and experiencing great...
  7. Y

    napsgear my go to place for strength !

    i love how easy it is to order from napsgear. They have excellent strength cycles that work well even when you eat in a deficit. I was able to put on an incredible amount of size and strength on this stack of tren, test, and superdrol. very easy payment methods. ordering is easy took 10 minutes...
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    why I now recommend napsgear

    never liked napsgear before, thought they were cocky and way too big of a source. I prefer to use smaller sources and give them my business since they are the little guy and I support the little guy in life. However after using napsgear now twice I will recommend them. They definitely have the...
  9. W

    napsgear cutting stack

    decided to do a napsgear cutting stack test prop, mast prop and anavar did 200mgs of the test prop, 400mgs of the masteron and 50mgs a day of anavar. So far I’ve managed to cut down around 4 pounds, while also building up muscle. I look bigger now then I did before. This is a great source with...
  10. Z

    best age reversal stack napsgear

    wanted to run an anti aging cycle and also help with my recovery and energy. Decided to get on a good stack for that from napsgear. Was worried cause all the fake hgh out there, but their products work great so far! very nice energy boost. communication is good and simple to order via btc. happy...
  11. H

    a great time on napsgear products!

    What an amazing experience running napsgear products for my cycle! Decided to go with a cycle with masteron, test E and some equipoise. Started with 250mgs of each per week. Then dropped the test to 150mgs and increased the EQ and mast to 500mgs. Got very good hardening effects the rest of the...
  12. S

    napsgear cycle is great

    so decided to try napsgear for the 2nd time. The first time I use them I didn’t really know what I was doing with my steroid cycle but this time I did my homework and I was ready to Boogie. Got on a bulking stack and put on a ton of mass in just 8 weeks. great bulking experience. ordering takes...
  13. C

    very nice test and deca napsgear cycle

    wanted to do Testosterone and deca it was a 16 week cycle and I did 500 milligrams of test and I had 300 milligrams of deca, although I dropped the decade dose down to 200 milligrams at week 10. meaning about 12 pounds in my strength also skyrocketed I am now benching over 300 pounds so the...
  14. V

    napsgear dbol, var, and test together

    I wanted to try something a little differently so this time I decided to go with a unique cycle. Used They are fantastic and I never have to worry about getting my package or having any type of issues. You get instant confirmation when you place the order and when it ships. I...
  15. R

    great equipoise from napsgear

    This is the first time I have tried equipoise and I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it from people very I can say that this eq that I got was fantastic it gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of muscle mass, strength, and a boost and endurance and also my mood was not affected...
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    up 6 pounds already on napsgear equipoise stack

    so far I’m using equipoise from napsgear. Its 500mgs a week and I’m also stacking in some anavar and testosterone with it. All from napsgear. All are amazing products. Very smooth injections and have no issues in my stomach with the oral. I’ve been on them for about five weeks and I’m already up...
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    A+ experience with napsgear

    if you want quality gear then go with napsgear for sure. I place an order and they shipped it out within a few days, wasn’t the fastest shipping but it was still pretty good. Once the ship happened I got my package and the gear has been phenomenal I’ve been on it for the past ten weeks. quality...
  18. H

    napsgear products smooth as molasses

    I Gotta Give napsgear a lot of credit. They are hands down the best source I have used before. Been on their products for 5 weeks. The injections are smooth as butter I’m using testosterone and Primo from them. Doing quite a bit of volume three CC’s a week of the primo and two CC’s a week of the...
  19. R


    What i purchased, Injectables and orals 2 of test E and EQ mix 200/200 mg/ml 2 Stanozalol 50 mg/ml 2 Tren E 200 mg/ml Arimidex Clomid HCG Cabergoline Located in Florida, USA. Order arrived within 2 weeks and was packaged nice and discretely, everything was intact. I've done about 10 cycles...
  20. A

    napsgear has got it made for cutting

    if you want an amazing source then napsgear is the one to use. They have an excellent selection to choose from every brand you can imagine and they’re all fantastic I’ve used several of them. Recently I decided to put together a cutting stack and my results were incredible! cutting down hard...
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