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    SR9009 - the right dosing

    I'm currently running ostarine (25mg) and cardarine (20mg) (going for a cut) and am about 2 weeks in. I have decided to add in SR9009 to boost metabolism a bit and I've heard good things about this trifecta. The reason for the post though is about SR9009 dosage. 1.) I was thinking of running...
  2. K

    How would i change my sr9009 dose during vacation?

    so I am taking a 3-day weekend vacation coming up and I'm currently doing sr9009 by itself my main objective is to lose body fat also increase endurance I have been using 10 mg three times a day with each meal things have been working out good as I'm now 12% body fat 206 lb and I am 33 years old...
  3. V

    Fat loss with sr9009?

    Which stack would work best including sr9009? My choices are sr9009 + ostarine mk2866 Or sr9009 + s4/andarine I'm eating three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner and I'm also eating in a caloric deficit. I would like to lose as much body fat as possible. I'm currently 20% body fat and I am 6...
  4. Y

    Sr9009 combined with rad140

    I told my friends that I was going to stack rad 140 and sr9009 and they laughed at me and said I was an idiot. this makes me want to run it even more and prove them wrong What do you think about 10mgs of rad and 5mgs of sr9009 per day Just want to kind of get my toes in the water and see what I...
  5. T

    Best thing with sr9009

    Don’t want to use gw cause of cancer, so i am sticking with sr9009 What is the best thing to stack with it I’m currently 5’11’’ and 249 pounds. I’m overweight by about 50 pounds i would guess I'm 37 years old and I have been weight training for the past 5 years. I've lost about maybe 5 or 10 lb...
  6. C

    Sr9009 and lgd4033?

    Worried about REM sleep issues on sr9009 and lgd4033 What is the best dosages to use to prevent that? I'm currently 23 years old, 6 ft 2 in and 285 lb. my body fat is way too high I've let myself go too much my friend said to run the sr9009 at 50 mg a day and he said to run the lgd at half...
  7. N

    Sr9009 is no good?

    I keep reading stuff online about how sr9009 is not absorbable and you shouldn't be using it at all and it's a waste of money. if that was true then how come it gets recommended so much on here?
  8. Y

    Sr9009 along with yk11

    I’m looking to try something different with sarms I’ve used them for several years but nothing too crazy This time want to use sr and YK together I’m 6’ 80kg and 23 years old Would i get good gains on this stack or no? I want more energy too
  9. T

    is sr9009 better than GW?

    I just finished using sr9009 for 8 weeks and I lost a lot of weight and got faster I was using 10mgs 3x per day do you think that sr is better then cardarine ? When I did cardarine gw I didn’t get these kinds of results basically I went from running a 9 minute mile close to 8
  10. U

    Sarms cycle and pct MK677

    What up men and ladies My name is Jay I’m 5’7’’ 165 pounds Built like a bull and spring like a bee I want to recomp Here is my stack: Mk677 nutrobal 50mgs a day GW cardarine 20mgs a day Pct: Ostarine mk 25mgs a day Sr9009 50mgs a day
  11. A

    First time doing SR9009

    I’m 20% body fat 5’5’’ 193 pounds Would like to cut down to under 15% body fat I have a few bottles of sr9009 i got in the mail today. I’m not quite sure the best way to run it, there seems to be lots of opinions online. For someone who wants to cut down body fat how should I do it
  12. J

    does LGD help with cutting?

    I had a question about using LGD4033 and what it helped with I’ve read it can be used as a bulker but I also read some people love it as a cutter too with that how much should I be using if I want to cut down on it. And can I stack sr9009 with it? I don’t want to use GW it causes cancer so no...
  13. S

    Opinions on stenabolic SR

    I'm looking at using sr9009 but wanted some opinions of what I'm supposed to stack with it for best results. my goals are boosting my endurance and also boosting my fat loss quickly I’m currently juggling a hectic work schedule along with my weight training after work I also like to do some...
  14. C

    Stacking 2 sarms

    Life is all about choices. I’m going to give this a shot and run 2 sarms I’ve got 4 sarms to choose from that my source has GW cardarine Sr9009 Ostarine MK Nutrobal MK If you had to pick 2 out of those to run for someone who is trying to lose weight without shedding muscle or strength which 2...
  15. B

    3 sarm stack

    what is the difference between using 3 sarms and using 2 sarms only? Is it that significant to warrant paying another $200 for them or not? I was debating between 4 sarms sr9009 mk nutrobol mk ostarine lgd4033 my goals are recomp, don’t care about anything else
  16. Y

    best cutter stack sarms

    I have some ideas for cutter stacks with sarms. Let me know which one is better: I am 280 pounds and my goal is to drop 40 pounds but I realize it wont’ be on 1 cycle. GW501516 cardarine 20mgs a day LGD4033 20mgs a day or GW501516 30mg a day SR9009 stenabolic 40mg a day
  17. P

    Sarms cutting stack

    I need to urgently lose 30 pounds as soon as possible. I am getting married and it's going to be a beach wedding out in the open to keep everybody safe. I don't want to embarrass myself being fat can you put me on a program to lose that much weight fast with the help of sarm's Was thinking...
  18. L

    Stacking SR & GW same cycle

    came here on the strength Awesome YouTube videos end the podcast you guys do so keep up the good work gentleman. My question has to do with using sr9009 and cardarine GW. I decided to stack these two to drop my body weight but I want to keep the muscle I have. Is it true this cycle would be...
  19. H

    Stenabolic changed opinion over time

    Wanted to ask about Stenabolic. Researching in this forum it looks like initially (2015 or so) the opinions by the experts on here were that it really didn't do much. More recently the same folks seem to be fans. Wondering if there was a change in product quality, or just more experience with it...
  20. D

    sarms for speed

    my stats are 45 years old 5’8’’ 168 pounds body fat around 8% I got into running a few years ago and love running 10K’s and 5K’s. Not into longer distance yet. Which sarms would work better between cardarine GW and sr9009 stenabolic and how much and how long. Also need a code to buy them
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