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    Blast and cruise plan for a year

    41 years old\ been using steroids for about 7 years Want to switch to blast and cruise My plan over the next year will be simple. 200mgs testosterone cyp cruise dose. Bumping to 500mgs of primobolan and 600gs of test cyp Someone said it is best to come off completely when you are doing this...
  2. G

    Update on my steroid recovery

    I spent about a decade thinking about using them and 6 months ago I decided to take the plunge. when I started to use them at that time I was having good erections even in the morning and did not need anything to get an erection for sex. I also never experience any sort of depression or needed...
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    What does using other steroids feel like? And where i go from here?

    I did some testosterone at 250 mg a week for a few months. my entire time I was on I was horny, tired, and hungry. when I would go to the gym I put in some crazy good workouts and I would experience the aggression and the strength that everybody talks about. I wouldn't say I had any roid rage...
  5. E

    Using steroids at 21. Am i wrong?

    I would like to run steroids at 21 years old and everyone is calling me stupid and lazy well that just makes me want to do it even more lol I'm doing everything right I got my blood work done. my total testosterone levels are 656 and I think that is pretty low for my age. that is why that I...
  6. D

    Post finasteride syndrome and ruined dates

    I've had post finasteride syndrome for the past 10 years. I used finasteride to protect my hair when I was in my early thirties because i was using a ton of steroids. and I started noticing a loss of libido and erection so I stopped taking it after about a year. since then I've had the problems...
  7. Z

    Hgh and anavar from

    I ordered Human growth hormone and I also got anavar from steroids-usa very disappointed in the results I've gotten I've been on both of them for 2 months. I'm doing the HGH 2iu’s per day and anavar 25mgs a day Zero results. No fat loss. Don’t even notice any sort of change do not use these...
  8. T

    Best way to get most out of supps

    I'm looking to get the most out of my supplement routine I'm currently working out at around 7:00 a.m. in the morning and I do about a 1 hour workout I like to take something on the way with me in the car because my gym is about 30 minutes away and then from there I go to work which is about...
  9. V

    Post divorce comeback cycle

    I’m coming off a very expensive divorce and want to get my body right and mind balanced The gym has been the only way for me. 33 years old, 2 kids that i am sharing custody of. Luckily the gym has a daycare there i can drop them off while i train. I’m currently 166 pounds. During my divorce I...
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  11. T

    Best pct for this cycle

    I just did my first cycle of testosterone and I also did dianabol with it Did not run an Ai on cycle. I got bad advice from a friend of mine. I was doing 350 mg of testosterone along with dbol. Luckily no estrogen issues on cycle that i know of now I need to figure out my post Cycle Therapy I...
  12. W

    Still questions after years and PTSD

    Its been years since i divorced my husband but i still have PTSD and i still have Unanswered questions I hope you can answer for me I was married for 12 years to my high school sweetheart. after 5 years of marriage he started to change around the time he started using steroids he would get...
  13. S

    Roidhead husband confesses

    My husband and I are both gym regulars and we both compete at pretty high levels I'm not the most feminine looking woman and I'll be the first to admit that. I have been using steroids for many years and I have grown some wide shoulders and also I've gotten a lot of work done on my face. My...
  14. JimAbs43 530 - Do's and Don'ts of cycling steroids 530 - Do's and Don'ts of cycling steroids
  15. N

    Losing my edge need roids

    I'm looking to get on the sauce I am in my mid-40s 46 to be exact 5 ft 8 in 216 lb 15% body fat and thick I'm looking to possibly use testosterone I never use steroids before and I'm debating if I should get on testosterone replacement therapy or just want a testosterone cycle and go from...
  16. Z

    Napsgear short ester run

    I’m looking to try a shorter run of steroids for 6 weeks I am going to be using trenbolone no ester, 100mgs pre workout 3x per week Testosterone propionate 500mgs a week split up into 4 injections And then i want to use masteron propionate 1000mgs split up into 3 injections what do you think...
  17. R

    Cutting down with a harsher stack

    I've noticed a lot of The Cutting Cycles out there or more steroids like winstrol and trenbolone My plan is tren ace 50mg ED and some winstrol maybe 50-75 mgs a day together I might throw in some testosterone not sure yet right now I am 26 years old and I am 5'7 and 207 lb. I'm looking to cut...
  18. V

    Steroid energy boost?

    Right now I am waking up in the morning I don't have much energy. I'm 6 ft 2 in 286 lb and my body fat is moderate to slightly high I'm looking to use anabolic steroids to boost my energy so I can think more clearly and also do better when it comes to the gym. looking for that extra motivation...
  19. H

    Getting stronger penis health

    Which supplements would work best if you are going to boost your penile strength When I was on my steroid cycle things were going well for me ever since I came off it's been a big struggle and I haven't felt the same anymore I'm hoping you can give me some advice on what I can do to boost...
  20. F

    Side effects from tren

    I'm currently doing trembolone at 100 mg every other day my stats are 17% body fat and I'm around 6 ft tall at 220 lb I'm 26 years old I've been experiencing certain side effects which have come on strong around week four I get a lot of carb shakes where I have to eat something. I also feel...
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