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  1. C

    how to blast and cruise at 30

    I’m turning 30 years old. I’ve been using steroids for the past five years and I’m sick of the roller coasters on and off steroids. Just want to stay on and blast and cruise. What advice can you give me for when it comes to time on and time on the cruise after a blast? What have you tried...
  2. T

    how much test if I weight 300+?

    was Reading some articles that were talking about how much steroids you should use versus body weight. Someone 150 pounds doesn’t need that much steroids but someone who weighs 300 plus like I do needs a lot more. Should I run 1000mgs a week as my first test only cycle? Or should I run a bit...
  3. A


    Hello everyone, This is an updated thread with an updated list and prices. SPL one of the best in the game. Hopefully all reviews can be left in this thread. For those we will be sending a sample to, please leave honest reviews in this thread as well. For any inquiries or info please contact...
  4. C

    closest sarms to steroids

    okay guys hit me with it. I want to hear the best sarm that is as close to steroids as possible. I’m sick and tired of going to the gym and only getting mild results I want to really start kicking ass. Currently 145 pounds and five foot ten inches and I’m 23 years old. I’ve earned the right to...
  5. S

    dealing with tren sweats

    I’ve been on trenbolone acetate for 4 weeks. First couple weeks didn’t have many side effects but now they’re coming on strong. My main complaint is the sweating and especially the night sweats even when it’s cold that I’m experiencing and how horrible I smell. What are some options to helping...
  6. A

    Introduction - New Source Hoping to Gain Trust of Members

    Hi, on the advice of some vip members of this forum. I would like to introduce myself to all in this group. We are a source new to this forum and would like to get our name out there. I will attach list below of all our products and prices. We are a legit source and are here to ensure everyone...
  7. U

    500mgs of Equipoise and 2 more steroids

    looking to try equipoise for the first time. Also looking to try a couple more steroids if possible to go along with it. I was thinking possibly Primo or testosterone but I’ve used both before and they are just okay. My main objective is more endurance and energy and I also like to take...
  8. N

    goal of gaining muscle mass with steroids

    my main goal is to gain muscle mass, I’ve been a hard Gainer my whole life. After college I started lifting weights and I had a lot of progress that first year but since then it’s been hard. Every time I cut calories it seems like I lose weight and I lose muscle in the process. Now at 26 years...
  9. Q

    blast cycle thoughts. 4 steroids

    looking for advice on this current cycle I’m on. Got bloods done via my doctor and he emailed me saying he was worried because my kidney and liver numbers were elevated 2-3x normal. I’m 22 years old 205 pounds, 5’9’’ 17% body fat. He also said my cholesterol is no good as well . I’m doing test...
  10. V

    top 3 steroids for prison cycles

    seeking advice from the boys on here who have been to prison. Bodymonster, dylan, mobster and others I’m calling you out on your prison secret cycles that I know you have done before. I’m currently out with several warrants and next time the cops pull me over I’m gonna be arrested and going back...
  11. JimAbs43

    Podcast 585 - Listeners Feedback and Comments - Negative? 585 - Listeners Feedback and Comments - Negative?
  12. T

    Gonadorelin under the skin?

    So I don’t get how to use this stuff called gonadorelin. a friend of mine gave me some and said I was supposed to take it under my skin, he said it was the best stuff to use after a steroid cycle and would help me recover. all I have is 25G 1 inch needles I used for steroids. can I use this size...
  13. Z

    best stack to not ruin Fertility

    I’m 24 years old and I’ve been married for two years got married to my college sweetheart she said it was okay if I use steroids but I would have to make sure that I was still fertile because we want to have children in the next two or three years what is the best steroid stack that you...
  14. R

    CJC-1295 DAC dosages and thoughts?

    I’m looking at cjc-1295. My anti-aging Clinic wants me to take it they said that I have to take the needles home with me because I have to inject them a couple times a day they recommended it because they said that it would help with lean muscle and fat loss they also said I could come in and...
  15. H

    Lean bulk steroid cycling

    I’m 48 years old, 6’1’’ 212 pounds and around 14% body fat give or take can see 2 abs AM fasted I’m looking to do morning fasted cardio and then eat in a 4 hour window my goal here is to get to 10% or less body fat my option is equipoise, primo, anavar, hgh, and tren. What would you choose for me?
  16. Q

    Ipamorelin tips and advice

    I’m looking to take advantage of the benefits of ipamorelin reading that it is a much safer option then using other peptides and has fewer side effects but I’ve also read that you should stack it for best results I’m 50 years old in my main goals are more muscle mass and decrease fat Mass...
  17. B

    would anadrol work for a short term cycle?

    I’m looking to do a short cycle that is five weeks maximum trying to transform my body as quickly as possible and bulk up and get stronger I’m curious what your opinions are on using anadrol for this purpose keep in mind I am 25 years old and five foot seven a hundred fifty eight pounds
  18. A

    going to do 100mgs a day of primo

    currently 5’10’’ and 185 pounds with 15% body fat and 33 years old seeking the old school 70’s physique and I know that primo was a big deal in those days I want to do 100mgs a day primo. My source has 100mg/ml amps and I’m gonna be pinning it every morning what else do you recommend I run with...
  19. H

    is a test only cycle a good idea?

    Wondering what you thought about doing testosterone only for general well being, libido and muscle mass increases this is the first time I am using anabolics and want to make my first time memorable would you recommend just doing 250, or should I jack up the dose to 500 or 750? a bit about me...
  20. W

    GHRP-6 vs. HGH information

    hard to find info because a lot of it conflicts online so that is why I am here to seek information on whether I should use GHRP-6 or just buy HGH now from a financial perspective using the peptide is cheaper, so if I can still get the benefits of greater recovery, anti aging, fat loss and the...
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