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    Looking good naked on steroids.

    Stats. 42 years old Five foot seven inches. 170 pounds. Not sure on body fat but you can see the outer markers of my abs and in the mornings, you can see a 4 pack. I’m single again. And I’m going to start dating pretty heavily over the next few weeks. Would like to get my confidence up and look...
  2. D

    2nd cycle and looking for growth

    My goal is more growth I'm currently 165 lb and I am 5'10 25 years old and I think I have more growth I can tap into with the help of steroids now I'm thinking about using a moderate amount. Up to 1500mgs Should i keep things simple and do 500mgs each of equipoise, deca and test? Or should i...
  3. G

    Just found out my wife is pregnant !

    Hey guys I just found out my wife of one year is pregnant I'm so excited about it however I'm kind of worried because I've been using steroids for the past 2 years. I have been on several different types. Tren, test, and anavar. Also used some pro hormones my first question is do I need to be...
  4. Z

    Messed up, didn’t run a pct

    So I think I screwed up I ran my first cycle and did 500 mg of sustanon with dbol The gains on cycle were miraculous. I put on 25 plus pounds believe it or not I had started on 165 lb and 5 ft 7 in and now I'm up to almost 190. I’m 24 years old I'm currently8 weeks after last injection and...
  5. F

    Feeling very calm on cycle

    33 years old, 6’1’’ 188 pounds I’m using testosterone and dianabol Oddly enough i feel super calm which to me is weird Was under the impression that these two would make me more aggressive I'm also dealing with a lot of acne oddly enough. I did read that this was common with dbol and even test...
  6. V

    Roided up Husband sharing our sex videos with friends

    Husband has been having some Strange Behaviors since he started using steroids his idiot fraternity Brothers got him involved in them a couple years ago after college. we met in college and all was well and he was using steroids and I was enjoying his high libido and all that other great stuff...
  7. C

    Running deca for joints

    Hello, i’m seeking advice on using deca durabolin for my joint issues I'm currently 50 years old and as I've gone older it's become a recurring issue with my joint pain especially in my shoulder and elbow the issue is also that I have some depression issues and definitely anxiety. do you think...
  8. T

    Equipoise is my next cycle

    So a bit about me first 5'9 180 lb and I am 28 years old I spend 5 years in the military and then was dishonorably discharged for breaking some rules went through some stuff now I'm back. would like to build up my physique. not looking to compete or anything like that but I would like to at...
  9. D

    Husband sex appetite up and down on steroids

    So there are some good things and bad things about my husbands sex drive. The good news is he bangs me good when he does bang me. The bad news is he sometimes asks for sex and if i don’t give it to him he gets upset. He came to me a couple months ago and told me he would be trying steroids for...
  10. C

    wife wants me to come off steroids for good

    my wife and I are both in our late 50’s. We have been married about 15 years. We have 2 kids from our marriage and 2 more from previous marriages. We’ve had a lot of bumps and normal stuff, but overall we have been very happy. 10 years ago I started to use anabolic steroids, I wanted to be young...
  11. M

    Tren for newbies

    I don't see what the big deal is if I use trenbolone as a newbie to this? I see a lot of people that say oh you shouldn't use this or you shouldn't use that but they themselves are using lol makes no sense Yes i am new to this but did my research. Tren is the best steroid right? So why not hop...
  12. C

    16% body fat and unsure where to turn

    I've done four different steroid cycles when I first started using steroids I was at 11 or 12% body fat I followed the eating every 2 hours thing and focus on bulking a little too much and now I'm up to 16% I don't like the way I look to be honest I would have rather stayed at my previous body...
  13. N

    What are my options with coming off TRT?

    Got convinced to run TRT at 30 years old now I am regretting it. I have been on for a year now and I'm doing 150 mg a week told my doctor I wanted to quit and he said that I wouldn't be able to. I'm going to go see another doctor because I think he just wants my money have any of you...
  14. Z

    I failed to get good results on cycle

    So i have been on a cycle of steroids for about 12 weeks Did not have very good results unfortunately, atleast not what i was expecting My cycle was 400 mg a week of testosterone and I also used some halo to kickstart things I was on about 10mgs a day for 4 weeks of the first part of the...
  15. J

    HGH for 20 weeks and steroids for 10 weeks

    What do you think about stacking hgh with steroids but i want to run to do the hgh 20 weeks and steroids just 10 weeks So would it go like this? Hgh 2iu’s per day 10 weeks then 10-20 weeks hgh 4 iu’s Test 250mgs a week for 10 weeks, then pct? Is that how it should work? I’m 44 years old...
  16. V

    12 week test, EQ and tren cycle

    Currently 5’11’’ and 210 pounds I’m 27 years old Very motivated to get some good results and get jacked on this steroid stack This will be my 3rd time using steroids Been lifting for 4 years and using steroids since 2021. My stack is going to be 500mgs a week equipoise and maybe some tren...
  17. Z

    Wife left me after 13 years of marriage and i still am broken

    I’m trying my best to move on and start working out and training Decided to hop on the sauce to see if that would spring me into action because it always has in the past but Steroids aren’t helping me either Basically long story short my wife who is 42 years old and I who is 50 ran into an...
  18. X

    Normal to feel lethargy on cycle?

    Hi guys I am currently doing a cycle of dianbol 20mgs a day, test E 750mgs a week and tren 300-350mgs per week first off do you think these are decent dosages or am I overdosing things? second off my main complaint is that I am getting a lot of lethargy although the results are quite good. I...
  19. N

    What to do about migraines?

    So I noticed when I am deep into a steroid cycle I start getting some migraine headaches they don't go away till the rest of the day and then I usually just sleep it off in the next day I can go back to the gym fine however it's really becoming annoying in my life. is there a supplement you...
  20. B

    Doing 1 cycle and then quitting

    Had a question about steroids and psychology of using them is there any possibility of using one steroid cycle and then just quitting or is it one of those situations where if you try it once you'll want to keep using it again and again? I'm currently 23 years old and have never used them...
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