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  1. B

    would anadrol work for a short term cycle?

    I’m looking to do a short cycle that is five weeks maximum trying to transform my body as quickly as possible and bulk up and get stronger I’m curious what your opinions are on using anadrol for this purpose keep in mind I am 25 years old and five foot seven a hundred fifty eight pounds
  2. A

    going to do 100mgs a day of primo

    currently 5’10’’ and 185 pounds with 15% body fat and 33 years old seeking the old school 70’s physique and I know that primo was a big deal in those days I want to do 100mgs a day primo. My source has 100mg/ml amps and I’m gonna be pinning it every morning what else do you recommend I run with...
  3. H

    is a test only cycle a good idea?

    Wondering what you thought about doing testosterone only for general well being, libido and muscle mass increases this is the first time I am using anabolics and want to make my first time memorable would you recommend just doing 250, or should I jack up the dose to 500 or 750? a bit about me...
  4. W

    GHRP-6 vs. HGH information

    hard to find info because a lot of it conflicts online so that is why I am here to seek information on whether I should use GHRP-6 or just buy HGH now from a financial perspective using the peptide is cheaper, so if I can still get the benefits of greater recovery, anti aging, fat loss and the...
  5. N

    HGH causing side effects

    so need some help with hgh issues, I’m 55 and just started using it I’m doing 3iu’s per day and several side effects have come up I’m getting pain in my hands and fingers. Like carpal tunnel maybe? I feel sort of weird when it comes to blood sugar, like going up and down with crazy appetite...
  6. V

    trenbolone 500mgs a week with ?

    Looking to compete at some point this year. Probably do a summer show. Someone said based on my physique that I would be laughed off stage, so I am motivated to prove them wrong my currently stats are 27 years old. 5’9’’ 178 pounds and 12% body fat I’m gonna use tren 500mgs a week with another...
  7. X

    need to get laid with steroids help

    I’m 25 years old and haven’t gotten any in a while. Got a little bit of a gut going. 180 pounds and 5’6’’ 18% body fat looking to get laid without having to pay. I think part of that is being more confident in myself and also looking the part as being muscular and ripped can you give me some...
  8. B

    how to use n2guard on my next cycle

    I’m looking to use n2guard on my next cycle gonna be looking at doing 7 caps a day of it Question is how do you dose this stuff do you do half of it in the morning and half of it in the evening or do you just take it all at one time I’m gonna be doing an oral and an injectable if that helps
  9. B

    recomping with steroids, tren and winstrol/masteron

    tren seems to be good to me. I’ve used it before even with a diet that wasn’t that good and still was able to cut on it this time I want to do a better diet and make sure that I’m training my balls off. 28 years old, 5’8’’ 183 pounds 13% body fat looking to do a recomp stack using tren +...
  10. C

    how would you do alternate day fasting with steroids?

    I’m interested in trying alternate day fasting with steroids I’ve done some fasting 24 hours and 48 Hours never more than that been using steroids for about 8 years off and on. I think I am ready to try fasting more with steroids how would you do tren and anavar with fasting? I’m 26 yrs old, 12%...
  11. JimAbs43

    Podcast 580 - Safe Steroid Stacks for Seniors (Boomer edition) 580 - Safe Steroid Stacks for Seniors (Boomer edition)
  12. B

    how to use sermorelin with steroids

    I’m looking to try sermorelin. Looking for the growth hormone benefits of better recovery and more fat loss I know its a really good GHRH peptide. But I honestly don’t know how to use it with steroids I’m in my late 50s and recoveries not getting easier as I get older I especially like to...
  13. M

    HGH only cycle timing

    Hoping you can give me some advice on how to use hgh and timing the injections with meals I started using 2iu’s in the morning along with some coffee, then wait 30 minutes to have a protein shake then go workout.. after workout I come home and take another 1IU then eat breakfast about 45 minutes...
  14. J

    on cycle supplements

    which supplements on cycle do you recommend that will help with side effects and help with keeping my blood pressure normal it seems to be inching up over the past couple years even though I haven’t been really using steroids the way I used to use them
  15. A

    CJC-1295 w/ DAC and without help

    48 years old. 5’10’’ 194 pounds first off just want to confirm the differences between CJC 1295 w. DAC vs. without. What Are the differences between the two and which one would you pick? As far as cjc1295. I’m looking to get a lot of the benefits of growth hormone especially help with the skin...
  16. Z

    cutting down on steroids

    I’m right at 15% body fat Can’t quite get under that number so I definitely need you guys’ help been training for the past five years and I’m 25 years old and looking to use steroids I was 20% body fat when I first started my journey so I’m definitely leaner but just stuck with steroids would...
  17. M

    up almost 20 pounds in 4 weeks

    I’m eating about 3,000 calories and I’m already up almost 20 pounds in four weeks I’m not sure how this is possible because my calories are lower than they were when I first started I’m doing 200mgs of test and 100mgs of deca per week the weird thing is I’m not retaining that much water because...
  18. F

    how can I run steroids without damaging libido?

    I’m curious about using steroids without damaging my libido in the process I’ve heard a lot of stories about people who have crashed after their cycles and their libido never came back the way it was before I obviously don’t want this to happen to me 34 years old, have strong libido now. Want to...
  19. D

    napsgear mild steroid effects

    I’m looking to use napsgear and get some mild steroid effects what are the best ways to dose primo and test together via napsgear to get a nice mild effect? I’m hoping to run a cycle that will give me some nice lean gains without Side effects also any suggestions as to what brands you recommend...
  20. T

    trenbolone first time cycle

    hello guys and gals. Everyone always asks for stats so here it goes. 33. Five Cycles under my belt 220 pounds and 6 foot tall first time using tren I’ve used several steroids before but never tren! My goals are to take my physique to another level maybe add 10 pounds and lose some body fat what...
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