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    superdrol and test for strength

    I’m looking to boost my strength and I want to use superdrol and testosterone for it my dose I’m looking at is superdrol and testosterone. The superdrol will be 20mgs a day and the testosterone will be 500mgs per week right now I am right at 2 plates on my bench and 3 plates on deadlifts want to...
  2. P

    how to lower appetite with steroids

    which are the best steroids for lowering appetite? I previously used tren and saw a huge drop in appetite while on it. I doubled down and used winstrol and superdrol with it and felt nauseous if I ate anything. This seems like a good idea but it wasn’t. My sides got worse and worse wanted to try...
  3. H

    Cycle help/okay to run?

    Superdrol oral- 20-30 mg ed Rad 140 oral- 10-20 mg ed MK-677- 17-20 mg every day before bed. I say before bed because I rotate 6 weeks on nights and day shift at work, working 12 hours shifts. Cardarine- 15mg ed 4 andro 50-100mg ed Milk thistle for liver support also have some anastrozle on...
  4. Y

    getting ready for BJJ competitions

    so this is really exciting. I’ve qualified for some high level BJJ competitions it’s non-tested so I know my competition will be Juiced to the gills I’m curious what kind of steroids do you recommend I use in the timing of when I should start using them so that they’re in my system or their out...
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    Cycle Thoughts? - Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle

    Hey guys, Long time lurker of the forums. I'm interested in starting a Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle and would love people's opinions / advice. I saw TwistingMelon ran the cycle back in 2015 but haven't seen too much information regarding that exact cycle since (or I'm not looking in...
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    My most aggressive steroid stack

    I've been using steroids for the past 10 years and I've spent two years off from them I've been focused more on my family but now it's time to get serious again I would like to run a very aggressive cycle Its gonna be: Superdrol Test cyp Tren E And arimidex My dosage plans are 200-300mgs of the...
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    How do oral steroids effect the kidneys?

    So I know that there is something called 17 Alpha alkalization where if you take an oral steroid it will bypass the liver and strain it. I've had numbers where my liver numbers were out of whack when I run things like anavar or superdrol but I've also Run cycles where my numbers have been...
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    Liver help, milk thistle still good?

    I’ve been out of the game for quite a while and getting back into it. I’m wanting to use milk thistle for my liver when i am using steroids My plan is using anadrol and superdrol together which i know is a lot of pressure on the liver What would your plan be in that situation when it comes...
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    Improving my weight training with steroids

    Not looking to run anything too fancy this time This is my 3rd cycle ever First one i did was test only, 2nd was test and eq This one i wanted to add an oral or two Maybe superdrol and anadrol? If i did superdrol 10-20mgs a day and anadrol 25-50mgs would be good? My testosterone dosage would...
  10. Q

    Where to buy N2guard?

    I was wondering where you recommend I buy N2guard? I really need to buy this stuff because I'm about to run a pretty big steroid cycle including halo, superdrol and tren. also do you recommend I do 10 capsules a day or should I just do the standard 7 capsules a day and go with that? I’m...
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    4 steroids all in 1 cycle

    I see a lot of cycles on here usually with 2 or 3 steroids but life is short and I would like to try 4 steroids. this is the third stack I've done I'm 5'10 and I weigh 235 lb with around 16% body fat 25 years old I'm going to try 3 injectables and 1 oral Superdrol Trenbolone Testosterone...
  12. V

    Ironing down my first cycle

    I’m 26 years old and this is going to be my first cycle ever I'm roughly 200 lb and a little shorter than 6 ft tall with maybe 15% body fat my goals are just to see what steroids are all about and help me in the gym I was going to start out with maybe 500 mg a week of testosterone. but I...
  13. X

    Testosterone with tbol or superdrol?

    My last cycle was testosterone only 500 mg. I gained about 12 lb and I kept 10 lb of it and now up to 210 lb and I am 5 ft 9 in tall. my body fat is around 15 to 16% I would like to run something that is more of a hardener with the testosterone this time I’m debating either turinabol or...
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    superdrol vs. Anadrol

    I’m interested in using both of these steroids but not sure in what order and how I’m 25 years old 5’10’’ and 188 pounds I’m around 12% body fat and in good shape if I did 5 weeks which one would work best if I want to lean bulk ?
  15. G

    Best strength stack

    Looking for a strength stack to help me get stronger I'm currently 5 ft 10 in in I weigh around 228 lb I can bench around 420 and my goal is to bench over 500 I'm looking at using either: Trenbolone + testosterone+ anadrol Or Trenbolone + superdrol + equipoise can you help guide me on this one
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    TRT and blast and cruise

    I am on doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy TRT He has me on 100mgs a week I want to blast and cruise steroids I’m 30 years old 5’6’’ 143 pounds. I want to add in more testosterone to cruise on then blast some superdrol and dianabol How would you adjust your cruise dose after a...
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    Trenbolone to become a monster

    30 years old 6’1’’ 240. 15% Ran 3 cycles so far Want to do trenbolone to become a monster, trying to put together a cycle that works well Trenbolone 500mgs Superdrol 30mgs a day What else should i use?
  18. M

    Fatigue on steroids

    everyone says you're supposed to have this crazy good energy while on steroids but I've been very fatigued. The weird thing is the only time I don't feel tired as when I actually show up at the gym and I'm lifting weights I’m doing testosterone and trenbolone 300mgs each I’m also doing superdrol...
  19. G

    Check out my steroid strength cycle

    Here is my setup so far. Feel free to change or give suggestions Superdrol 20mgs a day Dianabol 30mgs a day Trenbolone enanthate 300mgs a week 5 weeks I’m 38 years old 5’9’’ 195 pounds
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    Low energy this cycle.. B12?

    Should i start injecting b12 on this cycle cause i have low energy I’m doing testosterone enanthate 1000mgs a week I’m also doing superdrol 30mgs a day I’m using aromasin 12.5mg EOD I got blood work done in my estrogen is in line so it can't be that so what else do you think is going on? I’m...
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