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test e cycle log

  1. Losiol

    Approved Log Losiol Primobolan Testosterone Log

    Good evening Gentlemen, Been lurking in this forum for some time and have taken multitude of valuable information for which I thank you guys for. Stats: 25yo 6"0" 210lbs 12-15% BF I've been seriously training bodybuilding for the last 3 years with some background in boxing, gone through a...
  2. T

    First cycle log out here in Australia

    Currently in week 7 of my first ever cycle. 30 years old. Starting weight: 98kgs 24% BF. Had natural test level of 13.9 nmol/L before cycle and all the symptoms of low T. 400mg test e per week. Pinned M, W, F. Had high E2 sides after a week or two so added in 6.25mg asin with each pin. Though...
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