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  1. U

    Arms race nutrition creatine

    Was able to get a 10% off online code for arms race nutrition creatine intra workout it's an advanced creatine and strength formula and it cost $55 it comes in a cherry flavor and also a lemon rush flavor which sounds Good It's supposed to help with strain, power, and endurance while you...
  2. T

    Creatine products to choose

    Had a question about what to look for in a creatine product I know that it comes in a white powder and you're supposed to mix it in with water what about the creatines that come in different flavors and also come in different colors. I saw one that had like a red color to it and it tasted...
  3. X

    N2guard how many caps?

    How many caps of n2guard do you recommend i use? I’m currently on a 16 week cycle and doing a gram of gear a week but will be raising it to 2 grams soon right now I'm doing four caps a day and each bottle lasts me 2 months but if i raise my cycle to 2 grams should i up my dose to 10 caps...
  4. T

    When is hcgenerate n2generate in stock?

    I’m looking for this product called hcgenerate. Heard a podcast about it recently and it sounds really good Would like to increase my libido and also help my performance in the gym without using anything and legal problem is it's not in stock anywhere. anyone know when it will be back in stock?
  5. G

    150/95 blood pressure?

    I've had a splitting headache all day and I went and did my blood pressure and it came in really high I am currently on a steroid cycle of testosterone only now I know that steroids can boost blood pressure I'm not that dumb. but what am I doing wrong in terms of supplementation should I be...
  6. D

    Help me pick flax supplement

    I'm debating between a couple different flaxseed supplements The first is called barlean’s forti flax which comes in a 16 oz package the other one is called Nature Made flaxseed oil which is 400 mg soft gels and the third is called Puritan's Pride natural flax oil 1000 mg and it has 120...
  7. R

    Liver is strained

    Got my AST and ALT numbers checked Both numbers were over 80 I'm a bit concerned but from reading some different information seems like it's pretty normal when you are taking a bunch of steroids what is a good supplement that I can take that will help refresh and detox my liver so I don't...
  8. Z

    Pure synergy cell protection

    Wasn’t interested in using this product until i read more about the benefits of healthy cells in our body to fight cancer and boost immune health Wondering if you think it's worth the investment each bottle has 120 capsules and you use it daily and it's a really good way to fight off the Bad...
  9. N

    A solo test run with nothing else

    What would you say for me to just do test only for the next 15 weeks at 500mgs a week No AI No supplements No other steroids etc I'm currently trying to bulk up and I'm open to gaining water weight as well. I don't really care I just want to move the scale higher. I'm 178 lb and 6 ft 2 in...
  10. I

    Anything i can take for forearm pain?

    So this is hard to describe but I've been experiencing a lot of forearm pain along the bone going from the elbow up to the wrist my hands feel fine and my elbow feels fine it's like in between them when I push down on it it is very sore and it hurts a lot what kind of supplements can help...
  11. V

    Best test booster for pct

    Trying to figure out what is the best thing to use in post-cycle therapy. there are some cheaper options that GNC that they sell including something called cell assist but I wasn't sure if this would be best for my organ health should I be focusing more on taking a testosterone booster during...
  12. X

    St. Johns Wort worth it?

    A family member of mine cousin type recommended I take St John's wort he says that it works really good and improves sleep also reading that it has other benefits like it's good for the kidneys and lungs as well and it's good for anxiety was thinking of running this stuff before bed to help...
  13. Y

    Skin and muscle irritation from injecting

    I am currently doing my second cycle and I'm noticing that this gear is giving me a lot more irritation and making my muscles more sore. doing my research found out this is called post injection pain. and it's pretty normal my question is is there any types of creams that you recommend I put...
  14. C

    Supps to take during a gym break?

    What are the best supplements to take when I am taking a break from the gym looking to do a deload but then change my mind and decided to just take a full week off instead because I've always found that to be the most beneficial way to do it which supplements do you recommend I use during...
  15. E

    Loading up on carb products

    I don't think I'm getting enough carbs in my diet. I'm only 135 lb and I'm very skinny. when I go work out I'm very weak in the gym I don't have much strength compared to other people who are my age what are some supplements that I can start taking so I can increase the amount of carbs that...
  16. H

    Best pre workout for virgin

    I'm a complete virgin when it comes to supplements and a complete virgin when it comes to working out what are the best pre-workout supplements that I can start taking that will help me grow more muscle while I am working out and also help me with recovery and all that good stuff. also my...
  17. R

    Diluting Test E 400 (for reducing PIP)?

    Hi all, I have several bottles Test E 400 and I inject around 0.63 mL (0.63 mL of 400mg ~ 250mg) every other 3 days. I found the PIP, especially on quads, has been very unbearable. In previous cycles i injected 1 mL of Test E 250 and the PIP was minimal to even absent. I heard that the cause...
  18. Toko

    Vets please help fine-tune this cycle

    Hello all, new member here, been reading for a month gathering info for a cycle, stuck on a few points, thought I'd post and see if any of the vets can please help me out. Respect you guys, Maskerote, Stevesmi, Wolf, et al. Thanks for any input. Quick stats: 38/male Been lifting for 28 years...
  19. L

    TrenE cycle, no test

    Hello guys, so 2weeks later I started my first cycle of trenE, I pin every six days, first dose was 100mg, second 200mg. I didnt add any test for now, I have testE Also but dont want to use IT yet. My libido over 2weeks was awesome, mood good also, for now I dont have any sides. Next pin I want...
  20. Agnar65

    Advice on Trenbolone Acetate for Bulking

    I'm looking on doing a 8 week beginner cycle in the future too bulk. Would love some advice please Brothers. I'm also going to be doing a deca300 and test e250 cycle but don't know if I can add tren ace to the cycle or should I just do the tren cycle after my pct and break?
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